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For the Drabble challenge 34 w/ Bucky and 35 w/ Lance please and gracias 😊

OK, so I only picked one but yeah. 

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‘Why’re you dressed like that?’ 

You glanced down at the expanse of lilac that you wore, poking your shoes out from the bottom of your formal dress to let the loose hemline dribble around the floor. 

The lines between your eyebrows creased as you caught the eye of your husband, Lance, and instinctively, you began to check your dress for problems. He looked as cool and suave as he always did, in a fitted black tuxedo, the bowtie gently rubbing at his Adam’s Apple. 

On his wrists were little gold medal cufflinks, a joke present from your first Christmas together.

‘Does that mean it looks good or should I change? Because I don’t have another formal dress just lying around.’ 

Lance’s eyes softened, little lines wrinkling out from the edges of his baby blues. He moved towards the staircase, delicately taking his hands in yours and walking you down the last few steps. 

Once at the bottom, he wrapped his arms around you, careful not to crush the dress as he did. There was a breath of warm air around your ear and you couldn’t help but smile gently. 

‘No. You’re beautiful. Perhaps I just picked the wrong words.’ 


He laughed again, his hand at the small of your back. After a moment, the pair of you pulled a little way apart and his hand travelled from your back to your stomach, gently stroking over your stomach. 

It was still early days, but there was the smallest bump in that area. Just enough of a sign that a third Tucker was on their way, even if it took a few months before the two of you got to hold them. 

‘You still feel OK to go to this? We can stay in bed if your feet hurt too much—‘

Carefully, you pressed a finger to his lips, silencing him mid-rant. Since explaining to him that you were pregnant, Lance had gone into a protective mode you’d never really seen him in before. Nothing was too much for him to do, and he wouldn’t let you walk too far or lift anything heavy without a certain number of breaks in between. 

‘Darling, I love that you’re concerned- but in six months I’ll be the size of a refrigerator and desperate for alcohol. Two things I actively dislike. I want to have a big night out with you before I become incapacitated.’ 

He smiled, gently tucking a strand of hair around your ear and letting his hand brush against your cheek as it returned to his side. The fondness in his eyes made your stomach feel warm and comforted. 

‘You do look sensational, baby,’ he murmured, pulling your hand up so he could kiss along your knuckles. 

‘As do you. Who knew you could pull off something other than gym clothes so well?’ 

Lance pretended to look irritated. 

‘I wore a suit to our wedding, didn’t I?’

‘After a big fight.’ 

‘But I still did it, and that’s what matters.’ 

Lance carefully slotted his hand in yours, grabbing his car keys from the side. 

‘I’ll drive, alright? And I promise I’ll carry you to bed if your feet hurt by the end of this thing,’ Lance said with a soft squeeze of your hand. 

You leant your head on his shoulder, immediately relaxed by the sensation of his warm, muscular body beside you. As he led you to the car, you couldn’t help but rest your hand on your stomach, feeling the hardness of your stomach that signified a baby was slowly coming to life inside of you. 

You couldn’t wait to meet the baby Tucker. And you were pretty sure Lance couldn’t either.

I wonder how angry Ancient Greeks and Romans would be today having their religion being called mythology because it’s too unbelievable to a bunch of people that have complete faith in the fact that fruit doomed their entire race