20 beautiful people challenge, tagged by jedpapa! Honestly wtf I’m honored. thank. Anyway, I tag auburnmermaid tag-ah-long papernoodles mayday-daywalker chaserxfly trufflesmushroom harpcookie alejsoul thechlosho cheycheybaby1196 sillyah-wheels g-dragon-licious boomsheika raingirl208 replacingyourreality let-thespectacle-astound-you digiportplz lion-hair-anyone thinklovely-thoughts consultingdigestive221b

(no pressure! just if you want.) 


This time I really need to do things right
Shivers that ya give me keep me freezing all night
I can’t believe it, I’m not myself, suddenly I’m thinkin’ of no one else
You make me shudder
Ohh I really need to know
Or else you gotta let me go
Your just a fantasy girl
In seven parts of the world
All I want is to be with you always
I’ll give you everything
Give some attention to me
All I want is you and me always
Give me affection
I need your perfection
You feel so good
You make me stutter, stutter

anonymous asked:

Kanki ya 1 ay sonra sevgilimin dogum gunu ne alim ya da ne yapicam :(

Tam da adamina sordundjdnsmsk. Aranizda olan bi muhabbetle ilgili manevi degeri yuksek bise alabilirsin. Yoksa guzel bi saat al. Klasik^^