adam wrote the film too you know


I know someone else wrote you something like this but I’m stealing her idea k.

You could read this when you miss me, or when you’re sad and feeling homesick.

All you ever have to do is watch an Adam movie. You know our fav but any would do. Send me some quotes. We’ll go back and forward like we always do. Remember how we were the worst in the cinema, laughing and talking probably too loud. Holding hands. You letting me drink your drink cause I always drunk mine too fast. Finding the smallest joke and just running with it the whole film.

Like that time we saw Twilight. God, come to think of it why the hell did you let me take you to see that? You must love me.

All our sticky photos we used to get. I wish I had given you some before you left. Maybe I’ll send you some. They were always the best. We were never awkward. Nobody really ever understood what we were but we did.

Just besties, right? That was right. It still is, you’ll be one of my best friends my whole life. You are literally my favourite person ever.

But, and you know exactly, there’s a part of me that wonders what if. Just like everyone always asked. What if? What if we had seen each other once more before you left? Did each of us subconsciously avoid it because of the what if? What if 10 years ago you hadn’t of chickened out and we had gone on that date and became more than what we were? I am so grateful that I got to keep you anyways but..

I’ll let you in on a secret,

I think we could have been made for each other. Maybe we were always supposed to end up together, but neither of us had the timing right?

Maybe we still are. When the timing is right, one day, who knows. But the fact that no girl you have been with has ever liked me says a lot. I’m the nicest girl out, but maybe they could see it. Could see the way you look at me.

Whatever happens you’ll always be my best friend, and I will always love you and support you and want to be around you.

I miss you already, see you when I see you bb.