Nina sent a glance to the strange array of people in front of her, seeming to have lost their way. The assassin–whose instincts were always right–kept her distance from the group of strangers. They weren’t part of the Tournament, that was for sure, and they didn’t seem to be working for Mishima Zaibatsu. One reason for her not to trust them, as they could just be decoys from G Corporation. The blonde crossed her arms, “state your business.” If they were to harm her employer, she wasn’t going to give them a chance. They’ll have a date with death first.

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This place didn’t look too familiar. Has he honestly traveled too far from the territory undergoing the war? Shortly after the crystal has been stolen from his family, he went on a mission with three others to retrieve it. However, they scattered due to an ambush from one of the neighboring nations’ forces. The Prince tried to retrace his steps but ended up in this gloomy looking city. 

Still, even if this place was further from the conflict, he still exercised extreme caution. He is of notable prominence. People sought for his death, since he is one of the biggest threats to the reclaiming of the crystal.

Blue optics narrowed themselves upon approaching a particular part of the city. It looked to be the slums. Worn down, withered, and desolate, he trudged onward, trying to focus on the goal here. How to get back home. But now in this city, it seemed almost impossible to do right away. He would need to speak with locals on how to reach his home again, or at least back to Tenebrae. 

Thinking and walking was certainly not wise. He nearly ran into a wall, shaking him up a bit. Standing back to look at what he collided with, it looked like a worn down church. He needed to rest too. Looks like a great remote place to take shelter in before he travels again. Opening the door, he did not hesitate to permit himself inside.

“Calm, pleasant, with a  motherlike disposition. It’s a nice contrast to the somber atmosphere back at home.”

Ohhhh pooie, we haven’t engaged much in OOC but because I tend to relate both mun and muse together, I always believed you to be a very sweet, charming, and easily approachable person! <3 Oh! and I was so IMPRESSED beyond words by your writing. It’s glorious!

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Her eyes were deceiving her. It must be. Either that or she was dead, and the last Cetra of the Planet was now greeting her with that warm smile as if she was truly, dead. Subconsciously, her hand came up to the side of her face to deliver a good enough slap upon her cheek. The hit was more than enough for her to feel, and if she could feel the pain that she had personally caused for herself, then surely she should have woken up by now. The fact that this wasn’t a dream baffled her. Just exactly what was she doing here, of all places? Finding that there was no use for personal space, Cissnei had quickly marched up toward the Cetra and placed both of her hands on either side of the woman’s face. This wasn’t a joke.

“..–Well, if you’re here," 

She muttered, retracting those hands from the brunette’s face before taking a step back, providing the both of them the personal space that she had just so rudely taken not a second ago.

"Then Zack must be to, right?”