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Hey I'm just making a statement please don't judge me this is what i believe the AFL fans have a choice of booing or cheering for Goodes I think Adam should stop being a sook and stop playing the victim it's not racist booing him

You’re completely entitled to your beliefs but in this instance, I think you couldn’t be more wrong.

Why do you think he’s a sook? Because he’s sick of being degraded so publicly? Because he’s sick of being vilified for the colour of his sick? For standing up for his people and having people pretty much spit in his face and tell him he’s not entitled to speak?! He IS a victim, anon. And has been on more than one occasion. He has had to deal with this his entire life, not just on the football field, not just in recent weeks. His whole THIRTY-FIVE years of life. His mother was part of the Stolen Generation for fucks sake. 

This has gone too far now and is less about Goodes and more about this country and the disgusting “be seen, not heard” culture we’ve created. What has happened to Goodes has had a ripple effect on the Indigenous community as a whole and if you think that’s ‘sooky’ then maybe go and talk to a member of that community and hear their stories. I’m sure they’ll be able to teach you a thing or too. 

As I said here, the reasoning as to why people are saying they dislike him are derived from acts relating back to his heritage. And, I hate to break it to you, but that’s racist.  

Grey - Jonnor


Present Day

“And this one?”

“Yellow,” The boy replied, looking at the small card that Dr. Davidson was holding up in front of his face. Although he was struggling slightly, he could still see the colours. They were slightly faded but he could still tell the difference by a long shot. His hand was covering his bad eye, so he was at an advantage. It didn’t bother him though as he’d done this a million times before.

“Good,” Dr. Davidson replied, picking up another card. “Last one” she held the card up toward him and he didn’t even hesitate.


She smiled, placing the cards down on the desk in front of them and resuming the ticking of her clipboard, scribbling down some notes that he couldn’t read. “Any struggles identifying the colours?”

He shook his head, “Same as usual. Still slightly faded but distinctive”

She nodded, “Does your left eye still hurt?”

He then nodded, “The strain to see is really bad”

She nodded again, “The same. Right, other eye”

He removed the hand from his bad eye and placed it over his good eye, letting the darkness seep in. The vision was almost completely gone, in its place was a warp of different colours that blended into one. No matter how much he looked around, he saw nothing but a blend of colours.

Dr. Davidson held up the first card. He knew it was the red one as she always used the same order but his eye was telling him something different.

“I don’t know” He replied defeatedly. He got bored easily during this part of the exercise as the colours were all the same. She knew that, but she still had to do routine check ups as the tumour was growing and his eye was getting worse. It depressed him, knowing he’d probably be blind in time for his sixteenth birthday.

“As predicted” she went back to her clipboard and he sighed.

This is pointless, he thought.

“Why do I have to do this all the time? It’s not like the vision is going to come back so why do you have to keep checking whether I can see or not?”

He took his hand away from his eye and blinked as Dr. Davidson turned toward him, placing the clipboard on her lap.

“Connor,” she began. “You know I have to check up on you. I have to monitor what your eye is doing and how quickly the cancer is eating away at it, you know that”

Connor was rushed to the doctors on his fourteenth birthday as he couldn’t see something that was right in front of him. It was a small box - a birthday present - that he completely kept missing whilst trying to pick it up. (That’s what he was told, anyway) His Dad didn’t think there was anything wrong as it was just an accident that Connor kept missing the box but his Mom was entirely convinced that there was something deathly “invading” his body.

At first, it was just red-green colourblindness but that soon got worse. A few scans later, they told Connor it’s ocular melanoma. In shorter terms, cancer. The cancer didn’t spread to any other parts of his body, and for that he was grateful. He had regular check ups and scans and his eye still stayed the same. It wasn’t until Connor started blacking out slightly and losing some of his vision that they actually did something about it.

That’s when he was admitted to the hospital permanently, making a temporary home there. Not really temporary as it’s been a year. They wanted to keep him there so he could be monitored to see if the cancer miraculously starts to spread or if it gets bigger. The bigger the tumour the more chance that an enucleation will be on the cards. In other words, they will take out Connor’s eye and he will be half blind. So far, taking out his eye is becoming more and more logical.

