New Blog Maybe

Hey so I’m thinking of starting a Fosters confession blog. There isn’t one currently running right now so I thought why not. It’ll be separate from my current Brallie blog and it will mainly only be for the confessions.

So basically you can send in your confessions (anything is welcome, but I will tag it appropriately), if its Brallie, Jonnor, CJ, or non ship related. You can send them in anon or I’ll give you credit for it if you want. Also, I will just post it by itself and will give no commentary or personal opinions unless it is specifically asked for.

So yea I’m excited and it will most likely be made later today or sometime tomorrow :)

Alone Time
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by todanceintherain

Connor and Jude are boyfriends, and they’re certainly public, but sometimes they need an escape from the world to just be with eachother. This story is about them sneaking away from their parents to have some alone time. Pure fluff.

Words: 1588, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read it on AO3:

Broadway Exclusive - First Look at Disney’s “Aladdin” on Broadway

Several of the classic Disney films have already been created into successful and stunning Broadway…

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Friend Like Me
  • Friend Like Me
  • James Monroe Iglehart, Adam Jacobs & The Original Broadway Cast of Aladdin
  • Aladdin (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Friend Like Me - James Monroe Iglehart, Adam Jacobs & The Original Broadway Cast

from Disney’s Aladdin