Supernatural- A better spin off or season.

So I was thinking of a better spin off that could happen in Supernatural instead of Bloodlines (because it’s shit they just got a bunch of random people together that have nothing to do with anything) But here is my potential season and/or spin off I would like too see one day:

Adam is in Hell and Lucifer is playing mind games on him. Adam is hallucinating about Sam and Dean coming to save him, but it turns out it’s just Lucifer torturing him. Making his own mind turn against him and then BAM remember the kid Jesse? From way back.

The Angels find him and they need him to rescue, Adam from Hell because now that the Angels have fallen and have no Angel juice left in them there is no possible way they can venture down into Hell to rescue Adam. So they send Jesse down to rescue him, because he is the Angels last chance. The last chance of ever winning against, Metatron.

But there is a reason they need Adam saved, because the Winchesters are in a blood line leading right back to Cain and Abel, they find out something. They find out that the mark, Cain gave Dean and the blade is not enough to kill Abbadon. The blade needs a blood spell in order to work correctly. And the only way to get the spell to work properly is if you can get 3 different DNA blood samples, but they must all be from the same blood line. Think about it, all of the Winchesters family are dead, the only person they have ‘left’ is Adam.