He shrugged, “Yeah I get that, but do we have to do it so often? If there’s a change in my eye I’ll tell you or my parents”

Dr. Davidson sighed, “Connor I know this can be hard for you. Dealing with slightly less vision than everyone else can be tough on people as you’re restricted”

Connor shook his head, “I’m not restricted on anything” He answered. “And it’s not hard for me. I’m dealing perfectly fine”

He wasn’t exactly okay, and he was restricted from everything. He couldn’t watch TV because he couldn’t see it. He couldn’t read a book as half the words were blacked out. He couldn’t do anything outside of the hospital without a stick in case he started bumping into people. And to top it all off, last week they had given him an eye patch.

The eye patch just made it official. On the outside, his eye doesn’t look that bad it was just a little swollen and so nobody asked about it. But now, with an eye patch, everyone will ask about it. That’s exactly what Connor didn’t want. He regularly wondered by they couldn’t just give him sunglasses.

“Are you going home today?” Dr. Davidson asked smiling a little, “Isn’t it someone’s birthday?”

Connor nodded. It was his birthday. Fifteen. Fifteen and in hospital. He discharged for a while to go home and see his family and open presents whilst he was sat next to his Dad who told him what they were. Also an opportunity to get more clothes and move more of his stuff here. His parents had been forced to spend time together, boxing some of his stuff up ready for the transfer.

“Your Dad’s waiting in the lobby”

Great. Just what I want right now, he thought.

He pushed himself off his bed and grabbed the eye patch off the bedside table. Standing in front of the small mirror in his room, he adjusted it over his eye, making sure that most of the minor swelling was covered. Then, he grabbed his cane and walked toward the exit.

Many teenagers, like Connor, roamed the halls of his ward as they all seemed to make friends. Connor never made friends with any of them as he didn’t think he’d be staying long but he was wrong. Eventually, he got tired of being alone in the dining hall and managed to befriend a girl with Hepatitis C named Taylor and a guy with Prostate Cancer named Andy.

The two of them always seemed to sit together in the dining hall and so Connor thought they might be willing to take him into their friendship group. And he was right. All though she was ill, she was bold. And Andy was only a little bit quieter. The two of them made good friends and Connor seemed to blend well with them.

As Connor walked down the corridor toward the dining hall, he passed nurses, people in wheel chairs, screaming children and possibly every kind of germ he could. He could already see Taylor waiting in the dining hall with a box in her hand, surrounded by a bunch of other kids who Connor has seen around before.

When she finally spotted him she pushes herself out of the chair and slowly headed toward him with a weak grin on her face. Connor couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiastic attempt to greet him and she wrapped her arms around him once they meet.

“Happy birthday!” She chimed, pulling out of the hug and holding the box out toward Connor. “It’s a box of chocolate biscuits” she said as she could see Connor was struggling. The sound of them literally made Connor’s mouth water.

“No way, how did you get these?” He asked, looking up at Taylor.

“My Mom bought them on visiting day,” she said, smiling a little. “Andy says happy birthday but unfortunately he has a scan so he can’t be here”

Connor nodded, remembering Andy mentioning a scan a few days ago. “Well, thank you. But I have to go because my Dad’s waiting in the lobby”

Taylor nodded, “Right. Have fun at home”

He rolled his eyes, “You know I will”

As Connor turned away he smiled gratefully as Taylor didn’t mention the eye patch. He definitely knew she saw it as she observed if as he looked at the biscuits. That was one of the reasons he really liked Taylor - she never made a big deal over anything. Like yeah, they’re in a hospital and big things happen everyday but she never points them out.

The other day Taylor had warned Connor about the fact Andy had gotten crutches and that they shouldn’t point it out in case he felt bad. There in that moment he had realised she was absolutely right. Connor just knew that once he walked into the lobby, every aspect of Taylor’s kindness would be gone and his Dad wouldn’t shut up about the eye patch all the way home.


His Dad helped him out the car after countless times Connor had told him he was okay. Because he was, he didn’t need help getting out the car - he had a cane.

They’d gone to his Mom’s house because the interior was better for a birthday celebration. Connor’s Dad’s wasn’t exactly the neatest or warm house so Connor was glad for the decision.

He had prepared himself for the worst but his grandparents, aunt and uncle and two cousins along with his Mom were the only ones to yell “surprise!” upon his arrival.

