first time // a matty healy smut

word count: 3,085

this was unbearable. you wanted to just take your clothes off, let him make you feel so good, but something was holding you back.

you were straddling matty as he sat on the edge of your shared bed in a plain white t shirt and black jogger type pants, his somewhat dreaded hair sticking in all directions, including down in front of his soft face, and you couldn’t be more turned on. the dim pink glow of the lamp that lit the room made him look like an absolute angel as you shared this intimate moment with him. it started how it always did, casual kissing that turned to silly yet enticing whispers about what you wanted to do with each other, then heated kissing, clothed bodies pressed against each other, and soft moans, but nothing more. it was just a fun game for the most part, with no sex afterwards. you’d occasionally fooled around with matty, but nothing with true commitment to the act.

although you’d been dating him for almost 11 months, you had never had sex with matty. or anyone, for that matter. it was something you took very seriously, and you knew that was a big part of yourself you wanted to only share with someone very special. matty understood completely of course, because his philosophical mind understood how important your sexuality was to you, so he had put no pressure on you the whole time. he had been more than patient and sweet about it, which you couldn’t be more grateful for, but in this moment, your body was on fire.

you squeezed matty’s shoulders and ran your hands over his shoulder blades as his lips surrounded your bottom one, biting slightly. you let out a quiet sound of content, and you let him move his mouth along your jawline and neck, slowly placing wet kisses as he went. as matty spent time on your neck, kissing more heavily where he knew you liked it, you let your head fall back slightly, hair hanging onto matty’s hands which were gripping your back. your breath felt more labored, and you frantically searched for his own hair to hold on to. your mind raced; you knew in this moment what you wanted, but would you later regret taking the next step?

“matty,” you whimpered. he responded with nothing but a quiet moan, thinking that you weren’t actually trying to talk to him. “matty,” you repeated more forcefully.
“mm, what is it?” he asked, sighing contently as if he hadn’t breathed in minutes. he looked up at you, his mouth slightly agape and eyes half shut from the passion of the moment.
“i-i think i’m ready.” you said it with confidence, looking him straight into the eyes, which widened a little at your words.
“you want us to have sex? are you sure?” matty questioned, with the intonation of care and love, not doubt. “i mean, i’m certainly down for it but not if you aren’t.”
“i am. i’ve never wanted anyone more, not just their body but like, their whole being. i want you like that, matty,” you confessed, surprised at how poetic you sounded.
he searched your eyes for a moment more before his face softened. you knew he had had sex before, which worried you a little, because what if you were no good?
“i want you like that as well, love,” he said gently as he tucked your hair behind your ear. “if you change your mind, let me know, please,” he pleaded.

before you had time to respond, matty returned his lips to yours, this time holding your face in hands. after a few moments, you had gained more confidence, so you started faintly moving your hips on his. the new movement made matty’s breath move faster, and you smiled to yourself. he nudged your hips, signaling for you to get off his lap, therefore breaking the kiss. as you moved up the bed and he crawled above you, the row of you exchanged quick pecks, earning a small giggle from matty which only made you giggle back. this was a moment you knew you wouldn’t forget, because you were just so in love with each other.

matty held his body above yours and your hands rested on his back, and you looked into each other’s eyes before he leaned down and started kissing your collarbones. you closed your eyes to cherish the feeling of comfortable silence, as well as marty’s soft lips placing rough kisses on your chest. but that wasn’t enough, so you lightly pushed yourself up, and matty immediately understood what was next. he pulled his shirt off, and you admired the tattoos on his lean torso that you’d never get tired of. you ran your hands lightly over his chest down to the low waist line of his joggers, the soft skin and dark hair leading to the place you wanted to get to. matty’s face revealed the love he had for you in the moment, as he looked at you like you were fragile and needed to be kept safe.

as you started to pull your shirt off, matty said, “no, let me.” he lifted it over your head slowly, leaving you in leggings and a cute bra, which you were thankful you chose to wear now. he motioned for you to lift your hips off the bed, and he pulled your leggings off of your legs.
“god, you have the prettiest legs. i love your legs,” he muttered to himself, not trying to butter you up, but because he genuinely did love them.
“i haven’t shaved them in like, a week,” you remembered, and blushed slightly, hoping it wasn’t visible in the dim light.
“that’s alright, i haven’t shaved mine in 27 years,” matty divulged with a smile.
it was now your turn, so you untied the joggers and pulled them off quickly and with ease, leaving matty in his boxers. you could see his boner quite easily, and you could feel your stomach drop. it’s not like you hadn’t seen his dick before, but tonight was different, and you were filled with anticipation.

matty pushed you back down on the bed gently, and now your hot skin was flush against his; you loved it. you kissed him with more intensity and movement, and you let out groans and pants as you reached your head up to meet his. matty’s hands held on to your hips firmly, and his legs were between yours. you wrapped your bare legs around his waist, pressing your wet panties to his boxers, and you knew the remaining clothing couldn’t last much longer. you were right, because after mere seconds of the position, matty asked if you were ready to take the rest of it off. you nodded, and timidly whispered, “please be naked,” earning a laugh out from him and a joking hit on your arm, which only caused you to giggle at your own cheesy joke. but it was over as quickly as it started, and next thing you knew, matty was unclipping your bra and pressing his hands to your boobs. the contrast in temperature made you shiver as he played with your nipples between his fingers. he held your breasts in his hands and firmly massaged them, and you gasped with surprising pleasure. this was something he’d never done before, and you’d never realized how good it would feel in the heat of the moment. you let your eyes flutter shut until he hooked his fingers onto your panties and looked at you to get your approval. you nodded your head cautiously, and he slid your panties down your thighs. matty let out a quiet sound, almost in amazement. it had been a while since he had seen your uncovered pussy, so you knew he was just as anxious as you to get this going. you hadn’t done anything with him except giving him handjobs and head, and he occasionally fingered you, but most middle schoolers had done that, to be honest. you were ready for something real.

