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This is the face of unbridled giddiness.

I met Kylo Ren today (with Adam Driver’s voice) at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and about PASSED. OUT. I just thought to myself, “okay he’s a tall guy in a costume get the pic it’s nbd” but oh my god. He was so intense and *cough* so sexy and I was so unprepared. AGH.

Kylo: You must join the First Order, or suffer.
My messed up self: Of course I’ll join you! *giggling like a school girl* Wait. What does suffering entail??
Kylo: *leans in, touches my face* I suggest you rethink your loyalties.

Oh. My. GOD.

(Also, face reveal, I guess?)

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Could I please put a request in for Holsom and celebrity :)

Wordcount: ~1500
Rating: G
Summary: Ransom has a teeny tiny crush on Adam Birkholz. To be fair though, who doesn’t have a crush on a movie star? Besides, the chances he has of ever meeting the man are slim at best - at least they are until it’s announced they’re filming his next movie in the town next door to Ransom’s…  
A/N: Thanks so much for the prompt! I hope you enjoy it :)

When Justin found out they’d be filming the new Adam Birkholz movie in a town twenty minutes from where he lived, he’d calculated the statistical probability he had of meeting the man. It was unlikely. When he found out there was an open casting call for local extras his chances expanded exponentially.

Which was how he ended up in a coffee shop turned set, less than five minutes away from meeting his celebrity crush. They’d told him to act natural, take occasional sips of coffee, talk to his seatmate - the mic wouldn’t pick up what they were saying anyway, ignore the cameras and the funny, kind, beautiful faced man who’d be walking through the door.

He was seated with a guy named Bitty, and once the director called for action they began making smalltalk. It took literally every ounce of willpower he had not to look out the window and watch for Holster’s approach. He did turn his head when Adam walked in, but Ransom wasn’t even thinking about the movie anymore. Holster’s gaze roved the coffee shop, stuttering on Ransom imperceptibly enough that he may have imagined it, before he made his way to the counter to place his order. Bitty tapped Ransom’s arm gently, bringing his gaze away from the movie star less than ten feet from him.

“You might want to close your mouth hon,” he said with a consolatory pat on the wrist.

Ransom felt his face heat. He needed to pull himself together if he didn’t want to get himself kicked off set. He was doing an admirable job of focusing when Holster walked by and tripped over nothing, crashing into Ransom. Adam’s elbow was jammed into his ribs and his head knocked into Justin’s chin hard enough to bruise. It was the best six point four seconds of his life.

“Oh my god,” Holster said, getting up off Ransom’s lap. “I’m so sorry bro.”

Bro Adam Birkholz just called him bro. “It’s fine,” Ransom said, voice only just barely squeaking. “No harm done.” Luckily the coffee cup he’d been holding was filled with water so he was only slightly damp instead of burnt and sticky.

“I’m Holster,” he said, stretching out a hand.

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“White” Mikael/Adam;PG; AU

Mikael didn’t take notes in geometry class. He didn’t have to. Whatever he heard, he never forgot. When he was 4, his pediatrician said he was a genius. The more aware he was made of how different he was, the more overwhelming the sounds became - loud, intrusive, stressful.

He picked up the habit of trying to translate the noises to squiggles and shapes on paper. He figured that maybe one time it would all finally work out into a picture, but he’d since filled up dozens upon dozens of notebooks with pattern-vomit. And it only ever worked with purple pens. Because purple is the most superior of the colors. No one could fight him on that.

Classroom noise was one of his least favorites. Mr. Joseph liked to tap the whiteboard with the tip of the marker two times for emphasis. Thrice if he thought the ones in the back didn’t hear. Mikael, often a back-of-the-room spectator, made sure to nod after the second tap to avoid the third one. Those were dots, Mikael thought, going from smallest to biggest. Jane, two seats to Mikael’s left, clicked her pen every two minutes, 28 clicks, setting her pen down only to pick it back up again two minutes later. Ash sat behind her. She liked to sit with her legs crossed, the higher leg swinging back and forth, hitting Jane’s chair. She stopped every now and then to lean forward and whisper something in Jane’s ear. They often giggled at each other’s quips as though they were both world class comedians. Those were straight strikes through the dots. Chris who sat directly in front of Mikael blew his nose every few seconds. He’d had that cold for over two weeks. Mikael would ask him to see someone about it, but he opted to draw crosses on his notebook, like the logos of clinics because ultimately, he could not give less of a fuck.

