PIEFOLK - Episode 3 - Kevin Allison, Adam Gardiner, Dale Cooper

“It’s gotten to the point with smart phones where I want to get a watch, just so I can check the time without giving the appearance that I’m on my phone. That’s kind of silly. Who gives a fuck? I mean, we’re all social creatures, so I guess we all give a fuck in some way or another.”

Michael Martin is a working comic and writer in the New York City area. He does stand-up, performs with The Made Up Musical, and runs the musical improv wing of The Magnet Theater’s training center. In his free time he also bakes, blogs and sometimes podcasts about awkward dates, gay issues, and whatever he finds strange or irksome. Sometimes that’s funny. Also he has been known to write about himself in the third person, which is totes a cute look and not at all pretentious or annoying.

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