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Mass Effect 2 Recruitment-Cassius Martel

Dossier: Mercenary Engineer

Cassius Martel

Tech genius. Intimate knowledge of Aria T’Loak’s operation. Survivor of Akuze.

Lieutenant-Commander Martel left the Alliance following the mission on Akuze and joined Aria T’Loak’s band on Omega. He has contacted Cerberus through Dr. Solus.

Mordin: Ah, Shepard. Was hoping to talk. Know we are busy with Collectors. Helped me with Maelon but could use your help one more time. During time on Omega, worked closely with a mercenary of Aria’s and could use him to work on defenses against Collectors. Sent coordinates to EDI.

*Shepard goes to the galaxy map and instructs Joker to return to Omega.*

*Shepard, Mordin and Portia walk out of the airlock onto Omega and towards Afterlife. A voice to their left stops them before they walk into the bar.*

Daniel: Professor Solus? Is that you? Thank God you are here. The Blue Suns attacked the Clinic and I came to get the Engineer and he told me to wait here for you. He’s attacking the Blue Sun’s base. You have to help him!

Shepard: Don’t worry Daniel. We will help him. Move out people!

*Shepard, Mordin and Portia rush to a nearby skycar and fly to the Blue Suns headquarters*

EDI: Shepard, it appears that the Engineer is taking on the Blue Suns alone. Haste is recommended.

Shepard: Let’s move it people!

*The squad rushes to cover*

Blue Suns Engineer: We have hostiles on our six!

Portia: Well that didn’t take long to go south.

Shepard: Focus!

*Shepard, Mordin and Portia begin fighting the Mercs and slowly moving towards the door of the base.*

Portia: It’s clear, Commander.

Shepard: Let’s get inside.

Mordin: The Engineer has gotten reckless. Not his normal pattern. Should proceed with caution.

*Shepard opens the door and the squad moves in. They fight through several rooms, take an elevator up and fight towards another elevator, which leads directly to the Blue Suns leader’s office. The door opens and two men are circling each other, shotguns pointed at each other. Several other mercs are standing to the side with their weapons trained on the man in black armor, with orange trim*

Suns Leader:You haven’t taken the shot because you know when you do, you are dead.

Cassius:Or maybe its because I heard the commotion below and knew your time was coming to an end.

Suns Leader: *turns and sees Shepard and squad* What the he…

Cassius: *fires his shotgun, dropping the leader. As the leader falls to the ground, Cassius hits a button, causing mines to explode around the remaining mercs. He holsters his shotgun.* Good timing Shepard. Professor Solus. Hey sis, its been a while.

Portia: *shoves Cassius* Its been a while?! That’s all you can say? No one has heard from you in months!

Shepard: I always knew she had fire. How did you place those mines?

Cassius: I’ve had them in place for months, just in case I needed to blow this office to shreds. Jorerax Vy'yn has been getting bold, and while I don’t care what happens to Aria’s assets, I do care about the innocents. I just changed their strength remotely.

Shepard: Impressive. We could use someone with your skills.

Cassius: I know about your mission with the Collectors. Sign me up.

Shepard: Meet us at the Normandy.

Cassius: Aye aye, Commander.

*Shepard, Cassius, Portia and Mordin leave the office and return to the Normandy.*

Cassius: This is quite the ship! I saw the original and this is much more impressive. Though why the armory is up here…

EDI:Cerberus Engineers thought having the armory near the CIC would reduce the time it took for troops to get ready.

Cassius: Holy…is that an AI?

Shepard: Yep, meet EDI.

Cassius: Meet EDI indeed. I think she and I might be having a few talks. Not often you get to meet an AI that isn’t shooting at you. Where should I set up?

EDI:The science lab is out the door and to your right Lieutenant Martel.

The engineer and his vanguard of love- Cassius Martel, Former Alliance Lieutenant and Omega Merc, Engineer, Survivor of Akuze, delighted husband, excited father. Adamina Shepard, Former Alliance Commander, Spectre, Vanguard, Butcher of Torfan, and for a time single mother, bubbly wife, caring mother.

“You look stunning today.”

“Sweet talker. I’ve had four kids, you know?”

“They are the light of my life, and you are the beauty that makes it easy to get up in the morning.”

“Really? Well you have brought me the happiness I wanted.”