About the new RWBY episode

  • Yeah Weiss same
  • Blake baby please be okay, it’s alright
  • Oh my god more Arkos. Yay. No.
  • Sun looks really good
  • Ruby’s voice oh no please keep my baby safe
  • Nnnnnngggggggghhh Sun used his tail to take his scroll I love it
  • Those Grimm look cool
  • So is Ironwood dead now or
  • Oh shit Blake’s face when she sees Adam, just kill me already
  • “Hello my darling” your ass Adam, stay away from my baby she deserves better
  • !!!!!!!!!! DRAGON GRIMM !!!!!!!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE !!!!!! 
  • I know I already said that, but Sun looks really good. My precious son. Please don’t get hurt. Protect him.
  • Sun is Ruby’s new protective big brother, it’s canon. Plus Yang’s gonna need help keeping that girl safe now

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Noah totally loves Halloween bc he can be his creepy self and everyone just thinks he's really good at scaring people. Which he is but still

omg yes? like noah takes halloween way too seriously (and let’s be honest so does gansey) and he basically turns monmouth into a haunted house and tries to scare everyone and like the only person who manages to keep a straight face through most of it is adam and gansey basically “opts out” by hiding in the kitchen/bathroom which totally doesn’t work because locked doors mean nothing to ghosts. and noah tells everyone that they HAVE to dress up so blue goes all out and makes herself this crazy halloween costume which is basically a bunch of patches of clothing sewed together so she looks like sally from the nightmare before christmas and ronan throws on a sheet and just goes “i’m noah for halloween” (but noah retaliates by jump-scaring adam and kissing him on the cheek and saying “i’m ronan for halloween”)

also yaasss thank you for the hc ily <3

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Congrats on unlocking all the cats(I still have 1 left-where r u Frosty??)! Ofc now I'm imagining Cas sitting next to Dean on the bed while he sleeps bc, even if he doesn't need to, Dean was adamant he wasn't letting him outta his sight after almost losing him again to Lucifer. So he sits next to him every night, quietly reading/watching tv/playing neko atsume & pretending he's also not watching over Dean,dispelling his nightmares. He can't quell his excitement of finally collecting all the cats

& before he can stop himself, he’s shaking Dean awake to share the good news:“Dean… Dean,wake up! I finally have all the cats!” Dean snorts awake&scrunches his face in a way that should not be so adorable on a man w/ drool on his cheek"-Wha.. ?“ Cas tries again “Frosty finally came to visit;I have all the cats now” He smiles,2 convey how happy this makes him. Dean has the horrible mental image of Frosty the Snowman in catform b4 he registers the music coming from Cas’ phone. That damn cat app.
He focuses on Cas through the haze of sleep, fully intent on chewing him out 4 waking him up 4 this, but seeing his face illuminated by his phone screen, all crinkly eyes & soft smiles, & /so close, he reconsiders. Besides, Cas’ smile’s already morphing into a guilty expression & he can’t have that, not after everything. He cuts him off before he can apologise & tugs him so they’re sitting shoulder to shoulder. “Show me” he says, nudging him “I wanna see” Yeah, Cas’ smile is def worth it.

Phew, that got so long how did that happen, sorry!:)) Anyway, Dean falls asleep with his head on Cas’ shoulder and Cas can’t bring himself to feel bad about disturbing Dean’s sleep when he’s practically wrapped around him. He maybe feels /a little bad when he hears Dean mumbling in his sleep “No, Cas… I’m allergic*snuffling noises*”. Just a little, though; the drool on his shoulder balances it out. <3

:’) I’m not… going to cry about a Neko Atsume headcanon but honestly the fandom collectively installing this app on Cas’s phone is probably the worst thing to ever happen to us.

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at the feel of Adam smiling against his mouth, Bruce begins to do the same. their kisses are slow because Bruce doesn't feel the need to rush. they have forever to kiss in a rushed, hurried manner. maybe they can do that when they go back home, or go on a work trip to Austin. Bruce doesn't feel the need to rush through anything when it comes to Adam because he's been there, he's always been there. 'such a good kisser,' Adam mumbles against his lips, causing Bruce to chuckle. 'thanks, babe.'

adam’s already grown quite fond of babe. it’s so natural coming out of bruce’s mouth, and it makes his heart rate pick up just a tad. bruce’s breath on his lips when he pulls away is heavenly and adam wishes sleep wasn’t necessary, for he could continue kissing this man slowly and deeply for the rest of time. he’s granted one peck on the forehead before bruce lets go of his face and scoots back to his side of the bed. ‘hey,’ adam attempts to grab bruce’s attention, as if he had ever lost it. ‘i can’t wait to wake up next to you again.’ bruce likes tipsy, brutally honest adam.