There was a knock on the door. The hinges creaked as Mr. Joseph pulled the door open, the sound quickly followed by a confused, “hello? I’m Adam Malik. I was transferred here for geometry.”

“Of course. Adam, come on in. Pick a seat.”


The only reason Mikael looked up was because he didn’t recognize the voice. And when he did, Adam had just claimed the empty seat next to him. He let his duffle fall to the floor and sat down with his knees wide apart. Mikael didn’t realize he’d been staring until Adam locked eyes with him and raised his brows questioningly.

Mikael stuck his nose back into his notebook and didn’t look up for the rest of the class.

Adam Malik liked to chew gum. With his mouth open.

It was curly swirls and teardrops and confetti lines and loud, loud, loud. Mikael grinded his teeth. He hunched over his desk and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. It didn’t help at all. He peered at Adam from his shoulder and watched his jaw go up and down, eyelids drooping as he sunk in his chair, with his legs spread from under his desk. He looked as unfit for his chair as he did for Mikael’s notebook.

They locked eyes again because maybe Mikael was staring. Adam’s jaw paused mid-chew and finally, silence. Not total silence what with Mr. Joseph tapping on the board and Chris’s possible pneumonia and Jane and Ash’s orchestra of whispers but still, silent.

Adam pulled out a pack of gum from his pocket and offered it to Mikael. Mikael furrowed his brows at the gesture, shook his head, and looked away.

Adam Malik was late. He was in full basketball attire, his shoes squeaking against the floor as he did a light sprint to his desk.

Mikael followed the drop of his duffle to the floor with his stare. Adam was unpacking his book after he settled in. He looked over to Mikael and said something that Mikael missed, which was a rarity.

“What?” Mikael asked.

“I said what page are we on?”

Adam had a small smile playing on his lips. Mikael frowned slightly. “Fifty-seven.”

“Thanks, man.” He cracked the book open, flipping through the pages.

The last thing Mikael noted was that Adam’s fingernail tips were lined with black underneath. He went on to draw crescents on his notebook for the rest of the day.

Adam Malik had a game on Friday night, said a flyer stuck to the school notification board. This is how he found himself squeezing through people to get to a seat in the bleachers. He adjusted his ear muffs and remained seated despite the crowd cheering, jumping up and down, and clapping around him. That was probably how Adam spotted him so easily during half time. Mikael kept his hand in his jacket pockets and licked his lips.

When they won, Mikael stood up and made his way to the exit. Before the door swung back into place, Adam pushed it back open. He fell into step with Mikael easily, walking backwards so they were facing each other.

“No congrats?” He asked, sweat dripping around his smile.

Mikael paused. He slowly slid his earmuffs off and shook his hair some. “Congrats.”

“Thank you.” Adam planted his hands on his waist, still trying to catch his breath. “I’m surprised you came. I didn’t think this was your thing.”

Mikael fiddled with the band of his earmuffs. “What did you think was my thing?”

Though Mikael kept his eyes on Adam the entire time, he heard the grass crunch under his shoe as he stepped forward. “I don’t really know. You don’t talk much.”

“No,” Mikael agreed. He pressed his lips together in a tight line.

“Why is that?” Adam’s head was tilted to the side.

Mikael jutted his lips out ever so slightly, one of his many ‘thinking’ mannerisms that never left him. “I don’t really like the sound of my own voice.”

“Well,” Adam scoffed, “I don’t think anyone really likes the sound of their own voice.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I think your voice sounds great.”

The corner of Mikael’s lips twitch. “No, I meant, do you not like your voi -”

“Oh,” Adam laughed, talking over Mikael and much quicker than his usual pace of speech. “Yeah, no, I know what you meant. I just… I mean, whatever. I don’t know.”He shifted his weight from foot to foot, looking around at whatever was around them - mostly trees that were identical.

“So,” Adam started again when they grew quiet, “the guys and I were gonna grab a celebratory dinner. If you haven’t eaten yet, you’re free to join us.”

“I don’t really like noisy places.”

