Over the river and through the woods

Eon wasn’t sure how it had happened, but Rayne had convinced him to come meet her parents. Worse, she’d convinced him to come meet her parents WITH the kids. God, that was horrible…

Eon had gotten all the kids into the van. Addison and Allis sat in the way back. Natalie and Junior were sitting in the middle area, the middle seat removed so they weren’t too close to each other. They tended to be annoying and piss Eon off during long car trips.

The luggage rack on the top was full, as was the trunk, between all of them and Rayne. Eon felt like his blood pressure was sky rocketing as they drove down, the kids quiet for the first time during the four hour drive to Adamsburg. He had hold of Rayne’s hand, his other coming off the steering wheel to rub his head once and a while.
“Thank god they’re asleep…” he mumbled. There was only about half an hour’s drive left. But that was perfectly fine.