matty slid his still somewhat clothed body down the bed on his stomach so his head was between your thighs. you were so nervous something wouldn’t be right, and he could tell. your legs were shaking slightly at the thought of every little imperfection. would he notice the weird bumps on your legs? what about the fact that you weren’t perfectly shaved? would you taste bad? the doubts ran through your head, but before you could voice them, matty nudged your legs apart a little more. his eyes shot up to yours as he placed his hands on the tops of your thighs.
“babe, relax, it’s alright. it’s just me, you know me and i know you. nothing will freak me out now.”
you blinked down at him and laid your head back down on the pillow below you.
“i know, i know, i just… i trust you. i’m just so not confident in my body sometimes,” you confessed. “plus, i’ve never done this before.”
“listen, if you want me to stop i will, but i don’t want fear to hold you back from something i want to give you. let yourself relax, i promise, i love you and nothing that happens tonight can change that. this is about you, making you feel good since you’ve never had something like this with someone, and i want it to be life changing,” matty said in a calm voice. you nodded and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath and relaxing into the bed.

with that, you felt matty’s fingers spread your folds carefully, and his breath hit your thighs as he leaned in to kiss them. he moved his mouth closer to your wet center until you felt the shock of his tongue lick a wide stripe up it. you took a quiet gasp and moved your hands to the pillow by your head, gripping it. matty moved his mouth to your clit, his lips wrapping around it and sucking, sending pleasure through your body that you’d never had before. it was so intense and sudden, and you wanted more. matty moved his tongue around your clit, then back down to your pussy, using his tongue more forcefully and intensionally. hot wetness of his mouth against your sensitive parts gave you a sensation you’d never imagined before, and all you could think to do was squirm. it was like the feeling was too good, and you couldn’t sit still. as matty continued to swap back and forth between your clit and pussy, he held your hips down to keep you still. you could feel his smile as he let out a small chuckle at how squirmy you were, and the feeling of his hands pressing you down was so hot. after a minute, he switched to making figure 8s with his tongue on your clit, and after a minute or two of this agonizingly amazing feeling, your heavy breathing and the wet sound of matty’s mouth were the only sounds in the room.

you could feel an orgasm approaching, even though you’d only had a few orgasms in your life. you knew matty might stop right before you came, and you didn’t want that, so your hands latched on to his hair tightly, earning a moan from matty. you spoke a coherent sentence for the first time in minutes.
“oh god, matty, please- please don’t stop keep going, shit,” you moaned in a raspy and somewhat frustrated voice. you just needed to cum so badly, but you were at his mercy. thankfully, he only picked up the pace, and seconds later your back was arching as you lifted your torso off the bed and squeezed your eyes shut, the only words falling off your lips were his name and curse words, the exploding feeling that started at your pussy pulsing all through your body, making your toes curl. after the heavenly moment passed, matty finally took his mouth away from your center and lifted his up to look at you, laying wrecked on the bed above him. your face glowed with faint sweat, your hair a mess, and your eyes closed as your chest heaved.
“did you really think i would edge you the first time you get eaten out?” he asked, in a soft teasing voice. he placed one more kiss on your center before trailing them up to your belly button, between your breasts, then to your neck and finally back to your mouth. you lazily gave him a simple kiss, and he admired you while you recovered.

when you had caught your breath, you leaned up and put your hands on his boxers. you felt matty’s now fully hard dick through the thin material, and he looked down at your hand for a moment, enjoying the feeling, before he moved your hands to the waistband of his underwear. you got the idea, and you pulled them down his hips. his dick sprang free, and you licked your lips at the sight. before you could put your mouth on him, matty held your chin and tilted it up at him.
“no, (y/n), tonight is about your pleasure,” he said in a raspy voice. he repositioned himself above you, and you rested your hands on his rib age. no words were exchanged as matty got in a position to enter you, but he looked up at you, his face softened, and he held your cheek before looking back down to slowly enter you.

the feeling was slow building, and a slight pain at first, even though you were so wet. matty slowly pushed himself all the way inside you while your breathing was strained in anticipation and he held his until his hips were flush against yours. he held still for a moment. everything felt so right in the world.
“all good, yea?” matty muttered almost incoherently, looking into your eyes with a tight look on his face. you knew it was taking all of him to make this a gentle moment, and not just start thrusting into you roughly. you nodded and smiled, giving him the go ahead to move. matty slowly pulled his hips back, then forward again, and your eyes shut at the feeling. god, it was so good. you felt filled, and with the one you loved most.

matty continued the slow movement a few times as you placed your hand on the back of his neck and he bit his lip, quiet curses falling from them occasionally.
“matty, please,” you whined once you were ready to step it up. that’s all it took, and he slowly built up the pace. his hands were by your head, and after he realized you didn’t look completely comfortable, he grabbed the pillows from behind your head and threw them to the floor. you reached up to kiss him again, and he pressed his chest down on yours to feel as close to you as possible. his hands moved to your right boob to massage it while he thrusted inside of you, and your kiss was cut off by your loud moan when he hit just the right spot with his dick.
“oh fuck matty,” you exclaimed. if he kept it up, you would cum within minutes. matty chuckled cheekily as he moved his mouth to your neck again and picked up the pace even more, if possible. you tightened your legs’ grip on his waist as you wrapped your arms around his back, scratching it out of desperation. matty was moaning quite regularly at this point, and just that sound almost sent you over the edge for the second time of the night.
“baby, ugh you feel so good, shit,” matty growled in a voice you’d never heard before, and you loved it.