“Happy birthday my sweet,” His Mom placed a big kiss upon his forehead before taking his arm and helping him into the house.

“I’m okay, Mom” Connor said, “Thanks” he then used his cane to navigate himself to the sofa. He was then bombarded by the swarm of his family, gifts being placed on his lap and cards by his feet.

“Right,” Adam walked through the people toward the sofa next to Connor and sat himself down. “Let’s get opening”

Connor handed him the first card, sighing a little as he couldn’t actually see where his Dad was. He heard the envelope being ripped and his Dad adjust his glasses on his nose.

“Dear Connor, Happy Birthday, may your day be filled with lots of fun, love Aunt Vicky, Uncle Sam and Selene”

Connor then smiled, aiming it toward his Aunt as he sifted through the presents.

“The one with the blue paper, Adam help him” His Aunt leaned forward on the sofa, tapping Adam on the knee.

He instantly stuck his hands in, grabbing the blue present at the same time as Connor did. “It’s okay Dad I got it, Connor said, turning toward him whilst his grip tightened on the present.

“Are you sure? Because I can help-”

“Dad,” Connor snapped, “I said I’m fine”

Adam gave him a pointed look but Connor couldn’t see it as he turned away from him. He began ripping at the paper, throwing the excess parts onto the floor. “I can still see you know, I have one working eye”

Adam sighed, “I never said that Connor, all right?”

“No, Dad but you definitely meant it. You treat me like I’m five and I can’t open a damn birthday gift. I may be blind in one eye but the other one works fine so leave me alone”

“Connor!” His Mom scalded, walking over toward where he and Adam were sat. Connor just sighed, pulling the eye patch off his face and placing it on the table in front of him. It didn’t make things any better he knew that but he just felt they were all staring at it. “Come on sweetie, don’t ruin your special day”

“Fine,” Connor said as he continued to open the present. He vaguely saw a mush of colours, not sure on what the actual gift was. At that moment he didn’t care.

“Hey that’s nice,” His Mom took the object off his lap.

“What is it?” Connor asked, feeling so distressed that he couldn’t see what it was. No matter how many times he’d been given things that he couldn’t see, he still felt the same panic and rise in his heartbeat every time.

“A backpack,” She held it up in front of Connor and he squinted to see if that made it any better. He vaguely made the outline but he couldn’t see the patterns. Covering his left eye he could identify it was blue and red. He then smiled, looking toward his Aunt and Uncle sat on the sofa next to him.

“Thank you,” he said. “I love it”

This process went on for another fifteen minutes and Connor was gradually getting more and more angry with his parents who continually treated him like a baby. He also got tired after all the straining on his good eye so his Dad drove him back to the hospital after cake, with a fresh bag of clothes in the backseat.

Connor signed into the hospital easily, waiting for his Dad to place his hand in the right place where he wrote his name messily. Everyone knew it was him because the slanted writing took up two lines.

He didn’t see Taylor or Andy upon his return but he bid his Dad goodbye at the doorway and happily walked off down the corridor to his room. He counted the doors on the way, getting all the way to room 26 and fiddling around for the door knob.

Once he opened the door, he was greeted by several doctors who had invaded his room whilst he had been gone.

“Evening Connor,” the familiar voice belonged to Dr. McDonald and Connor just looked at him. “I hope you like room mates”

Room mate?

“Don’t worry,” Dr. McDonald continued, “He won’t bother you”

Connor pushed through the swarm of doctors to get to his bed. He placed the cane down, sitting on his own bed and taking a deep breath. He looked over toward the usually empty bed on the other side of the room.

As doctors headed in and out the room, the bed became visible and Connor saw who was lay inside. A brunette boy with a large purple bruise on his forehead. There was a gash on his cheek which someone was cleaning.

Connor then lost sight of the boy. The coma boy.

For nina-eagles:

Adam and Ronan

What they smell like:

Adam: Gasoline and cedar wood.
Ronan: Black Pepper and ever so slightly like birds.

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

Adam: Sleeps on his side facing the wall. Is a light sleeper. Sleeps exactly eight hours.
Ronan: Sleeps on his back. Heavy sleeper. Has an issue with sleep paralysis. Either doesn’t sleep or sleeps for seventeen hours straight.

