One of my absolute favorite moments of the Philly show was the end of Red Hill Mining Town. Bono was killing it, and really into the performance (even more so than usual!). He did a little wind up step before the last note of the song, and then was obviously very pleased with how the whole thing went. Adam thought it was good, too! 


I have not written a poem for Adam Clayton’s birthday. :(

Instead, I hope everyone will appreciate the way he never once let this renegade, stage-storming fan out of his sight during a performance of “One” in Paris, in 2015. Bono rescued the guy from security and made him sit down, and Adam was pretty much “one false move and I’ll be your worst nightmare” for the duration of the song. (x

As if we needed more reasons to love and respect him. And we know he’s done this kind of thing before.

Happy birthday to our guardian-angel, silver-fox, authoritative-punk hero, Adam Clayton!