How Street Photography Can Turn into Astrophotography

In his Planet Universe series, Adam Kennedy uses a little editing to transform rusty old fire hydrants into his own celestial bodies. 

We asked Adam about his process. Here’s what he told us!

I normally just photograph the rusty hydrant from several different angles, because many times I can make two to three planets from one. I try to let each hydrant guide the process, because the thing that makes the planets interesting is the idea that they are reflections of natural processes on earth, making use of digital manipulation simply to highlight that fact. I have tried this process with many objects other than fire hydrants, but they often do not work very nicely. For example many wooden banisters have round wooden tops, but the rusty metal orbs are just so perfect because there are such clearly defined areas for the land and sea. The fact that the darker rusty regions lend themselves to deep blue oceans makes me feel fortunate that this city (San Francisco) has such peculiar fire hydrants, and what would seem to be a shortage of white paint.

via Psfk

Things I’ve learned from my reading so far:

-Abe Lincoln once suggested cow dung as a dueling weapon.

-James Madison is the only president to have honorary citizenship in another country. (it’s France)

-Ronald Reagan was the first president to ever be divorced.

-Dolley Madison is the longest serving First Lady or White House Hostess.

-The Kennedys met because Jackie was the camera girl interviewing JFK.

-Edith Wilson is known as “the presidentress” because of her role in making decision on behalf of her husband after he suffered a stoke.

-Grace Coolidge delivered a is the only first lady to give a speech at Gallaudet. (and yes, she did sign it)

-Lincoln was the first president to be born outside of the original 13 states.

-William Henry Harrison gave the longest Inaugural Speech, FDR gave the shortest. 

-Andrew Jackson was drunk when he was sworn in as Vice President.

-James Madison is the only president to ever lead troops from the battlefield.

-John Tyler had the nickname of “His Accidency”

-John Quincy Adams wore the same hat every day for 10 years.

-JFK was the first president to never wear a hat.

-Ulysses S Grant’s favorite horse was named Jeff Davis, to mock the president of the Confederacy. 

-James Madison once accused Benjamin Franklin of being a British spy.

-Robert Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s son, was present for three presidential assassinations.


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