What music they enjoy:

Adam: Probably whatever’s on the radio at the time with a fair amount of 80′s Ballads and a little country thrown in for good measure.
Ronan: We all know he listens to shitty electronica, but I totally see him listening to alternative music and be really into Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco.

How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

Adam: Twenty-Seven minutes exactly.
Ronan: Literally less than five minutes.

Their favorite thing to collect:

Adam: State licence Plates. He has twenty-three different states right now. (Ronan stole at least three of them.) He even has one from Hawaii that Ronan claimed as a prize after a drag race and gave to him. It said LOVRBOI. AND POSTCARDS.
Ronan: Parking Tickets! No, but I like to think that Ronan collects pens. He has pens everywhere. Stolen pens, fountain pens, cheap pens, expensive pens, colorful pens, black pens, all the pens.

Left or right-handed:

Adam: Right Handed!
Ronan: Left Handed af.

Religion (if any):

Adam: Agnostic, probably.
Ronan: Catholic! (A shitty Catholic, but we’re all shitty.)

Favorite sport:

Adam: Adam is really into tennis.
Ronan: Ronan actually really loves baseball and he has no good reason for it. (It’s America’s pastime, asshole.)

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

Adam: Grabbing postcards from every shop they go into.
Ronan: Eating the city’s specialty food item.

Favorite kind of weather:

Adam: Thunderstorms in the middle of summer.
Ronan: Really into the heat, because he likes water and T-shirts and Adam shirtless.

A weird/obscure fear they have:

Adam: Really not okay with fish in any capacity.
Ronan: Really freaked out by vacuum cleaners for no reason.

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

Adam: A freaking whiz at ski ball.
Ronan: The game with the water guns and the balloons and the one with the bottles and the ball where you win giant stuffed animals.

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Ponyboy , #1

“Come over here and make me,” you tease, trying to get a good-natured rise out of him. It’s always fun watching his ears get red and his mouth twist slightly in a restrained smirk.
Besides, he’s lying if he ever tells you he doesn’t like being teased by you.
So you hold it up in the air, coaxing him to bite. 
He tries to show nothing on his face, but you can see the way his adam’s apple juts out as he swallows back discontent. He doesn’t say anything, though.
You smile.
The second you picked it up, he was on you like a hound.
And now you’re curious.
You stroke the binding facetiously and look down at the pages.
They smell faintly of ink and cigarettes.

“The Outsiders, by Ponyboy Curtis…” Something in your stomach turns, pricking your organd like dozens of tiny little needles.
The Outsiders?
A memory made of a bitter smirk and big black eyes flickers before you.
Ponyboy’s theme.
You look up at him, tight-lipped, unsure of what to say.
“I mean it. Give it back,” he demands. His voice is ice. And you can’t help but think about how much like Darry he looks as he stands over you, his muscles flexing with tension.
You hold it out for him.
“I’m sorry, Ponyboy…I didn’t realize it was…” You trail off when you notice the tight shake in his hand as he seizes the manuscript from you.
Your eyes meet his.
“Don’t worry about it,” he mumbles. His voice is almost too stiff. It belongs to someone else entirely, you think. Someone colder and meaner than the boy I know and care about.
He puts his theme away in a drawer and reaches for his pack of cigarettes.
You watch with heavy silence as he tries to light one up. His movements are too unsteady. You have to hold back from taking the lighter from him on his fourth attempt, figuring it’s wiser to let him work through his uneasiness.
You watch and wait. And you’re not sure if he’s forgotten you’re still there.
When he finally has one lit, he closes his eyes and inhales the smoke like it’s his only lifeline.
You study the way his smoke dissipates in the air.
Every particle is a page of that manuscript.

