adamsramblings  asked:

I have to ask, am I the only one who misses Howard?

Well obviously not! I miss him too, you know. And no one can deny the fact that what Howard brought to this band was amazing.


What has happened over the past couple of years cannot be undone, so the best thing to do is to just support Howard’s new project (The Devil You Know) and be happy that our boys in KsE got their original singer back :)

I’d rather have Jesse sing for them than some random stranger

To my followers

Yes my blog has MANY guitar pics or guitar related pics (because I work with guitars all the time) however that’s not the only thing I do in my life so there will be posts about other things I enjoy. If you’ve followed for a purely guitar blog I apologize. You may have to see my face sometimes. If there aren’t any unique guitars or tops coming through the shop one day, you’ll see posts about other things, once again I apologize. I felt I should state this because every weekend (when I’m not working) when I post pics of other parts of my life, I lose followers. This is a heads up that its not all guitars all the time.

But I really appreciate those of you that hang with me! I love you guys! Hahaha!