adams tennessee

Bell Witch Cave,Adams, Tennessee

Location:430 Keysburg Rd, Adams, TN 37010


The site where John Bell and his family were tormented by a ghost now known as the Bell Witch is open to brave visitors who wish to explore the spirit world. The legend varies, but most accounts claim that Kate Batts, a neighbor of the Bell family, believed she was cheated out of property in a land purchase. Kate continued to torture the entire Bell family, physically abusing the youngest daughter Betsey, and cursing John. Visitors claim that any object taken from the site is cursed, while many have reported encountering a violent force while on the property. Technology doesn’t work there either, with cameras mysteriously malfunctioning when users try to capture an image


Here’s some pictures of a photo shoot a friend of mine took for my roommate and I.

1. I know i’m a very fat gender swapped male Rey, costume made literally 10 min before deciding to do a shoot.

2. These are un-edited other than the first picture.

3. Some of the poses are indeed from Finn.

Please, don’t hate. We’re big time nerds.

Mini road trip?

52 miles. Robertson County. Adams, Tennessee. The place where the Bell Witch hauntings occurred. I really really want to go but I have to convince mom to go with me! The legend is something that I’ve been told since I was like, 7 years old. Go read the story!