My first follow forever ever!! It has been a typical lazy sunday and I’ve seen loads of follow forevers on my dash. I’ve been thinking about making a follow forever for quite a while for my multifandom blog, but since my amount of followers is tragic, I’d thought why not make a ff for this blog? It’s a really simple one compared to other follow forevers as you can already see lol, but I just wanted to share some amazing blogs with you (◡‿◡✿)
Before we start I would like to point something out. About 2 months ago I decided to change onetreehillfever into sethsdavis and I since then I’ve lost a lot of followers. The main reason why I did this is because I was getting bored by only reblogging the same thing. I could feel myself losing interest in maintaining the blog and I wanted some change. I’ve been more active than I’ve been since a year ago, I’ve started tagging posts etc. I sincerely think that adding the O.C. to my blog has been a perfect idea and I’m sorry for the people who didn’t. No.. not really actually. It’s your loss :-)
How about we get started, huh?

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adamslevine replied to your post: I NEED MORE INFO ABOUT PAUL AND PHOEBE GUYS TELL…

that part of the video was a fake. He was looking at a window, and she turned her head and someone screens hotted it making it seem liked they kissed but they didn’t. That video was let out maybe a month ago? BUT, today a whole bunch of gossip websit

YEAH, i heard rumors about that before. but i never get to watch the video.

adamslevine said: websites put up articles that Phoebe and Paul were set up on a date by his best friend Ben

Ben is such a baby lol, but there’s no way to find out if its true or not. idk let’s wait and see