everything was overwhelmingly good, but something was missing. almost as if matty had read your thoughts, he moved his hand between your bodies to rib your clit with his fingers in clumsy figure 8s. your body shook at the fast approaching orgasm, thankful that he had made this move. you could tell matty was close as well, for his movements got sloppier and more frantic. every breath he took was labored and audible in your ear, desperate moans within every single one. then, after his dick had brushed your g spot one last time, your body convulsed and curled up as much as possible, this second orgasm better than the first. your mind went blank as you breathily moaned matty’s name. only seconds later, matty pulled out and leaned up on his knees in between your legs. you got to properly look at him as his face was distorted with pleasure and he jerked himself off a few times. his hair was stuck to his face, his neck was slightly dewy, and his chest was just barely shaking as he took heavy breath. he threw his head back and let out a strangled moan, louder than any he already had, followed by smaller gasps as his hot cum shot onto your lower stomach. he jerked himself off a few more times to ride out his orgasm, and you watched him in hazy awe, in his most vulnerable state.

as matty was recovering, biting his lip and lazy jerking off, he looked back to you and smiled tiredly.
“ah, fuck, i made it about myself just then,” he laughed as he pushed his body back up to kiss you all over your face, but you shook your head.
“no no, that was so sexy,” you assure him. matty ran to the bathroom to wet a towel and wash the cum off of your stomach, and when he returned he gently wiped it off with the most care and attention. you pulled the bed sheet over your body as he threw himself onto the bed beside you, and you grabbed his arm to hold. after a moment of silence, you rolled over on top of him, chest to chest, and he gave you a content smile as you looked down at him.
“thank you so much, that was so, so amazing. i love you so fucking much,” you cooed as you leaned down to passionately kiss him. you then laid your head on his chest, naked bodies completely intertwined, and he played with your hair absent mindedly while you talked about anything and everything, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

little blacksun things that would be cute to see this vol

  • blake and sun having a serious conversation about their pasts so they can begin to understand each other more. Blake telling Sun about Adam and what truly happened during the fall of Beacon. Sun telling Blake about his past (maybe he was an orphan, or at least very poor, living in Vacuo so stealing food and sneaking onto different vehicles of transportation were things he mastered at a young age.)
  • Sun and Ghira having a heart to heart. This would give Sun some really good development and Ghira some development as well. Sun explaining himself to Ghira, about why he searched for Blake and followed her, that it was to make sure she was ok and to make sure she wouldn’t have to face her trauma alone. He wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. And though he admits he does love her, he would explain he did not follow to win her heart or theirs, but to make sure she didn’t break or fall. He followed her as the friend he is, not as the lover he wishes he could be.
  • Ghira, coincidentally bonding with Sun would be simultaneously heart warming and hilarious.
  • Sun being really grateful to Blake for letting him stay with her, because he knows even though he insisted she very well could have forced him away and to go back on the boat. He knows she didn’t have to let him tag along, to meet her parents, realize who she is, who her parents are, who they were. He’s grateful to her for that.
  • Kali teasing both Sun and Blake. Just to add some lightheartedness to their situation as, with the possibility of Adam showing up, is very much needed.
  • Sun playing with faunus children and acting like a child himself. Blake is at first unamused but eventually joins in on the fun and starts laughing and acting like the child she deserves to act like. It’s the first time she’s been able to fully smile and forget her worries, even if only for a moment. 
  • While they’re fooling around they accidentally stumble over each other and fall together ala lion king style but instead of it being fully romo it’s just funny and cute and whoever is on top rolls off on the other and they just laugh.
  • Maybe a party or a celebration could be set up (like a local festival) and Blake and Sun dance together (maybe Not Fall In Love With You p.2 playing in the background instead it’s playing from Blake’s point of view). Again, mainly just lighthearted and excitable, but still having the romantic implications there.
  • Maybe after the battle with Adam (whether they defeat him or he escapes, and assuming Sun and Blake’s parents are left alive) Blake pulls Sun in close but not for a kiss but for a forehead touch and they just stay there for a while, breathing as they take in everything that just happened. And then Blake just says thank you and pours her heart out to Sun, thanking him for believing in her, for trusting in her, for caring enough to search for her, for being determined enough to not let her deal with this alone, and for being himself. She’s grateful for him and all that his mere presence has done.
  • More pda. Not like, kissing wise (not yet), but definitely hugging wise (Sun hugs Blake a lot, it would be kinda cool to see Blake initiate more hugs) and maybe even hand holding.

i don’t really expect any of these to happen (though I really do want Sun and Ghira having a heart to heart because I want them to get along I want Ghira to know that this boy’s intentions are the purest ever. and i would KILL for a blacksun forehead touch.) but they do offer some food for thought.

Songbird in the Mud

(Unfinished Sterek Fic 1)

Stiles grew up between civilization and wild abandon. According to his dad, that’s exactly why he bought the house on Sandy Brook road, with it’s front facing the winding streets that lead into the more populated areas of town, and it’s back facing an endless stretch of woods. It was something his mother had been adamant about when they first discovered that little ol’ him was going to be joining them in six months, and decided they’d need something larger than his father’s one bedroom apartment.

It was a good choice, for a lot of reasons. His mom loved it, so obviously all the kudos to his dad for that, but it also gave them the perfect space to raise a weirdo kid like himself. Someone a little civilized, and a little wild.

