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Why do you see women as walking vaginas? You know who else does that? Straight men and misogynists

2/10 bc i have heard it a million times and every single one of you forgets that

a) if only a vagina of any kind made u a woman transwomen would be women and b) no adams apples, uterus, vagina, vulva, clitoris, XX chromosomes, the ability to feed children with ur own produced milk, no voice break, female bone and muscle structure makes you a woman. but nice try (actually no but i am nice :) )


Pre t vs two months(and one day) on t.
The skin on my jaw is less squishy and it seems more square.
My eyebrows are darker because of the lighting and I tried filling them in.
I guess I have more acne but there’s more factors than the testosterone causing that.
I have like two chin hairs.
I have a lil mini Adam’s apple forming.
My voice isn’t cracking as much anymore but it is continuing to go down.
I have to take more showers because I’m sweating like all the freaking time.
That’s all the changes i can really think of right now. I’ll make another post if there’s any more.