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Lucy I had to read with my own two eyes someone claiming that amy adams doesn't have range help me

tell them to watch enchanted and the master back to back

Our Little Secret Pt. 4


It had been a few hours since Adam had stormed out of her apartment after the infamous “l” word drop. He hadn’t called or texted, and Taylor knew that she might have just ruined everything. As she curled up on her couch with some hot chocolate and an oversized black sweater, she tried to focus on Law and Order: SVU in the background, but her mind kept returning to Adam. 

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So with Jared on this one (Seacon 2015)

Everything Has Changed

i know places we can hide

i just wanna know you better now (part one)
i’ve never seen nobody shine the way you do (part two)
you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town (part three)

part four: jude has a birthday. connor’s parents have a meltdown.

WARNING: strong language and possibly upsetting argument between connor’s parents. also, depressing af.

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Standing in the Rain

The rain pelted against Adam’s Range Rover as he waited in silence with his girlfriend next to him. He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel, frustrated with the situation. Between his new touring schedule and her work schedule, they barely had planned days together; when they did manage to carve a few days in their schedules, their plans would be rushed and scattered. Taylor exhaled slowly, fidgeting with her fingers as they remained parked outside of her house.

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Hold on (make it last) part 1

Early February 2016


*Hi! Have a good flight. We really need to talk when you get home. A *

This is not the sort of text I like getting right before getting on a 10 hour flight. I had been in Europe for some interviews and writing sessions and was now on my way back to LA. I was spending more time in LA than anywhere else at the moment, partly because a lot of people I was working with were there but mainly because Adam was there. We’d been together for almost a year now and I could definitely see us going the distance. I had daydreams about our future sometimes, although I never admitted it to anyone.

Recently the rumour mill had been churning out false stories in the media about us. They ranged from Adam proposing to me, me being pregnant, Adam cheating on me (weirdly never me cheating on him), us buying houses absolutely everywhere, and me buying cats despite Adam being allergic. According to the media at this point we’d gotten together and broken up about 10 times, gotten engaged over 6 times, had like 5 kids, owned 8 houses…. It was quite tiring really, but we just laughed it off.

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Ticket to Paris, Part 2

Adam stretched out his arm, trying to see the time on his watch without waking Taylor. She fell asleep on his shoulder halfway to Paris, her head nestled in crook of his neck, her arm around his waist. It was pretty much his ideal situation, except his phone had died, and he wanted to know how much longer the flight would be.

A lot of planning had gone into this trip, and a lot of it relied on timing. Adam almost rang for a stewardess to ask her, but Taylor soft breathe prevented him. She was so relaxed, all the tension that she had feeling because of the travel plans and packing was erased from her body. She was content, and Adam couldn’t break it. He turned off the light and secured the blanket around her tighter, before shutting his eyes as well.

They landed in Paris and headed to the hotel. They had both slept in the plane and wanted to take advantage of all Paris had to offer. However, they landed at night. But Taylor insisted on a walk. “A moonlight stroll though the streets of Paris, how romantic,” she squealed, as Adam shook his head. He would do anything she wanted, even walk around Paris at 3 AM.

They walked the streets alone, besides for the one guard Taylor had brought with her. The streets were deserted, and Taylor and Adam felt like regular people, just a couple taking a walk. The streets were lit up, and since the hotel was close to the Eiffel Tower, they visited it as well.

“I’m so glad you decided to do this,” Taylor whispered, leaning on his arm. The Eiffel Tower was lit up and glowing, and the two of them felt so small, so regular, so normal, in this gloriously empty city.

Adam turned towards Taylor and kissed her. She was hot under his touch, her skin so soft, her lips a little chapped, a little rough under his.

He stopped the kiss too soon, wanting to take her back to the hotel. They spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms, loving each other again and again. They could never get enough of each other.

In the morning (or late afternoon as it was) Adam woke up before Taylor. He had planned this big moment–with a band, in a fancy restaurant, the whole woks. But suddenly, he didn’t want to do any of that. He wanted to do it right then.

He grabbed the ring from his bedside drawer. His heart was pounding so hard, he hasn’t sure he would be able to get the words out. He leaned over and kissed Taylor on the lips, waking her up.

“Mmm,” Taylor sighed as she woke. “What a perfect way to wake up.” She looked up at him, eyes bright. “Good morning.”

“Morning love,” Adam replied, striking her hair. “So, what are we going to do today?” Taylor asked, a smile splayed out on her face. “I don’t know what we could do that could top last night.”

Adam smiled. “Maybe this could.” He answered, and pulled up the ring box. Taylor’s eyes went wide and sat up quickly. “Adam, what are you doing? Are you serious?” She exclaimed, covering her naked body with the blanket.

“I was going to wait until tonight, I had a whole thing planned,” Adam explained quickly, hoping her reaction wasn’t a no in disguise. “And then I saw you lying there just now and I knew. I just had to ask you. I couldn’t wait anymore. Marry me?”

Taylor’s alarmed expression had melted into one of extreme joy. “Really?” She whispered incredulously. “For real? You want to marry me? Even with all my craziness?”

“Really. For real. Forever.”

Taylor laughed and nodded her head. “Yes. A hundred times yes!” Adam laughed, and jumped up to kiss her, the two of them kissing and hugging and laughing.

Adam placed the ring on her hand. “For real?” Taylor asked again, still in shock. “For always,” Adam replied, kissing her hand, as Taylor admired the ring.

“Paris is magical,” Taylor sighed as they lied together in the bed, basking in their happiness. Taylor sat up. “I should probably tell people,” Taylor said suddenly. Adam kissed her shoulder, and made his way up her neck, finally reaching her face.

“Maybe you can tell them later. We’re a little busy.” And Taylor laughed and kissed him back, falling back into bed with him, forgetting the world outside their door, and lived in the world that they built for them two.


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