“I’m heading out, Stiles! I expect to find you here when I get home,” his dad calls out from the front hall.

“You say that like I have places to be!”

“You say that like you don’t find a place to be ninety seconds after I leave.” Stiles snorts. “Just… stay home tonight, please.”

Stiles can hear the shift in tone before the ‘please’ even hits the air. Something’s wrong, and his dad’s not even trying to pretend that everything’s peachy-keen in Beacon Hills, which means something’s really wrong.

Abandoning his Wiki-cyclone of unnecessary research, Stiles launches himself out of his chair and stops at the top of the stairs. His dad is already at the bottom, expression grim.

“What happened?” He asks, nervous.

For a second, he’s sure he won’t get an answer, but the sherif steps aside, and his dad takes over. “A dead body, out in the woods.”

Stiles winces sharply, everything in him screaming at the wrongness of that. Jesus, no wonder his dad actually told him this time, the preserve is like a second home to him—third if you count Scott’s house. But sometimes even the warm, mom-vibes he likes to soak up from Melissa when he visited weren’t enough for him. Sometimes, life demanded solitude, and the forest offered it freely.

“W-where is it?” He chokes out, clutching the banister hard enough for it to creak in protest. His dad looks like he’s ready to launch himself upstairs and wrap Stiles up in a hug, but he knows better. Stiles is prickly, now. Broken. Hugs aren’t always welcome anymore.

“I guess it’s near the back quarter?” He dad replies, sounding unsure. “Parrish said it’s kinda wet and swampy over there.”

“Oh, the marshes.”

“The–aren’t those brackish water? It’s a swamp, right?”

Stiles lets out a soft huff of amusement, “no, no. If it’s waterlogged pretty much all the time—which it is, thanks to the 'SANDY BROOK’ that runs through that area—it counts as a marsh. It floods a lot in the spring, too, so, yeah.” He shrugs. “Or a swamp. We can call it a swamp.”

“You’re seriously never going to let go of the damn name?” He dad asks, like he has to ask.


“Okay then.”

Stiles starts to fidget twenty seconds later. “Soo… dead body?”

His dad nods. “Yep.”

“Any details?”


“Wha—?!” Stiles gasps, slipping down a step in the most dramatic flailing of limbs he can manage. “You can’t just tell me there’s a dead body by the marsh—swamp and not give me details.”

“I can and I will, because I don’t want your nose sticking into this case.” Stiles opens his mouth to protest, and gets a finger pointed at him. “No. Not this time, son. Not with this one.”

His dad should really know by now that saying something like that will only pique his curiosity more. Like, why not this one, so specifically? And why was his dad willing to tell him about the body to begin with? Sure, Stiles has sort of adopted the preserve as his huge, leafy child, but he hardly ever goes near the swampy areas, anyway. So, there’s really, like, a 23% chance he would have stumbled on the crime scene to begin with. So, why tell him at all?

“I’ve got to go,” his dad begins, something sharp gathering around his eyes like it always does when something really bad happens. Stiles calls it his Barbed Wire. “I’ll be home in the morning, alright?”

“Okay, be careful.”

“Be safe,” his dad calls at the door.

“Always!” Stiles yells back, slumping down into the step with a sigh as the door clicks shut.

He counts to ninety-one and calls Scott.

“Dude, you’re not going to believe this…”


In retrospect, Stiles understands that while he knew about things like cause and effect, action and consequence, and just general bad-decision making, there are some things one simply can’t control. He also understands that if he and Scott hadn’t gone into the woods to look for a dead body, if they been separated and rejoined, and each gotten hurt in magnificently different ways, neither of them would have ever even known about the other half of the world they live in. The slightly more active half, the half that has claws and fangs, and sometimes it bites you, sometimes it leaves you with nine, long scars down your back.
Either way, your marked for life once you delve into the world of the supernatural, and that’s that.

But, in retrospect, he totally gets how that phone call was a pivoting-point in their lives that shouldn’t be overlooked.

For one thing, it saved lives. Scott could very well have suffered a fatal asthma attack at one point if he hadn’t been bitten by Peter, and Erica admitted to him once that she’d been thinking about, you know, ending things. If she didn’t die from complications due to epilepsy first. Not to mention the countless random lives they probably save every day by stopping one jerk-off crazy baddie or another. Probably, like, twelve a day.

Oh, but the other thing it did was introduce them to the jerkiest, grumpiest, fuckeriest asshate werewolf Stiles has yet to meet, and he knows, like, twenty werewolves now. One man reigns supreme.

“I don’t need you on patrol,” Derek grits out, his voice dripping an octave as the Alpha Boss Man starts to rear it’s head again.

“I’ll remind you again—”


“—who,” Stiles continues, “Is the one who started these patrols, and mapped the exact routes needed for maximum coverage?”

Derek glares at him in silence, because he knows Stiles is right.

“Who is it who went out there and stashed over a dozen emergency bags around the parameter?”

“Half of which got stolen,” Supreme Alpha Jerk reminds.

“Whooooo also set up the alert system on our phones, and bought the communal phone for emergencies?” Stiles pauses for effect, but it’s not the effect he wants. Derek’s still glaring, pointedly now. “Yes, okay! I used your money to fund these things, that’s kind of not the point.”

“You had a point?”

Good god, this man was raised by sarcasm.

Running a hand through his hair in frustration, Stiles takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. He isn’t going to murder Derek Hale today. He isn’t going to skin Derek Hale alive today. He isn’t thinking dark thoughts. The Nogitsune is dead, it’s okay, that’s your own brain being creative as usual.

