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New prompt: after a while discussing this, Andreil decides adopting a little baby girl and Andrew becomes so overprotective that he didn't let anyone hold the baby even the foxes are dying to :) :)

Yes good thank you

  • It takes a long while and a lot of healing for both Andrew and Neil before they can even thing to talk about having a family
  • But they start talking about it, because Neil loves Matt and Dan’s kids and Kevin’s as well, and he thinks he would like to have kids of his own
  • At the start Andrew is adamant about not having kids. Cats are enough.
  • Neil doesn’t understand at first, because Andrew is always so good with kids
  • After visiting Dan in the hospital and seeing the look on Andrew’s face when he looks at all the babies he thinks he understands
  • Andrew is more than scared to have a kid, because Neil is scared as well, how can they be sure that they would do right by them, and not turn out like their parents
  • Andrew still doesn’t think he deserves something like this
  • A child is neither good nor bad, how can they be responsible for something like that
  • But they talk it out, and they think on it and after a while they both agree on trying 
  • So they first become foster parents and after they fall in love with all the kids they get to foster, they decide to adopt a baby girl that comes to them
  • Andrew can’t believe how small and defenseless the baby is
  • Or how happy she makes him
  • He promises to protect her always
  • Even if he doesn’t eell that to anyone but himself
  • It takes months for anyone to be allowed to hold her
  • Neil allows it because he knows Andrew needs this
  • But consider: Overprotective dad Andrew Minyard that has a ‘talk’ with anyone that comes to try and go out with his daughter and pta dad Neil Josten, who roasts the other parents
  • And also Renee, Matt and ANDREW make sure that this girl knows how to kill a man in 20 different ways and make it look like an accident before she graduated elementary

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First sentence. "Your wife is right there"

(from this

James looks over his shoulder from where he’s draped over Adam. He meets Elyse’s eyes while Adam looks nervously between them. 

James raises an eyebrow. Elyse asks, “Why’d you stop kissing him? He’s blushing.”

James makes a noise at the back of his throat, says, “See that?” Turns to Adam. “I think we’re good here.”

Adam chokes on his breath as James’ face presses into his space again, seeking his lips. 

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Top 5 workaholics moments

oh jfc ksdjhgdskjhg 

1. Okay that part where Adam gets dry ice stuck on his face and tries to pour hot coffee on it to get it off and Screams
2. When Adam said ‘Nuphemism’ instead of euphemism 
3. when adam and blake try to cook that whole fuckin cow in their house
4. Everything Karl has ever done in the show
5. Everything Jillian has ever done in the show

//Ask me my “Top 5/Top 10” anything!

we had the first of two Urinetown cast parties tonight and everyone was absolutely smashed and/or high out of their minds except me but I had a good time anyway because people just kept coming up to me on the couch and cuddling bc they were drunk and sleepy

and my friend tried to kiss me I think he kissed my cheek and then he kinda just ran his face on my face and asked later if he flirted with me and said it was because I was gay and cute

so it was an adventure

@taylorswift hey
I heard about Adam, I really hope he’s ok and he’ll be all good asap, I was so worried at the beginning, can’t imagine what you had to go through 😵 I’m by your side always, never forget that ❤️
Nothing special happened today, had a fight with my father as usual…. Then I went at my best friend’s house because I was tired of seeing his face.
Please let us know anything and I really hope everything will be ok soon 💞
Lots of love from Italy for you and Adam ❗️🇮🇹
Alessia 🙅🏼

What Is This Feeling? |Clint & Vis

Vision had been contemplating for weeks what certain things meant. What certain physical feelings meant about emotional ones. Having just been “born” not too long ago, he still wasn’t quite sure what feelings were what. Like when someone would compliment him and his face would feel warm, and his stomach would tighten a little. Or when he’d do something not quite right and he’d get the same feeling, except his stomach would feel sick. 

Really he didn’t know who to ask about it. Wanda, who was adamant on keeping to herself wasn’t much of an option. Nor was Natasha. Tony was…well Tony. So that left him limited. Clint, however, seemed like a good choice. He seemed confident enough to talk about things like that, so Vision really couldn’t find anything wrong with asking. 

Finding his apartment through a brief bit of searching, Vision was off. He went straight through the walls, smiling when he saw the familiar blonde. “Hello Mr. Barton.” He said, eyes going wide when the large dog started barking. “Oh! Yes! I forgot to knock. Give me one moment.” He said before he phased through the wall again, knocking lightly and then coming right back in. “Better?” 

Thinking about my first ex, for some reason.

He is really dissapointing, and also horrifyingly disgusting, and i mean it.

It’s a good thing people can get arrested for cyber bullying.

That’s obvious.

It’s just really weird. I don’t know what his deal was… but its been months, nearly a full year since i dumped him. So he’s not worth suddenly thinking of now. :/.

If i see him next year, which i better fucking not; he shouldn’t dare show his face around me…

Then he better not start some shit i don’t want. :D. Since i can always find ways to show exactly how much of an asshole he is.

IN OTHER NEWS! This adam sandler movie was actually pretty good and i liked ir, sonce hey, i have a soft spot for this silly fucker.

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Just casually shifts up from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck. "Bonjour, mon chér."

 “Bonjour, Adrien.”

She would have turned further, was he not adamant on burying his face against her neck. Not that she minded… it was actually giving her tingles. The princess settled with a sigh of contentment. He was there. Why did even that much feel so good?

      “As-tu bien dormi?”