It feels like minutes pass by before he feels your eyes on him.
He wipes the line of sweat off his forehead.
“I’m sorry,” you say, again. And you are. You’re sorry about the whole damn thing. About all the pain and loss. About how young boys are forced to grow old before their time.
You’re sorry he had to write that thing in the first place.
“I know.” The ice in his tone is melting.
He sits on his bed, and you sit next to him, staring down at your shoes.
“I’ve never shown anyone, you know? Just Mr. Syme,” he tells you while fiddling with his cigarette.
“Not even Sodapop or Darry?” You ask.
“Not even Sodapop. And especially not Darry. There’s…too much in there.”
You nod.
His soul is on those pages, so they’re not always going to be easy to read.
“I guess it’s too personal,” you offer.
“It ain’t just that.” He shakes his head. “It was easier sharin’ it with Mr. Syme than I think it’d be sharin’ it with any of the guys. He didn’t see me differently ‘cause he didn’t really know me in the first place. You all do.”
He sighs into his cigarette and looks at the wall ahead.
“’Sides, I don’t like to think about it. I don’t wanna think about it or talk about it.”
You slowly, decisively put your hand on his.
It’s warm.
“You don’t ever have to talk about it, Pony. Until you’re ready too,” you tell him earnestly.
He turns to look at you, and gives you a weak smile.
You feel his thumb stroke your palm, no trace of a tremble left in his fingers.
“I’m sorry too,” he says.
You smile back at him. 
“I know.”
Adam Goodes: Footy has become a redneck wonderland

The gutless drongos who boo Adam Goodes should have the courage to admit they’re a bunch of ugly racists.

What a redneck wonderland footy has become.

Every weekend, somewhere in Australia, Adam Goodes steps out onto a footy field.

Simultaneously, an army of gutless drongos get ready to express their contempt for him, hiding anonymously in the choir of clowns who boo his every step.

Blokes like Goodes tend to have a finely tuned radar for racism. When you have been living with it all your life you learn to speak it’s many ugly languages.

So when he tells you what it means to him and you choose to boo, you’re confirming to him and every other indigenous footballer what you’re really about.

What you don’t like and can’t abide is that Adam Goodes won’t be the Aboriginal footballer you want him to be.

He refuses to simply be the smiling face of AFL Indigenous Round where the game’s self congratulation goes into over drive and Aboriginal people are celebrated in a set of proscribed rituals that say nothing about the true state of affairs and everything about our need to be absolved from responsibility.

A smoking ceremony here. A ceremonial dance there. A welcome to country and then goodbye, onto the next costume party.

No, Goodes wants to look you in the eye and talk about who we really are and where we’re really at. Goodes wants to confront racism and its uncomfortable truths. In the stands you sit in, the mines you work in, the boardrooms you meet in, the homes you live in.

He won’t simply be the Aboriginal man you want him to be.

And with your symphony of boos you’ve made it quite clear where you stand.

The fact that you fuel your own sense of outrage at Goodes and Lewis Jetta’s “war dance”  shows how feeble minded and self righteous you are.

Where’s your sense of outrage at the appalling gap in life expectancy for indigenous people?

The massive over representation of indigenous people in jail?

The continuing scourge of deaths in custody?

Your silence is deafening on those issues. Your outrage reserved for a man who dances on the footy field.

And whilst you’re booing ever louder and ever longer you can try drown out the truth of these things.

You can’t. And you won’t.

Because Adam Goodes’ legacy will endure long after your hollow howls ring out.

And that must hurt the most.

Francis Leach is an ABC sports commentator. This article was originally published on this blog at

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someone actually got upset about my Pixels post, and I’m like… okayyyy friend, slow down, hah

like, that post is coming from someone who used to like Adam Sandler a lot. I watched his movies with my cousin very often growing up, so to an extent he’s kind of nostalgic for me.

but modern Adam Sandler just… ech, he’s no good. I won’t go into detail about why but I mean, you’re really gonna get upset because I (and other people) choose to dislike a guy for legitimate reasons? like how 80% of the content in his recent movies have been shallow, humorless, genuinely offensive/tasteless dirt worth even less than that.

Just Adam Sandler’s face in the trailer of Pixels wasn’t what turned me off - it was the implication that his usual flat, boring, gross influence was gonna be brought to what I thought could have been an okay movie.

and it turns out I was right! no ‘tumblr culture’ influence required! amazing!

Witches Ruin the Reception

It’s actually Charles’s fault. See, he had a little quarter-life crisis when he lost his job, and was sobbing for days, so I took him out on the town to fulfill some of his wants….one of which was to have a lot of first dates. And one of those other women happened to be Phoebe Adams, the High Good Witch of Belladonna Cove. And she is not happy to find out that Eudora and Charles worked through their problems.

Phoebe and Eudora fight, directly after the ceremony, while Gomez and Morticia watch from the arch.

Mortica tries to reel it in by cutting the cake, but the guests all start to take off, so she and Gomez just enjoy shoving cake into each other’s faces.

