adama and roslin

To my (future) husband

You are the

 Han to my Leia

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Merry to my Pippin

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John to my Sherlock

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Companion to my Doctor

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Wash to my Zoe

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 Adama to my Roslin

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Mulder to my Scully

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Westley to my Buttercup

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Arthur to my Merlin

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The Dean to my Sam

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The Link to my Zelda

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The Jareth to my Sarah

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Goku to my Chichi

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Natsu to my Happy

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Thor to my Loki

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Minato to my Kushina

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You Are my Always

Sometimes I just have to pause, take a deep breath, and pinch myself in order to believe that Roslin and Adama exist. Like this is actual canon shit in which two fifty-something people are allowed to be beautiful, flawed, powerful, broken, decisive, confused, in control, drowning, honest, terrified, intensely sexual, 100% deeply and irrevocably in love, and there aren’t even any love triangles or bullshit misunderstandings thrown in to create fake drama.

This is a canonical thing that actually exists.


You know, sometimes I wonder what home is. Is it an actual place? Or is it some kind of longing for something, some kind of connection? You know, I spent my whole life on Caprica. I was born in one house, and then I … I moved to another, and then, this. And then, now. I don’t think I’ve ever felt truly at home until these last few months, here, with you.


Favorite Battelstar Galactica season 3 Episode: Unfinished Business

I have a lot of favorites of the whole series and a few for each season. And this happens to be the one for Season 3. I just love it as a whole, for all the quotes, the scenes, that peek we have into something that was “unseen”, how their minds go back there from time to time and when sun light plays with Mary just gracefully! This episode is the perfection for Space Parents.


Here we go.