Stiles scowls at himself, and at Derek. “My point is that I’m the one coming up with these ideas—ideas that work, mind you—so I’d appreciate it if you’d stop trying to block me out.”

At some point during his meditation breathing, something shifted in Derek, just enough for the petulant grumpiness to lurch over into disgruntled agreement.

Hah! Let no one tell you that Stiles Stilinski ain’t no wolf-whisperer! Or something.

“Fine, but you’re staying with someone at all times,” Derek snaps, while his arms do this complicate unfolding thing that releases the pecks from his angry-crosses arms death grip. Stiles can’t help but glance down to make sure they’re okay after such harsh treatment. “Stiles…”

He snaps his head up. “Yep?”

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes sir!” He barks out, jumping into what he thinks is the classic formation pose, and saluting. “Stick to someone bigger and stronger than myself at all times! Do not engage with enemy without my pal! Honor the buddy system! Cross the road holding hands! Me and my chum—”

“Enough. Get out.” Derek shoes him away with a hand. “Go patrol, and don’t come back here when you’re done.”

There’s a flicker of hurt, somewhere low in his chest, that catches Stiles off guard. It’s not like Derek hasn’t said something like that before, or, for reference, been much nicer than that. Ever. But that easy dismissal, the fact that he’s already half way up the winding staircase before Stiles has even moved, is jarring. He wants Derek to care, at least a little, that he’s listening to him. Mocking or not, Stiles is doing what the alpha said, that should at least make Derek happy on an instinctual level.

Unless he… unless he isn’t pack?

Which, no, that’s silly. Scott is pack, the whole Brothers thing with Derek and Boyd, but not Issac because who knows what’s going on there. It sure as hell isn’t brotherly, that’s for sure. And so, yeah, maybe Stiles doesn’t exactly feel brotherly whatever towards Issac or Erica or Kira or fucking Peter, he still feels like he’s a part of something. The Something he’s supposed to be a part of.

But, maybe there’s more to it? Some kind of official ceremony they forgot to perform? A blood pact, like he and Scott did back in sixth grade when blood pacts were the cool thing to do with your friend in the back yard. Maybe all he has to do is say, 'I accept!’ And thunder will crash, wind will blow, and ta-daaa! Instant Pack, better than ramen, with half the salt.

Wait. Wait wait. Okay. He’s overthinking this. If he isn’t pack, someone would say. Someone like Derek, because when has Derek missed a chance to step on his moment? Never, that’s when.

Flexing his fingers, Stiles finally lets go of his clenched fists, and gives the loft a quick glance over to make sure one saw, heard, or felt his small freakout.

ok but imagine:

ronan and adam getting together before the school year is over, and one time after p. e. class they’re in the showers with everyone else and they can’t help checking each other out, blushing a little, staring not-as-subtly-as-they-think and exchanging these kinda shy smiles because they’re allowed to look now, and at some point one of the other boys – lbr probably henry cheng or tad carruthers – mockingly tells them to get a room, you two; and ronan’s face is a storm cloud, his fists clenching at his sides with the itch to just punch the asshole, detention or no detention, but he doesn’t want to cause a scene for adam’s sake–

–and then adam’s pulling him in with a hand at the back of his neck and kissing him full on the mouth, right there under the shower spray and in front of a bunch of gaping aglionby boys, before smiling sharply at henry/tad/whoever and saying nah, we’re good here, thanks and ronan is. so in love


Philip Hamilton x Reader

I’m sorry it’s not that long but neither was Philip’s life but I’m a little bit stressed out at the moment.

Enjoy nonetheless, sweethearts <3

He has been chasing your skirt since you met him years ago. Always a witty comment or response on the tip of his tongue, Philip Hamilton seemed to be the spitting image of his father. 

Nonetheless you were not impressed by his persona. His sly words and demeaning arrogance dulled his otherwise humble spirit and you could not help but wonder what it was about you that made him so adamant. 

“Good evening, Miss Y/n!’‘ 

Placing himself opposite, he threw you a charming grin that would have weaker girls swoon. 

’'Good evening, Philip.’' 

’'You sound rather annoyed, Miss Y/n. I was hoping to lighten that glum expression on your face.” You shot him the dirtiest look you could muster and leant back in your chair. 

“And I was hoping to spent a quiet night without any pestering boys.’' 

’'Not with a pretty face like that, you won’t.” Winking at you he raised a hand waving the barmaid over. 

“What are you drinking, sweetheart?’' 

’'Don’t call me sweetheart.“, you retored, „And Sangaree.“ 

You weren’t one to turn down a drink even if it came from Philip Hamilton.

’'A Sangaree for my pretty Lady and a Stone Fence for me please.’' 

Turning back to you he raised an eyebrow. ’'What?’' 

’'Feeling like Colonel Ethan Allen, do we?’' 

He smiled shyly and lowered his head. 

And all of a sudden you realised how nervous he was. His fingers drumming on the table, he kept biting his lip. 

’'Are you alright, Philip? You seem.. off.” His smile faltered and he sighed deeply.

“I’m gonna need liquid courage if I’m to face tomorrow.’' 

’'What happens tomorrow?’' 

He let out a dry chuckle and leant back, clapping on the table. 

’'I eh, I’m facing Mr. George Eacker tomorrow on the dueling ground.’' 

A deafening silence between the two of you followed. 

Strange laughter and the clinking of tankards, hot air and used chair cushions. 

’'There you go! A Sangaree for the Lady and a Stone Fence for the gentleman! Enjoy!’' 

The busty barmaid was not into reading moods and praise God for that. 

’'You what?’' 

