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If everyone was single and you had to pair people up, who would you choose to go with who?

“Ohh…I love this question. If everyone was single…I don’t want to assume anyone’s sexuality, so let me go with what I know and guesses. I would say that Regina and Lena would make a hot couple. No offense to our broody moody Declan. I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam go out on a date with Claire. Strange feeling…but I feel like they’d really get along. Maybe Bash and Ray? Call it intuition. I’ll have to get to know the new faces I’m seeing before I can match them.” @addictiveregina, @handsofflena, @adam-westbrook-fbi, @xoclairewhite, @una-bash-edly, @raymond-marshall


would you still continue making your art if no one saw it?


Enes Kanter & His ‘Enes Kanter Foundation’ in OKC! 🙌 


okcthunder: Sure looked like an assist to us. NBA corrects the record, gives Russ the dime and the triple-double vs Bucks.


Ah man, this is a beautiful must-watch on storytelling from Ken Burns himself. 


Adam Westbrook publicizes his top media predictions for 2011(and looks at his past performance from 2010).