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If everyone was single and you had to pair people up, who would you choose to go with who?

“Ohh…I love this question. If everyone was single…I don’t want to assume anyone’s sexuality, so let me go with what I know and guesses. I would say that Regina and Lena would make a hot couple. No offense to our broody moody Declan. I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam go out on a date with Claire. Strange feeling…but I feel like they’d really get along. Maybe Bash and Ray? Call it intuition. I’ll have to get to know the new faces I’m seeing before I can match them.” @addictiveregina, @handsofflena, @adam-westbrook-fbi, @xoclairewhite, @una-bash-edly, @raymond-marshall


would you still continue making your art if no one saw it?

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                           Adam hadn’t slept. He hadn’t slept since Wednesday even though he tried his hardest to—- he was so tired, but no matter how long he stayed in bed, sleep evaded him completely. His mind wouldn’t shut up about Alicia and the baby no matter where he was. When his boss gave him the rest of the day off after taking one look at him today, Adam wandered around Westbrook for a bit before he headed for North End, eventually ending up at Sophie’s— knocking on her door and praying she’d be home.


Ah man, this is a beautiful must-watch on storytelling from Ken Burns himself. 


Adam Westbrook publicizes his top media predictions for 2011(and looks at his past performance from 2010). 

If you’re an aspiring author, director, musician, startup founder, these long stretches of nothing are a huge reason why it’s important to pick something personally meaningful, something that you actually love to do. When external rewards and validation are nonexistent; when you suffer through bouts where of jealousy, wondering “How come so-and-so got signed/is successful/got a deal/etc?”; when every new development seems like a kick in the stomach, the love of what you are doing gives you something to hang onto.

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