Philip avoided your eyes, lifted his glass cheering to you and took a big gulp out of it. Rubbing your eyes you picked up your drink. You needed something strong to endure this conversation. 

’'I always knew you were stupid Philip but this…?’' 

He actually looked quite sullen. 

’'It is not stupid, Y/n. Eacker spoke lowly of my father and I have to defend his honor!’' 

’'I think your father should decide whether he wants to fight for his honor or not. It’s not your place to defend his.’' 

’'Well, Pa already gave me his permission and his gun.’' 

You shook your head solemny.

 Like father, like son. 

’'Hah, funny how things work. I came to you to distract myself and yet I find you worrying for me!’' 

’'Of yourse I worry.’' 

Philips smug smirk fell instantly and his eyes widened at your sad expression. 

’'You truly do? I thought you detest me?”

A small smile graced your features. 

“Philip, frankly speaking you are a pain in the arse. But I do not detest you. You annoy me quite a bit but I can’t speak of hate thinking about you.’' 

Biting your lip you leant forward and took his hand into yours. 

’'For God’s sake, Philip. You do not need to do this.’' 

’'I do, Y/n.” His icy fingers curled around yours gently. “If not, the ones who love me would think less of me. You would think less of me.”, he murmured softly and stroked your hand. Flustered you took a moment to take in his words. 

His implication. 

“I would not.’' 

Finally meeting your eyes, his were filled to the brim with emotions. The most prominent being fear and love. 

Fear of the day ahead, love for…you did not finish that thought. 

’'Nevertheless, I will go.” You chuckled quietly. 

“There is nothing I could do to sway your mind, right?’' 

Philip smiled at your attempt at joking. 

’'I could think of a few things but I do not wish for us to be reduced to simple persuading.” You simled brightly and took a sip of your drink. 

“Although…I wouldn’t mind a kiss, you know.’' 

Philip really was sly as a fox and his sparkling eyes told you he was playing. Which is why he was stunned when you leant forward even more. 

The kiss lasted less than five seconds but the butterflies in your stomach seemed to explode. Your cheeks had to be as rosy as Philip’s when he discretely licked his lips as if to savour your taste. 

’'That was…unexpected. To think I could have had you by simply endangering myself.’' 

’'Please don’t you blockhead.’' 

He shot you a smile and took a big gulp out of his glass. 

’'I never quite understood why you disliked my advances, Y/n.”, he stared on a more serious note. “Were they not sincere enough?’' 

You chuckled. How oddly anticlimactic yet absolutely endearing. 

’'You have a way to charm yourself into a girls underwear not her heart.’' 

”…Yet you kissed me.“ 

’'Yet I kissed you.”, you retored cheekily and sipped on your red drink. 

“I am sorry if I come across as some skirt chaser. My feelings for you are quite real.’' 

You smiled sadly at his words. Truth was, you did find him very attractive. He was smart and humble, a kind soul and just a tiny bit reckless. Or maybe very, very reckless. 

’'Considering tomorrow, I think it is fair to say that I do fancy you a bit myself.’' 

Your cheeks turned even more red and you bit you lip nervously. 

Philip smiled. 

’'Tell you what Y/n. When I come home tomorrow, let us meet here in the evening again. I will kiss you properly. Sweep you off your feet and everything. Maybe even some red roses if you like them.’' 

You laughed. 

’'I prefer anemones.’' 

’'Then I will get them for you.’' 

This time it was him. He leant forward and kissed your lips gently, almost shy with admiration. 

’'I promise you, Y/n.”

You sat at the exact same table the next evening. A glass of blood-red Sangaree in front of you. The hours went by one by one. The doors opened multiple times. But never did they reveal the young man who secretely had stolen your heart. Philip Hamilton. His name stood in bold black ink in the obituary the next day. You cried at the anemones he had requested on his grave.  


Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

And again PS crapped out and froze on me mid set, so it seems there’s another half assed attempt of making some quality. Honestly I’m at the end of my tether, I’m thinking of reverting back to good ol’ CS4 at this point. Sorry. Thank the Force he’s pretty.

Your first kiss with Matty Healy would include:


- Him being really smug after he kisses u 

- “You’re good at that, I think I love you.”


- His arms being completely around your neck because he waNTS YOU CLOSE TO HIM AH


Chapter 12: Episode 14

           “You do?” He asked, sounding shocked.

           “Yeah. I thought about it and… I want it. I want to do it. The offer still stands… doesn’t it?”

           “Of course it does,” he said. “But are you sure? You seemed adamant about not doing it. Why the change of heart?”

           I traced imaginary shapes across the soft definition of his abs. “I need a change. I’m ready for it.”

           “Well, I’m glad then. Whatever makes you happy, I’m glad to do.”

           “You’re too good to me, Roen.”

           He cupped my face in his hands, bringing his lips to mine. “You’re so important to me,” he told me. My cheeks pinked with warmth, but I said nothing. Whether to preserve the moment, or delay it, I don’t know, but I said absolutely nothing at all.

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For nina-eagles:

Adam and Ronan

What they smell like:

Adam: Gasoline and cedar wood.
Ronan: Black Pepper and ever so slightly like birds.

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

Adam: Sleeps on his side facing the wall. Is a light sleeper. Sleeps exactly eight hours.
Ronan: Sleeps on his back. Heavy sleeper. Has an issue with sleep paralysis. Either doesn’t sleep or sleeps for seventeen hours straight.

What music they enjoy:

Adam: Probably whatever’s on the radio at the time with a fair amount of 80′s Ballads and a little country thrown in for good measure.
Ronan: We all know he listens to shitty electronica, but I totally see him listening to alternative music and be really into Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco.