Adam looked puzzled. “Really? Then why’d you come out here tonight?” He jabbed a thumb at the school’s direction. “It doesn’t get any noisier than that.”

“Sure it does,” Mikael said. “Construction sites, nurseries, places near airports, concerts. There are tons of worse sounding things.”

“So earlier, you had the choice of listening to a jackhammer or watching a basketball game, and you decided on this?”

That made Mikael laugh. “No. But yeah.”

“Well, that answers it,” Adam joked. “Seriously though, why’d you come?”

“Uhm,” Mikael looked back at the school then at Adam, squinting as though the sun was in his eyes despite it being night time. “School spirit.”

Adam nodded, beaming. “Of course.”

And as much as Mikael would like nothing more than to continue on with whatever it was they were doing in front of the school, his heart was beating at an impossible rate that he couldn’t breathe properly. He suspected that it was because of the cold. He put his earmuffs back on. “I should go.”

Adam nodded. “Alright.”

Mikael passed him as he walked off, biting his bottom lip. A few feet ahead, he heard Adam shout, “See you in Geom!” and that had a smile plastered all over his face throughout his walk home.

Adam Malik dropped his duffle much louder in comparison to the other times. When he sat down and sighed, Mikael noticed that it was because he wasn’t in the best of moods.

“Bad day?”

Adam rolled his eyes. “Worst day. I’m off the team unless I nail this geometry exam.”

Mikael blinked in several successions. It hadn’t occurred to him that Adam was struggling with the class. Sure he was asleep for most of the - oh.


“I could help you out?” Mikael found himself saying.

It was kind of a surprise to the both of them. “Uh, I’d like that man. Thanks.”

“Yeah?” Mikael, who usually was hunched over his desk, rolled his shoulder back and sat up.

“We can go to my house? Do I have you on Facebook?”


“Cool.” Adam took his book out, and a pack of gum. “I’ll message you.” Automatically, he offered Mikael a stick from the pack. Why Mikael decided to take the stick for himself was a mystery to him too. But he did anyway, and kept it in his pocket.

Even stupider, Mikael stared at the gum while he waited for Adam outside of the school. He sat down on the steps and took his notebook out, sticking the gum somewhere between the pages for safekeeping.

Minutes later, he got a text from Adam without his address. Instead Adam explained that he had a cousin who was willing to help him out so Mikael was off the hook. Mikael closed the message just to open it and reread it. He worried on his bottom lip, reading and rereading it until the letters started to blur into random shapes.

The sound Adam’s duffle bag made when it hit the floor was louder recently. Either he stopped caring or he decided to put rocks in there. But from the huge bags under Adam’s eyes, guessing that he was tired wasn’t that big of a stretch.

“You look tired,” he said. Seconds in, he realized how rude that sounded. And while Adam was finishing up a yawn, Mikael decided to correct himself. “But nice.” Yes, that was a good save.

Adam smiled a sleepy smile. “Yeah, the tutoring plus practice plus working is kind of weighing me down.”

“Did you sleep last night?”

“Yeah. Some.” Adam held his head up by his palm, practically spilling off of it.

“How long?”

“Couple of hours.” He yawned again. It made Mikael want to yawn.

“Mr. Joseph is gonna give you a notice if he catches you sleeping.”

Adam nodded. “Better be careful then.”

Adam did eventually fall asleep on his desk. Mikael fashioned his book to stand up and block Adam from full view.

They spoke much less in the week leading up to the exam. Now that Adam was quiet, everything was loud again. What was worse was that the patterns he drew didn’t work as well anymore. He couldn’t control the sounds to match the lines and it fucked up his concentration.

Two days before the exam, Mr. Joseph decided to give his time to the class to just go over the rest of their notes. Mikael knew that it was more for his benefit that the class’s, but he didn’t mind. Without Mr. Joseph in the way, Adam could nap and Mikael could stop stressing about him being caught.

In the midst of his reading, he heard Adam move his head to the side, face turned away from him as he used his book like a pillow. Mikael wouldn’t be able to explain what he did next or why. Maybe it was because Adam’s breathing was deafening versus the rest of the noise. And the pace in which his chest went up and down was calming.

Mikael reached over and began to draw a spiral in the corner page of Adam’s book. The larger spiral remained in the middle of other small spirals around it. It resembled a flower almost, Mikael thought. He proceeded to add a stem and two leaves, and as he was finishing up the second one, Mr. Joseph entered the room to say that they were free to go. Mikael panicked.

