This is a shot from a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series that I’m working on. The before shot (top) is a single exposure of the whole scene that I used as a reference, the final image is a composite of about 50 photographs.

To create the base for the beam of light I used a flashgun inside the box triggered by another flashgun on-camera. The purpose of using flash was to create a fair amount of spill on the grass and trees to simulate a beam of light so less work was needed in Photoshop later.

Making sure my focus was set on the box I used a modified panorama technique by started in the top left of the frame; shooting photos from left to right in a snaking pattern, overlapping them by about 1/3 until I reached the bottom right corner. Stitching the photos together in Adobe Photoshop gave me an image equivalent of about 100 Megapixels. I did this so I would have a much higher resolution image for finer detail (see bottom 100% crop image) and easier editing, though I did finally resize to 8000x8000px. Using Photoshop’s various tools I created the beam of light from the box; other lighting effects and dust particles were created from scratch but some brushes were used for convenience. I did a final colour edit in Adobe Lightroom to get the kinds of greens and warm yellows I was looking for. (I personally prefer Adobe Lightroom for 99% of my editing needs).


I really wish that I could develop a bigger ego so that I would feel like I deserve praise for the things that I do.

But still, thank you to anyone that has ever said anything nice about my work - because it is work, it takes time and effort to think of ideas and to produce photographs and when people “get it” it really does make you feel good about yourself. So, thank you

I know this is how a lot of us feel quite often, I know I’m not alone in feeling lost, creatively barren and just knowing that any inspiration I’ve had lately has suddenly gone on a trip to Mars never to return. All my plans and ideas seem too large, I don’t know how to tackle them on my own and I definitely don’t have a spaceship.

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