How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

Adam: Twenty-Seven minutes exactly.
Ronan: Literally less than five minutes.

Their favorite thing to collect:

Adam: State licence Plates. He has twenty-three different states right now. (Ronan stole at least three of them.) He even has one from Hawaii that Ronan claimed as a prize after a drag race and gave to him. It said LOVRBOI. AND POSTCARDS.
Ronan: Parking Tickets! No, but I like to think that Ronan collects pens. He has pens everywhere. Stolen pens, fountain pens, cheap pens, expensive pens, colorful pens, black pens, all the pens.

Left or right-handed:

Adam: Right Handed!
Ronan: Left Handed af.

Religion (if any):

Adam: Agnostic, probably.
Ronan: Catholic! (A shitty Catholic, but we’re all shitty.)

Favorite sport:

Adam: Adam is really into tennis.
Ronan: Ronan actually really loves baseball and he has no good reason for it. (It’s America’s pastime, asshole.)

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

Adam: Grabbing postcards from every shop they go into.
Ronan: Eating the city’s specialty food item.

Favorite kind of weather:

Adam: Thunderstorms in the middle of summer.
Ronan: Really into the heat, because he likes water and T-shirts and Adam shirtless.

A weird/obscure fear they have:

Adam: Really not okay with fish in any capacity.
Ronan: Really freaked out by vacuum cleaners for no reason.

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

Adam: A freaking whiz at ski ball.
Ronan: The game with the water guns and the balloons and the one with the bottles and the ball where you win giant stuffed animals.

The Morning After...

Adam’s flinched his face to prevent the morning light going into his tired eyes. The room was humid and and bright. The only source of light was the giant window in his bedroom that had thin white curtains, that were pretty much useless considering so much light was shining in. His body ached and his muscles were tense, yet for a very good reason. His arms were wrapped around a gorgeous blonde who was fast asleep. The gorgeous blonde being Taylor Swift.

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Warden-Commander (DA:I spoilers)

The Warden-Commander never smiles. The recruits admire him and fear him in equal measure. He does not raise his voice or threaten, but there’s a coldness and a shadow in his eyes they know instinctively not to broach. He’s a good man despite it, still a strong fighter after so many years, tall and broad-shouldered. His hair is silvery at the edges, his face scarred, hands calloused. He fights on the front lines and his courage speeds them onward.

He leads them well after Adamant, after the sundering veils are closed, after the Joining can be bookended with a Releasing. Their ranks swell, far more people ready to volunteer when they know service only lasts twenty years before they can be whole again, and he commands them to protect their home.

But they never see him smile.

Rumors fly among recruits as they always do. Some say he was always a grim man, chilled and closed. Others claim he used to laugh more than any of them. Most suspect it has to do with what happened after the Releasing was discovered, how he has no family. But he does not tell them much, even those that serve closely with him.

A few of the older Wardens from the time of the fifth Blight are the only ones who still remember the way he used to laugh with her, how the two of them fought side by side, how they swore to die together. Only a few know how she was lost; having survived the Joining, darkspawn, the Blight, the Archdemon, it was childbirth that proved her downfall. The Releasing had not mattered, in the end.

The last time Warden-Commander Alistair smiled was kissing her farewell.


That night, Ronan dreamt of his tattoo.

He had gotten the spreading, intricate tattoo only months before, a little to irritate Declan, a little to see if it was really as bad as everyone said, and definitely so everyone who glimpsed the hooks of it had fair warning. It was full of things from his head, beaks and claws and flowers and vines stuffed into screaming mouths.
It took him a long time to fall asleep that night, his thoughts crowded with the burning Mitsubishi, Gansey holding the Molotov cocktail, the enigmatic language on the puzzle box, the dark bags beneath Adam’s eyes.
And when he fell asleep, he dreamt of the tattoo. Ordinarily, Ronan only saw bits and pieces of it; he had not seen the full design since he’d gotten it. But tonight he saw the tattoo itself, from behind, as if he was outside of his own body, as if it was apart from his body. It was more complicated than he remembered. The road to the Barns was threaded through it, and Chainsaw peered out from a thicket of thorns. Adam was in the dream, too; he traced the tangled pattern of the ink with his finger. He said, “Scio quid hoc est.” As he traced it farther and farther down on the bare skin of Ronan’s back, Ronan himself disappeared entirely, and the tattoo got smaller and smaller. It was a Celtic knot the size of a wafer, and then Adam, who had become Kavinsky, said, “Scio quid estis vos.” He put the tattoo in his mouth and swallowed it.

Ronan woke with a start, ashamed and euphoric. The euphoria wore off long before the shame did.

It was Friday night. Only Adam and Chase were home. They were chilling, Adam was working out to keep his body fit and chase was staring at him. He loved it when Adam was totally wet because of his sweat. Only think he could think about was Adam fucking him, but Adam was straight and his brother so he would never do that.

“What are you thinking about little bro?”: Adam said

“Nothing I am just a little bored, that’s all.” He knew it wasn’t a good excuse, but Adam would belief it.

Adam knew he was the only one who could entertain Chase now. “I am going to get some other clothes who will cheer you up.”: He said with an smile on his face.

After 5 minutes Adam entered the room again in a clowns suit. He tried his best, but Chase wasn’t entertained at all. Adam tried all his tricks, an cowboy, an mummy and even his fairy suit didn’t entertain Chase. “Look what I found in the closet.”: Adam said. Adam walked into the room again Chase saw what he was wearing. An leather suit with an gag ball in his mouth.