Meanwhile, at the front of the house, one of the other guests Frances McCullough (who was the High Evil Witch, and I didn’t even think about how stupid it was to invite two witches of opposite alignments) started a fight with Phoebe too, and they brawled to the delight of everyone, especially Eudora, who lost her fight with Phoebe.

In the end, it was still a great reception, and Gomez just danced with Morticia in the garden after all the excitement had died down. Moral:  Don’t invite both High Witches to your lot at once. Lol

Geez I almost forgot to post because I was too busy doing other stuff HAHA


Mannn it’s so shitty having to explain to school teachers about what kendo is, and my prior commitments to this sport >_> I’m part of my school’s speech day prize presentation, and rehearsals really cut out the time for me to prepare and have dinner before practice. The teacher in charge is absolutely adamant about making me stay the entire session next week and honestly, I feel like bashing his face. He even made me promise, in exchange that he let me off early today. This is not a very good display of the way schools manage student welfare..

/// END OF RANT ///


LESSON TODAY WAS AWESOME!!! I think everybody already knows why 😊 I GOT PRAISED BY MY SENPAI AGAIN!!!! AND HE GAVE ME A THUMBS UP!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍 My heart just exploded right there– and ALSO I got to “men” someone on the head today hehe.

Yes, we’re now using shinais for real!! The shinais we ordered a few weeks back haven’t came yet, so we had to get spares hehe. It was cool. I managed go grasp the idea of gripping the shinai quickly, the only problem I had was with my arm strength D: We did mostly swings while ashi-ing hehe. But at the end, we had to swing WITH ONLY OUR LEFT HAND GRIPPING THE END OF THE SHINAI!!

That’s where senpai #2 comes in hehe. Have I mentioned him before? If I’m not wrong, he taught us for a chunk of lesson 二 haha. Not sure I mentioned him in that post tho :( Anyways, he’s super nice and I think he’s cute haha.

((not in a romantic, “im interested in you way” oh gosh lol. He just has a cute voice HAHA))

He let me grip the shinai at its hilt (which was much more easy on my left hand lol) and also praised me for doing it right in the end hehe. ALSO, he wished me “gabatte” 😊😊 ANd first senpai also wished me the same thing hehe. But in chinese, which is 加油 (jia you, add oil HAHA). It’s funny because he’s japanese, and senpai #2 is chinese… Lulz

The awesome thing about kendo now also, is that I’m beginning to talk to the people in my class!! Hehe. I have a few friends now. Most of them are extremely extroverted people lol.

AT THe end of the lesson, while I was about to leave the dojo, MY SENPAI SAID BYE TO ME!! Like, I was with a few of my other classmates, but he said bye to me specifically 😊😊 “Bye Ranice!!”


Ok, just in case anyone is wondering, I do NOT have a crush on my senpai haha. It’s more of an admiration kind of thing!!, like he’s the cooler older brother hehehehehe. Especially since he’s so tall!!!

Ok, I shall sleep now :b Can’t wait for the next lesson!!

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O///O [and I am so not sorry. We could do this in mirror!verse to reason Leonard's actions. ORRRR he's high again. Like pretty much always.]

(LMAO not surprised you’re not sorry. I snickered when I saw it. Totes going Mirror!Verse, too)

The collar was merely an added insult. Large, leather and painfully visible, it hosted a large, silver loop just over his Adam’s apple.

For a leash.

John had been muzzled after the last attempt at communication had failed so spectacularly - leaving him with a jagged, healing scar down the left half of his face. Leonard had purposely left his eye alone, though John suspected that that was going to be the next punishment.

Glaring mutely at the wall, John didn’t dare glare at McCoy, he stayed where he’d been forced to kneel (thanks to the agonizer right in the small of his back) and let the good doctor finish buckling the collar.

Pain wouldn’t even begin to cover what he’d do to the man who looked so much like his brother. If he ever got loose. And that wasn’t looking good. Weeks, he’d been McCoy’s prisoner and he hadn’t found an out yet.

At this point, he probably wouldn’t.

