My concerns and hopes for the remainder of Blake's arc in volume 4

Blake ran for two very clear reasons, that much is certain. But five episodes in, the writer’s have only addressed one of them.

When Adam swore to “destroy everything Blake loves”, he started with Yang, which is symbolic in its own right, but I believe he very well intends on killing Blake’s parents, hence why she’s run to them. To tell them, I believe. And so far in the volume, that makes sense.

My problem is that the writing has made it seem that Blake has all but forgotten rwby, especially and most importantly, Yang. The amount of depth and storytelling these two have that they have yet to touch upon, can honestly deserve an entire volume on its own.

Which leads me to think that if they don’t shift at least part of the focus of Blake’s arc toward what happened with Yang soon, we may not see that whole arc be resolved for a long time.

Arryn had tweeted many months ago that one of her particular voice acting performances this volume was incredibly “emotional”, and that gives me hope that Blake’s arc will indeed, shift toward Yang and her. Shipping aside, there’s some serious stuff that needs to be addressed. Blake ran for two reasons, remember this.

For her family

And to get away from Yang, thus keeping her from further harm. That and the guilt she must have suffered. Blake probably couldn’t look Yang in the eye now.

So far, only the former has retained focus, whereas the latter reason is fading away seemingly.

Which is an incredibly poor writing decision, in my opinion. I believe there’s still time to turn it around, but so far, I’m growing a little disappointed with Blake’s arc this volume.

She’s my favorite.

Which makes it more saddening to see her character being handled a little less well than I’d have hoped…

Here’s hoping the writers manage to address all the unresolved issues concerning Blake, (and yang) and that they do it well.

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So... Fennec and Corsac tell Adam, Adam comes after Blake and sends them after Yang? Blake talks about team, gets emotional about Yang, parents suggest she needs to rejoin her friends? Reckless rebel Adam causes shit to go down in Menagerie, trashing White Fang respectability, hurting or offing Blake's family, she escapes? Meanwhile Fennec and Corsac crash Yang and Tai's training, crippling the new arm but awakening the BEAST in Yang, who gets a lead on Adam from them as they run off? REUNION???

I dunno about some of those details, like Adam trashing the White Fang’s respectability in Menagerie or hurting/killing Blake’s parents (particularly this volume), or Yang’s arm getting destroyed, or such, but I am anticipating that Fennec and Corsac will get sent after Yang.

However, notice that Fennec and Corsac are introduced in this chapter as being very deceitful and manipulative characters. There was some speculation that they’d be sent to kill or kidnap Yang, but I could see them keeping up the facade and manipulating Yang rather than attacking her. They might even tell her mostly the truth–updating her on Blake’s status and location and offering to help her reunite with her, or telling her where Adam is if she wants to confront him herself, and just avoid telling her their motive for offering this information and “aid.”

I can absolutely see a reunion this volume. Every episode since the third has shown us some way in which Adam and the White Fang are still critical to Yang’s story and generally lubricated the path towards a rematch between Yang and Adam, which has an extremely high chance of involving Yang and Blake crossing paths, including the episode we just saw in which Yang was neither present nor even mentioned. That, and we just got a link between Blake’s and Yang’s stories aside from Adam in the form of the characters from Yang’s part of the OP knowing where Blake is and being interested in sharing this information with Adam. Suffice it to say that Yang’s and Blake’s stories are inextricably linked at this point to a degree that isn’t true of any other relationship within Team RWBY.

As for Blake talking about Yang with her parents? Can totally see that, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we see Blake and her parents involves Blake telling her family about what she’s been up to and why she decided to return home now, which means she’ll probably have to tell them about Yang.

The Downward Spiral Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Harder Better Faster Stronger