Chase loved it, it was like an dream was coming true. Adam looked so hot and innocent in his suit. Like was ready to fuck Chase.

“Adam could you come please I got something in my eye.”: Chase said.

“Are you all right little bro, let me have a look.”: Adam said while he was looking in chase his eye. “do you see it Adam?”: Chase ask with a little smile “Maybe you need to look better.” Chase’s eyes were turning blue. Adam couldn’t resist looking in them. After 10 seconds of staring in his eyes Adam lost control of his body.

“Really good Adam, you are a little slave  now. I am your master and that means that you do anything for me if I ask you to do it.”: Chase said with a smile on his face. Finally he was controlling his big brother. “Now on your knees like a good dog!”. Adam obeyed immediately. “Now you want my cock, you need it , the only thing you could think about is my cock.” Adam looked Chase in the eyes with his puppy look and said: “Master can I have your cock please I need it, I want to suck you and lick your balls.” Chase opened his pants and there was his 9 inch cock. Adam knew what he needs to do.

After 3 minutes of Adam sucking Chase,  Chase was going to take this to a higher level. “Now slave you are going to suck my ass!”: Chase said while pushing Adam away from his cock.

Adam was a great ass sucker. After 5 minutes Chase was ready to get fucked. “Listen slave,  You can fuck me, but if you go to fast or don’t listen to me you will feel something that really hurts.”

Adam was really horny  and couldn’t wait to fuck Chase. After Adam’s dick was inside Chase he was moving too fast. “ADAM SLOW DOWN!” after Chase said that Adam’s balls felt like someone was squeezing them very hard.

Adam was really afraid, so he was very gentle with Chase. “Really good boy you can cum inside me.” Adam was so horny that within 5 seconds all his cum was release. “Now clean my ass up dirty boy.”

After Adam done Chase had an extra surprise. “Suck me again boy until I cum.”  Chase was so horny that within 1 minute of being sucked by Adam made him cum. Adam swallowed all of his masters ‘milk’.

After that Chase cleaned himself and putt Adam’s mouth gag back in, it was time for Adam to go in his little doggie cage.

“Sleep well my little hypno slave.”

Many people stop believing after facing trials and hard times, this is when they question “If Allah loved me why is he doing this to me?” But most of us face so much struggles because we stand firm to our deen. Because:

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.”

Allah says in a Hadith Qudsi;
“O son of Adam, I do not forget the person who disobeys Me, so how can I forget someone who obeys Me?”

We was so far from Allah, yet to us Allah was always so close. Allah did not forget, yet we did. We were lost in the depths of our own sins, with closed eyes to all the signs put in our way, Allah did not forget. Yet, the we walked everyday in the dark, further away from Allah. Allah did not forget. Allah brought us to the straight path, despite what we did.

Allah did not forget. Every time you bowed your head before your Lord, he did not forget. Every time tears rolled down your face before him, Allah did not forget. Every time your mind shut off, Allah did not forget. Every time you BREATHED, Allah did not forget. Every time YOU forgot, ALLAH did not forget!

Turn to Allah. Before you return to Allah.

May Allah remind us, when we forget. Ameen.

i don’t know about you but i really wanna kiss michael’s neck. i want to leave kisses repeatedly while running my fingers through his hair and gripping on it. i want to feel how his neck’s smooth but has some scruff at some parts. i want him to shiver because his neck’s sensitive and it feels good. i want to find his soft spot and make him feel so good that he can’t help but have little whimpers fall from his mouth. i want to switch sides but not take my lips off him while i do it. cross over onto his adam’s apple, feeling him swallow hotly. after i finally finish what i’m doing and i pull away i want to take in his face with his flushed cheeks and cute dopey smile before returning the favour.

All Work & No Play

Another unfinished fighting Tayvin fic by @ttaybigailaf and me that may or may not have been prophetic. This one is actually finished for the most part, we just never got around to finding a good way to close it up. It doesn’t read as if it’s unfinished though, so let us know what you think.

Taylor leaned over Adam’s shoulder for the third time in the last hour, kissing his cheek and wrapping her arms around him. He brought his left hand up to hold one of hers while he edited the track on his computer with his right hand.

“Are you done yet?” She whispered, kissing him again. Instead of responding, he played the track again, making a face when it reached the point that he’d been trying to fix up.

“Not yet, babe. This fucking track is going to get done if it’s the last thing I do,”

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  • Interviewer: Adam, how do you feel about beating Blake again?
  • Adam: Oh, it feels so goooood... Ohhh, man I'm gonna enjoy this night. [to Jordan] On a completely selfish level, Jordan, I just wanted to let you know. It's really quite beautiful because Jordan gets to win the Voice and I get to tear Blake apart for the next, god, six months! Bragging about my win, his drought of victory... [Jordan makes a wtf face, Adam is oblivious] It's gonna be great. I'm going to think of new and exciting ways to make him feel terrible. It's gonna be really fun, guys. So, thank you. The answer is: psyched.
  • Jordan: You're welcome.
  • Adam: [fist bump]
February 24th

I opened my eyes ever so slowly. The light from outside was nearly blinding. I turned to face Adam, resting my head on his shoulder and threading a leg in between his. I felt him take a deep breath and knew he was waking up.

“Morning,” he mumbled, still half asleep.

“Morning,” I propped my head up on my hand. “It’s February 24th.”

“So it is,” he grinned at me.

“Do you remember…” I ran my hand along his bare abdomen. “February 24th of last year?”

“Mmm,” he rolled on top of me and let his lips hover over mine. “How could I forget?”

I giggled, “It was a pretty good night.”


“I really think you’ll like him,” Ellie assured me.

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