Degrassi 1416 Review "Walking in my Shoes"

I personally thought this episode was boring. My favorite part of the episode was when Zig and Maya were talking about getting Imagine Dragons tickets. Omg I would love an episode where they were at the concert together ❤️❤️ I also liked when Hunter,Zig, and Maya made fun of Zoe in the caf and Zoe got food splattered in her face it was funny as hell. I’m sorry but Zoe deserves the karma she’s getting. I do hope she gets that juvenile detention. I also loved Alli&Dallas getting their pictures taken they looked so adorable ❤️❤️ and Becky mentioned Adam!!!! Thank goodness someone finally did. Okay and I love Drew but he was so rude to Becky “Becky you and guyliner didn’t make the cut” or whatever he said jeez I hate Drecky but he’s taking his jealousy too far. Frankie’s plot was boring but I felt bad for her in the end when she found out about Winston cheating but I’m glad Lola was honest with her ahd I’m glad Frankie told the truth about cheating off Lola on the test it was a dumb thing to do but I’m glad she was honest. Winston pissed me off so much when he tried to guilt trip Frankie into not studying to rehearse for the musical like school work is more important. Smh the next episode looks more interesting than this one, Tristan and Maya on the same gym team omg I can’t believe Tristan is still mad saying Maya “ruined his life” he seriously should have gotten over that already, Maya didn’t ruin his life if anything she saved his life. I can’t wait for the next episode this one was just okay.

high school senior; seventeen.
taron egerton.
OPEN. and, as raymond stantz once said: “You know, I just can’t believe things have gotten so bad in this city that there’s no way back. I mean, sure, it’s messy, it’s crowded, it’s polluted, and there are people who would just as soon step on your face as look at you. But come on! There’s gotta be a few sparks of sweet humanity left in this burned-out berg. We just gotta find a way to mobilize it!”


Adam is, and always will be, the best guy around. Known for his good sense of humor and likeable charm, he’s the true “heart” of the Ghostbusters operation. He befriended Jamie when they were both young boys when he defended him on the playground, and the two have been best friends since, even if they couldn’t be any more opposite. Eventually, Egan came along, joining their little ragtag group, and finally, Effy.

You wouldn’t expect someone like Adam to hang out with the likes of Jamie or Egan, especially since he’s a well known lacrosse player, but he balances popularity and humility well, always sticking up for his best friends when they become the butt of other people’s jokes. In fact, he seems to have control of every facet of his life, except for his love life. He and Effy met through Egan, and have been on and off ever since, managing to stay friends through every break-up, but he just wants stability with her. The only problem? He’s not sure if that’s what she wants, and he’s pretty sure that Egan’s in love with her too, although he’s too scared to bring it up with his friend.

He’s the one in the group that really, truly, believes in the supernatural. His childlike enthusiasm for all things paranormal is the one thing that brings him real happiness in life, and between practices and parties he’s always trying to learn more about the supernatural.


Even though he’d tried to convince the boys to have fun, Adam was the only one who was actually at the barn party to have a good time. The other two were too busy trying to freak out their classmates to care. So, he made his way into the party, all the while trying to find Effy. He was done with their on and off relationship. He had an ultimatum: either they get together and stay together, or they be done for good. However, when he finally tracked her down, she immediately asked where Egan was. Dejected, he told her that they were off investigating, and went to go find his friends.

Neither Jamie nor Egan could tell why Adam seemed so bummed, so they decided to cheer him up. As the three boys got drunker, they got more reckless and less careful with the open flames, and just as Adam was about to ask Egan what was going on with him and Effy, Jamie accidentally kicked the candle down.

Adam didn’t even know how to broach the subject with Effy. Now that his liquid courage was gone, and he was dealing with the guilt from his possible involvement in the fire, he didn’t know if he’d even be able to confront her. He didn’t know how much longer he could continue to hook up with her, or be in her life without certainty, all he knew was that he was head over heels for her and didn’t know how to put an end to it all.

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9 Funny TV Show Cameos Made By Politicians

Plenty of political figures, from vice presidents like Joe Biden and Al Gore to First Ladies like Michelle Obama and Nancy Reagan, have made guest appearances on the small screen, but only some have been successful at flexing their comedic muscles. These nine politicians earned laughs by making notable cameos in various well-known shows, like NBC’s Parks and Recreation and Cheers. Here are 9 funny television appearances made by politicians:

1. Joe Biden, Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler’s city councilwoman character Leslie Knope always made it very clear that she hac a thing for Biden, so he was bound to show up at some point. But the VP was an especially good sport when he finally appeared in a 2012 episode as an engagement gift to Leslie from her fiancé, Ben Wyatt (played by Adam Scott). He played along as she stared deeply into his eyes and caressed his face. “You don’t let anything happen to him, you understand me?” Leslie told the Secret Service in the episode. “He is precious cargo!”

