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MIGHT i suggest Kiss at Pine Lake: an executive is sent by her boss/boyfriend to buy out her old summer camp so they can build developments on the land, only the camp is now run by another former camper she had a thing with back in the day (but lost touch with due to Tragic Circumstances), who can't pay his bills but has no intention of selling? Is this not actually perfect?

I love you. It is indeed actually perfect. Thank you, @okaynextcrisis for the fabulous Hallmark prompt, and thank you @cassiopeiasara for the beta reading and great advice.

If Laura could have done one thing differently in her life, it would have been keeping her seat next to the weird nose-picker in her freshman English lit class at the University of Washington. If she’d stuck it out next to him, she might have never met Richard Adar, and she might not be looking over a perfectly pristine 6 acres of land next to Pine Lake, a large, ambitiously named pond that fed into Lake Chelan, trying to figure out how many trees the state of Washington would let them bulldoze to build the 340 condo units Adar Development so desperately wanted to build.

“Lotta trees,” the camp manager said.

No shit, Sherlock, she thought, but she kept her mouth shut. A lot of trees, indeed, trees with rope swings and obstacle courses, somewhat frayed but still swinging in the late summer breeze. Trees that gave shelter to a small army of campers every summer, until Adar Development found the land and sent her to supervise the acquisition.

It wasn’t hard to find the site, once she saw the map – it was the same route her parents drove from Bellevue to the lake every summer to drop off Laura and her sisters for a month of forced childhood fun.

Forced for Laura, fun for Cheryl and Sandra. Somewhere in the attic of her parents’ house, there was a box of macramé and ceramics, collected over eight years of summer camp at this very spot. While she stood and surveyed the grounds, mentally making notes of the hills that would need to be graded and the water lines that would need to be laid in place, she saw herself ducking under a tree to read while she was supposed to be learning to play tennis.

“Shame to bulldoze the tennis courts. Then again, tennis was never my game,” he said.

“Mine either.”

“So I hear.” With that, he turned and strolled down the path that used to lead to the boys’ cabins, but now led to what would be the development’s fully appointed fitness center.

Treadmills and a yoga studio. That nose-picker in her Lit seminar went on to make probably a cool ten million at Amazon, and here she was, bulldozing her childhood so that people could do downward dog where she learned to French braid her hair. Not for the first time, she cursed that empty seat next to Richard Adar. She switched seats and wound up sitting next to him in English Lit, and he cheated off of her for the next four years. Sixteen years after they graduated from college, she was still carrying him.

He was still cheating, and she was still helping him. This time, she was helping him cheat on his wife. And his tax returns, she was pretty sure, but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out which of the two was worse.

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These are promo pictures for BSG’s upcoming season 5 and you can’t tell me otherwise. Adama has finally retired, Roslin has risen from the dead, taken the lead from Lee (because he is away climbing mountains, apparently) and is being very presidential.