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Sexuality Headcanon: I… have no idea, tbh. The psychic thing could make for some really good times, but he hasn’t really shown attraction to anyone yet that I can think of. Being able to hear everyone’s secrets, he might keep his own closer to his chest.
Gender Headcanon: Too many memories from too many lives to fit easily into any gender. He’s been everything at least once. Rolls with whatever is assigned to the body he wakes up in, has no particular preference one way or the other.
A ship I have with said character: Wisely/Adam (by which I mean the original Earl). Wisely might be the only one who “remembers” his face or what he was like. 
A BROTP I have with said character: Wisely+Road is really interesting so far.
A NOTP I have with said character: Uhhhh Wisely/Kanda is probably not a good idea, but I could still ship it in a really dark scenario.
A random headcanon: Further to the above… the limits of his power aren’t clear in canon yet, but if it’s as broad and powerful as I suspect, he might remember the first war and the Flood as well as everything in between, which makes him ancient in a very real sense. Unless Road is in a similar boat, now that the original Earl’s gone he’s by far the oldest being alive on Earth, and that must be some kind of lonely that no one can relate to. 
General Opinion over said character: Not quite sure what to make of him yet, tbh? His appearances thus far have been more functional than developmental. He’s really likable, and his context is absolutely fascinating, but beyond that I haven’t really formed an opinion yet.

Canon divergence that would allow adam and eva to be good friends and she was his first and he was scared and shaky that she told him to just sit back and let her ride him and he made such small noises and rolled back his head when she first sunk down and after a little bit she cradled his face and asked if she could try something because evas no vanilla bitch and she slicked up her fingers and real tentatively pressed them against his asshole and he got chills and ended up bucking into her so she assumed all clear good to go and pressed into him and he def got louder and a lot clingier so eva decided to get herself off real quick and switch them around a bit so she could sit between his legs and fuck him with her hand properly

This went on for a bit, both eventually meeting john and getting big hearts in their eyes and eva leans into adams ear and tells him that he should propose a threesome which goes on very well and when the three of them pull away from each other in the morning they share languid kisses
Catnip Chapter 46: Not Gonna Be the Best Day Ever, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction

I’m too wrecked by the episode to think of a good description oh MAN ohhhh geeeeeze my heart. 

Hahahah ahhh enjoy the chapter though. I technically still managed to post it “on time” as it isn’t Monday yet haHA! Small victories.


Today, Zafar spoke at the court for what it feels like one hundredth time, and tried to convince the judge and the other law-making and law-enforcing people that the Amrikan Kampani needs to take care of the mess they made two decades ago. He was as eloquent as usual, as angry as usual. I almost tuned him out as I stood there in the courtroom, as I had heard his speech so many, many times before over the last few years. (I think I might have it memorized. I know it by heart). Animal, who had never been to one of these events before, was fascinated (although he tried his best not to show it). I saw his huge eyes rolling about the room, then fixing themselves on the adamant face of Zafar. Good boy, that one. So sincere, so honest, so engaged. But of course, he won’t admit to being sincere, honest, or engaged.

I was casting glances at Animal’s face when Zafar’s voice penetrated my cloud of thoughts. He was saying, “My point, sir, is that thousands in this city have died since that night, for them was no justice. The factory is abandoned full of chemicals which as we speak are poisoning the water of thousands more. Must all perish before these Amrikan defendants appear?” The judge didn’t answer immediately, and the local lawyers merely laughed at Zafar’s agitation. But I could not but nod my head. It was exactly what the Kampani was trying to do! They are going to wait until ALL PERISH, until we all die, until there is no one left to bother him with petitions or demonstrations or demands. They can afford to do this-as  the Kampani will never die and we all will, eventually. I heaved a deep sigh as I listened to the local lawyers continue to harass Zafar. I guess Animal heard the sigh, as he looked up at me and whispered, “Don’t mind those cunts. What a nain rabougri is this from our own city to take the side of the Kampani? I’m going to kick their asses one day.” I told him to shush, but I felt slightly better. Of course, the thought of the old plant poisoning our land and water saddened me beyond imagination, and the thought that these local baboons would side with the Kampani made me want to shake their shoulders until they start crying and apologizing. But both Zafar and Animal, they make life a little less bleak, a little less hopeless.

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♥ - Top Celebrity crush


&;; ooh this is a hard one. I’ll give you my top three.

1) Bill Kaulitz ( my mun FC ) I adore his music and his stupidly pretty face. I’ve been a fan of him since I was 13 so that’s like 7 years now? God damn I am old. 

2) Cillian Murphy. He’s a wonderful actor. The first time I saw him was in Batman Begins and was instantly a fan. I’ve seen several of his other movies and he’s such a good actor. He really puts a lot of energy into his roles its amazing.

3) Adam Driver. Yes I did find Adam via Star Wars but since then I have seen him in several of his films/tv. He is very talented and is a diverse actor, he can do comedy, drama, action which sometimes can be hard for actors to do. Like with Cillian he has a lot of energy and his roles have an impact. 

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give me the k b/c ur gonna kill my heart anyway

“ You’ve made a very bad decision, Pamoon. ”

Adam walks forward slowly, unintimidated by the boy’s magic stars. They’re useless, good for nothing but SHIELDING BLOWS, and he’s used up what little magic he has left. He’s powerless, and yet this insolent boy stands so proudly between the faunus and his prey as if he could truly stop Adam from chasing after that feeble, pathetic human if he so chose.