Biden also later showed up in the 2015 series finale of the NBC sitcom.

2. Michelle Obama, iCarly

The First Lady made a guest appearance on the Nickelodeon show, which she reportedly used to watch with her daughters, Sasha and Malia. Obama plays herself, paying an unexpected visit to the show’s lead character, Carly Shay, who’s struggling to cope with her father’s continued deployment in the Air Force overseas. The highlight of the episode? Her participation in “random dancing” with the characters.

Though her willingness to dance it out makes iCarly her most memorable small screen cameo, that’s far from the first time the First Lady has appeared on a TV show. She was also featured on Nashville, Parks and Rec, and Disney Channel’s Jessie.

3. Al Gore, 30 Rock

Former vice president Al Gore stopped by 30 Rock a couple of times, first in 2007 and again in 2009. In both cases, his appearance ended with him running off to solve one environmental disaster or another. His best line on the show: “Quiet! A whale is in trouble!,” which he hilariously says after hushing Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) while they’re in mid-conversation. He then takes off his coat (the Gore equivalent of putting on a cape) and runs off to help.

4. John McCain, Parks and Recreation

The senior senator from Arizona and 2008 Republican presidential candidate made his first cameo on NBC’s Parks and Rec in the fifth season premiere. The episode featured the politician walking in on Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope while she had a moment in a coat closet.

That wasn’t the first time he worked with Poehler though. He previously hosted Saturday Night Live in 2002 and made an appearance in 2008, while the comedian was still part of the cast. He also made a second Parks and Rec cameo during the sitcom’s final season.

5. John Kerry, Cheers

Kerry made an appearance on the NBC sitcom in 1992, back when he was a Massachusetts senator. In the episode, he’s confused for an anchorman by Cliff (John Ratzenberger) and Norm (George Wendt). “I love that report you did on the train wreck,” Cliff says. “They ought to get you for 60 Minutes as an anchor.” Unsurprisingly, when Kerry reveals his actual identity, the two are suddenly a lot less interested in getting his autograph.

6. Nancy Reagan, Diff’rent Strokes

Reagan ultimately agreed to make the 1983 television cameo to discuss her “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign during a storyline, in which Arnold (Gary Coleman), discovers that drugs were being sold at school while working as as a reporter for the school newspaper. But though the guest appearance may have been part of a larger agenda, it still made for a pretty memorable small screen moment. It was clear she couldn’t help but crack a real smile when Arnold asked, “Whatchu talkin’ bout, Mrs. Reagan?”

7. Michael Bloomberg, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bloomberg found himself in a classic Curb scenario in 2011. In the episode, Larry David attends an event for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and – of course –manages to offend several people there. When Larry makes a gesture that makes it look as if he’s making fun of Parkinson’s disease, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg comes to Fox’s defense and effectively kicks Larry out of NYC. “Larry, let me tell you something, this guy is trying to put Parkinson’s out of business, and I’m here to put you out of this city,” Bloomberg says in the episode. “Get out of this town!”

8. Tip O’Neill, Cheers

Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, who served as Speaker of the House from 1977 through 1987, played himself in the 1983 episode of Cheers called “No Contest.” In the episode, the Boston native stops into the bar to escape Diane. He ends up running into Norm, who – completely unaware that the Speaker of the House is sitting right next to him – starts a verbal rant against Congress. It’s not until he’s listed various critiques that he realizes that an important political figure is listening to his tirade.

9. Condoleezza Rice, 30 Rock

Rice appeared as an ex-girlfriend to Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) on NBC’s 30 Rock. Though it’s not easy to stand against the likes of Baldwin, Rice more than held her own during her cameo. In the episode, the two enter into a heated, fast-paced argument before going toe-to-toe in a spontaneous musical battle, with Jack on the flute and Rice on the piano. Spoiler alert: “Condi,” as Baldwin’s Jack called her on the show, wins the fight.

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