“RUBY GET DOWN!” Jaune called to her as a Grimm that the blonde was pretty sure was called a ‘Leokaiser’ pounced from behind; a two meter long mass of muscle with bone armour along its’ spine and forelimbs and protruding spikes upon its’ shoulders, the Lion Grimms’ mane was comprised of jagged bone ridges that shifted like armour plates
“Got it” Ruby’s voice was utterly toneless as she stepped backwards into the beasts attack, shaft of Crescent Rose catching it by the forelimbs and slamming it into the ground in front of her before opening its’ exposed belly with the blade of her scythe. Jaune, seeing that Ruby had her situation under control flew off in search of Ren and Nora; running into the forest had been a bad decision on his part that had rendered his flame-thrower too risky to use. Seeing his team-mates he dove to the ground and shifted Dragonslayer to its’ sword and shield mode skewering a small Grimm with too many limbs as he landed
“Why would their be a little monkey Grimm?” Nora demanded as she brought Magnhild down on Grimm after Grimm as they approached in a twisted parody of an arcade game “MONKEYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE!”
“Where’s Ruby?” Ren asked as raked the ground around him with the storm-flowers
“Right here” came her reply as she raced into view cleaving through a nearby tree, her attack revealing a chameleon Grimm with a barbed tongue that Jaune didn’t have a name for
“What the….” the blonde trailed off as he deflected a leaping spider-monkey with his shield only for Ren to annihilate in a storm of bullets
“I saw its outline move” Ruby explained “I trained with Squish back at beacon I know what to look for”
“Um guys” Nora called her voice slightly nervous, Jaune swung his sword low and removed the head of the last of the smaller Grimm which remained to screech its’ defiance rather than run. Turning to see what had gotten Nora’s attention he gave an audible gulp, Leokaiser a full pack of them stalking out from the trees
“I count eight” Ren noted calmly
“Two each, yeah we can do that….yeah” Jaunes’ tone made it clear he was struggling to convince himself
“ARRRGH” Ruby charged forward with a war cry that nobody her size should have been able to produce, Crescent Rose bisecting the first Grimm to leap at her, the second exploding, a pink mist in its’ wake
“SMASH!” Nora laughed gleefully as she returned her weapon to its’ hammer mode and charged forward, the two of them fighting back to back weapon crushing or carving any Grimm that approached, Ren readied his pistols and aimed at the last Grimm expiring before he could fire
“Go team” Nora laughed as she skipped back over to Ren and Jaune, had anyone else said that Jaune would have suspected they were being sarcastic.
“Yeah go team” he agreed leaning against a tree, bone deep weariness setting in “Just please no more” they had escaped, a term Jaune would only use for the situation ironically, into the forest over a day ago their tents and camp destroyed leaving them to rely on what was in Ren’s backpack when he had managed to grab it; this thankfully included ammunition bottled water and tinned food, it did not however contain a map
“Indeed” Ren sighed “The amount of Grimm in this forest is too high”
“Yeah about that, I think I’ve got an idea of where we are” Jaune told them all eyes turned to him so continued “Pyrrha knew a bit about Haven’s initiation because she was originally going to go there; it’s kinda similar to Beacon, in that it involves getting sent into a forest but it’s more of an endurance test than a quick get in and get out. The path we were following was the safe way to Anquan-Jia”
“And this is the forest that Haven’s students train in” Ren surmised
“Yeah” Jaune nodded “This is Hong-Zhao forest, if we push through it we’ll actually get to the walls of the capital sooner it’s just a risk I didn’t want to take before”
“So let’s go” Nora grinned, Magnhild balanced over her shoulder “We’ve got Grimm in front of us, bandits behind us….we’ve come this far we may as well keep moving forward”
“I want to agree” Jaune sighed “But even in this forest we shouldn’t have been coming across as many Grimm as we have. It’s like they’re all congregating”
“It’s because of me” they all turned to face Ruby who had spoken “Grimm are attracted to negative emotions….they know I’m a murderer, I’m what’s drawing all the Grimm” the other members of Team RNJR shared nervous looks, they had all seen what Ruby had done to the bandit but none of them had brought it up yet, preferring to wait until they were out of the literal and proverbial woods
“So what are you suggesting?” Ren asked
“We split up” Ruby mumbled, her voice dangerously close to cracking “If I’m what’s drawing the Grimm then I’m going to head off in another direction and get them away from you while you go to Haven”
“Not gonna happen” Jaune told her bluntly
“Agreed” Ren nodded
“Sorry Ruby but you’re stuck with us” Nora planted a hand firmly on her shoulder
“I killed someone!” she cried the first tears falling thick and fast down her cheeks “I came to Mistral because I wanted to kill someone, what’s wrong with me?”
“You killed someone who was trying to kill us” Jaune pointed out as he wrapped an arm around her, Ren and Nora joined them
“I know what grieving and wanting to make everyone responsible suffer feels like” Ren admitted softly “I think we all do”
“So come on” Nora sighed “We’re going to fight our way through this forest and into the capital, all four of us….right after this Team RNJR group hug”

Read the rest of the chapter HERE


The cast of The Force Awakens (Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar Isaac, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Gwendoline Christie, Adam Driver, BB-8, and Mark Hamill) photographed by Marco Grob for Time Magazine


Blitzkrieg Bop

Continuation of my trc lookbook series?? im not sure on that name but I’m truly enjoying these series! This one is alive!Noah with friends! :D

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Ok so it’s  known Blake and Adam are Beauty and The Beast

The Beast has a reputation of being powerful and feared when angry 


On the inside, The Beast is nothing more than a fun loving person who wants love

Who better fits this description?

It’s Yang motherfuckers

Not to mention that her family may or may not have the ability to turn into animals

Now who is Adam you may ask?

Adam is Gaston