“ I gave you a family. ” Adam’s voice is quiet, but there lies a storm behind every word. “ I gave you shelter. I gave you everything… but I should’ve known you’re nothing but an ungrateful, foolish child. ” He walks ever closer, reaching up with his free hand to wipe clean the small bleeding gash on his face.

“ You think you’re doing good by turning against me? ” His pace quickens ever so slightly, and then he strikes – quick, like a viper more so than a bull. The boy attempts to move, but Adam is upon him before he has the chance, locking the child’s arm in iron grip so that he cannot flee. “ Didn’t a single word I said ever get through your thick skull? Don’t you understand that I’m only doing what needs to be done? ”

He pauses, violently pulling the boy closer. A look of disgust dawns upon his face, and he can almost sense the incoming resistance. But before Pamoon has the chance to pull away, Adam releases his grip and instead, slams a boot right into the boy’s chest with such force he goes reeling. To the ground he falls face-first, and before he’s even the chance to react, the faunus has him pinned with an arm twisted behind his back.

“ I thought we were brothers, Pamoon. You betrayed me – and the White Fang, too. His words are hardly genuine. Blood drips from the gash on the faunus’s face, and he must say, Adam is impressed that this BOY managed even that. “ Remember, Pamoon, ” the faunus says in sharp hiss, You were the one that forced me to do this. ” Holding the boy’s wrist in one hand, Adam presses the other to Pamoon’s shoulder.

                And then he pulls —-VIOLENTLY,
             jerking the entire arm with such force
               he hears the shoulder itself S N A P
               and  feels  it  break in his very hands.

And all the while, a wicked smile spreads across his face, baring teeth as he rises slowly to his feet, watching the boy scramble as he is finally released. “ This is the price you pay for what you’ve done. ” He says, lifting his chin loftily at the sight before him, “ Now get out of my sight… or I’ll break the other one too, traitor.


A theory about Eve (CBBC)

I don’t think this show even has a fandom on tumblr, but here goes anyway!

So, after the most recent episode of Eve, I have a theory. Its clear that we are meant to think that Cain is Adam, and there have been numerous hints to this effect (talking about his mother, him just having moved here, refusing to eat food, him being out of range of Eve’s heart beat scanner ), plus the fact he is not great at reading social cues, in a similar way to Eve seems to point to him being a robot! But remember last series when we were meant to think that Mary was good and Katherine was the big bad (I guessed the plot twist though!). The writers proved last season that they like plot twists, so I’m not taking all the super obvious hints at face value. 

Theory time: Isaac is Adam.

1) Both Cain and Isaac are second children in the bible. This would mean that either of them could fit with being Adam.

2) Both Cain and Isaac are seen to refuse food. (Isaac has the gang make him an ice-cream sunday and then refuse to eat it, claiming to be diabetic). 

3) “Turns out we have a lot in common, you and me” (Isaac to Eve) - this hint is subtle enough to go over people’s heads, but is still there

4) Mary Douglas is pretty screwed up and is a total control freak. Eve, her daughter has escaped from her. By creating her second robot child with the requirement for him to use a wheel chair she is giving herself more control over him. She can always use the prospect of allowing him to walk as leverage if she wants something from him. The fact he is younger may also be due to Mary’s attempts to create someone more impressionable, thus allowing her to have more influence over him. 

So, if he’s not Adam, who is Cain?

Personally, I think Cain/Isaac (whoever isn’t Adam) will end up being Gwenlan or Price’s kid. Cain has referenced his father quite a bit and the biblical connotations of his name would fit with him betraying the others. The other option is that one (or both!) of them could just be normal kids.

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So Adam is probably my favorite guy on the baseball team…I went over to his apartment with my friends and he was like
Adam: “I was going to ask Paul about you today.. “
Me: oh goodness, what were you going to say?”
Adam: “I saw your girl last night”

but he forgot and then while they played kings (i was the DD) he asked me “do you still like paul or???” and i told him i was over him and like 5-10 mins later RJ asks “what are you and paul?” and i said we were over

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oh ok. His first drinking joke for a while then? :) Just wanna mention, carson looks good too. For a while I think both him and blake were piling on the weight and it went straight to their faces (and chins). Cant get over xtina's hair just bouncing around in the photoshoot. weird much.

I think that photoshoot was a while back, since Adam and Pharrell’s hair is normal. I wish I could say the same for Christina… So it was before Blake stopped making drinking jokes. And yea him and Carson put on some weight in their faces… That’s for sure. But they’ve both shed some pounds.

unpopular opinion : neither me or rhiannon feel any ounce of attraction towards adam driver . i remember being kind of hyped for kylo ren’s reveal tbh while watching the force awakens bc i was just kind of assuming that him being a bad ass villain automatically meant he was gonna be hawt as ef and when his face was shown i wsa like ……….. ????? eh . nah , nope . do not pass go , do not collect 200 dollars . you did not take after your grandfather ky-ky sorry.