Chair legs were screeching back, murmurs turned to full blown conversations, and Adam stirred in his sleep until he was sat up completely. Mikael flung back to his seat like a rubberband retracting, dropping his pen in the process. It fell somewhere on the ground, too late to be saved. He stuffed his things in his bag and shuffled out with the rest of them. As he was out the door, he heard Mr. Joseph say something to the effect of, “Adam Malik, could you stay behind?”

Mikael’s heart dropped as he walked away.

As soon as Adam had appeared from the school doors, Mikael shot up from where he was sat on the steps, hands dug deep in his thick jacket.

“Mikael?” Adam walked over to him. “What are you still doing here?”

“Did you get in trouble for sleeping?”

“What?” Adam snapped his fingers. “Oh, you mean earlier at geometry. No, I just got a warning. It’s fine.”

Mikael breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought for sure he was gonna hand you a notice.”

“I told him everything I was doing in and out of school. He was pretty chill about it.” Adam smiled. “Unlike you. You look so worried.”

“Yeah well, you were working so hard. It’d be awful for all of that to go to waste.”

“Right, yeah. Didn’t know you cared that much.”

Mikael felt his cheeks burning. “Well, I mean, school spirit and all.”

“Ah, yes. That’s your thing.”

“That’s my thing.” Mikael repeated. “Uhm. Alright well, I’m gonna go.”

“Before you go,” Adam said, “turns out that my cousin? Yeah, he’s a shit tutor.”

“Oh, that’s… unfortunate.”

“I know.” Adam went down the steps so that he and Mikael were eye to eye. “So maybe I will take you up on that tutoring offer. I promise I won’t be too noisy.”

Mikael laughed, a little too unnaturally for his liking. “Sure. When do you wanna start?”

“I have practice today. But my place tomorrow, after school?” He was already walking backwards to where the outside court was.

“Tomorrow is good.”

“Good.” Adam said. He spun on his heel and followed with, “I can give you your purple pen back then!”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll -” Mikael’s eyes go wide as he watched Adam’s back, his breathing and heart beat working in tandem to drown out all other sound around him. “-see ya…”

a/n: au because i’m living for these two right now


It’s nights like these when Ronan feels truly blessed; when Adam is softened from a long day of work and doesn’t hesitate to curl up by Ronan’s side on the couch, shoulder warm where it touches his.

There’s an attractive bit of stubble along his jawline that Ronan keeps eyeing throughout the movie they’re watching, but he knows better than to make a move when Adam’s already exhausted and has an early shift the next day.

“Quit staring at me and watch the movie,” Adam tilts his face up, his lips only a few inches away from Ronan’s. His blue eyes are dark, pupils blown wide in the darkness.

“Then stop being so fucking hot,” Ronan raises a single eyebrow, as if waiting for Adam to actually do something about it. He just receives an eye roll and a playful shove against his shoulder.

“How about you stop being a horndog?” Adam snorts.

Ronan shifts so that he can have Adam between his legs, pressed close to his chest. He runs his fingers along Adam’s stubbled jaw and his heart almost stops when his boyfriend places a warm kiss against the palm of his hand. There’s a brief moment where their eyes connect and then Adam swipes his tongue along the skin of Ronan’s thumb.

Ronan really is blessed.

“Who’s the horndog now?” Ronan tries to tease, but his voice comes out unsteady.

Adam just smiles before pushing forward and slotting his lips against Ronan’s.

ummm so “My Way” by Frank Sinatra is def Adam Parrish’s song and Ronan whisper-sings it to him while they slow dance in the kitchen of the Barns a week before he graduates from Aglionby and Adam has just accepted his enrollment at some fancy shmancy college and it’s dark except the lamp light coming from the living room and Adam hums along quietly and just listens to Ronan’s smooth voice and closes his eyes because it’s all just a bit too much, and then the night of graduation Ronan is driving the gang to Nino’s and the intro of “My Way” starts and Adam immediately starts smiling and laughing and scream-sings the whole song and Ronan almost crashes like five times because he’s too busy watching Adam Parrish, his Adam Parrish, being happy and proud and relaxed.