Doing what you’re supposed to do does not make you a good person. There’s no one keeping track, ready to award you a special ribbon for staying inside the most lines. There is not. But you know what there is? A good chance at any moment that something could come along and render the past irrelevant and the future non-existent. And at that time, all your notions about rules and waiting and feeling superior aren’t going to matter.
—  Ryan Holiday 
The internet is seductive. It allows us to be a fantasy version of ourselves without the pain of earning it. Our natural tendency to inflate, distract and rationalize are—all too kindly—confirmed, supported and inflated further still. Congratulation comes easy, problems are glossed over, everything finds an audience. It becomes so easy to talk online about what we are doing or what we plan to do that, hey, the next thing we know the day is through and we didn’t have time to actually fit in doing any of it.
—  Some great advice on stoicism and hard work from Ryan Holiday.

A well made - and absolutely terrifying - short film raising awareness about webcam hackers. 

Watch right to the end - I guarantee you’ll head straight to your firewall settings!

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My Invisible Girlfriend by Esa Fungtastic on Vine

Vine is a great platform for pure visual storytelling - and this is a prime example.

A clever, funny and original story conveyed in just six seconds. How? Through the juxtaposition of images.

Each shot alone does not convey the idea of an invisible girlfriend, it is their particular combination and juxtaposition that generates the story.

Six seconds is a long time if you understand the essential nature of the medium.

What’s interesting is that these Vine power users have probably never been taught montage. They have figured it out by experimenting with the tools they have. A whole new generation of storytellers who instinctively ‘get’ juxtaposition without going to Film School.