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top 5 adam looks and fave basslines!!

HONCC ok i’ll do basslines first and top 5 looks under the cut since that will make this post SIGNIFICANTLY longer lmao

my favorite basslines (I’m assuming this is to be kept to adam’s basslines lol, and you didn’t say just 5 specifically so get ready) would have to be Lemon bc the bass perfectly compliments the mood of that song. Scarlet bc it makes me cry, that song is just….pure. some kind of spiritual energy in it, it makes you feel some type of way. Some of my favorite bass-centric songs actually come from The Unforgettable Fire record/extras and all that, I think Eno really pushed the bass on that album? or one of the producers, idk. I LOVE Bass Trap and Sixty Seconds In Kingdom Come, which really focus on a bass loop and then the other instruments are based around that. I think it’s a really neat angle on the songwriting process, to have it based around the bass rather than the melody or lyrics. There’s a specific little bass bit that Adam did on Mysterious Ways on the i+e tour that i love but i have no clue how to describe it haha but it’s between the verse and the pre-chorus, it’s just a cute little ditty that he added and i LOVE IT. i also love his bassline during edge’s solo of Bullet The Blue Sky on the Zoo TV tour (specifically the sydney performance, idk if he did it on other performances), it’s this sort of descending bit that’s so fucking badass and it makes me nut every time. Do You Feel Loved has the sexiest fucking bassline ever, i swear to god. The recall of the guitar in his bassline for Vertigo is pretty great, and A Man And A Woman is totally held together by Ad’s bass. Unknown Caller has some of the most pure, beautiful bass work of Adam’s. Lights Of Home is a song where adam really shines, i love following his pattern in that song. And those bits in The Little Things That Give You Away where it’s just him playing are pretty much completely attached to my soul at this point…

um i ranted more than i thought i was going to LOL but LET’S MOVE ONTO MY TOP 5 LOOKS SHALL WE?

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