this meta joke about fish john mulaney aka roger doing standup about his bestial fish/man marriage to adam driver while hosting fake snl is exactly what should NOT have been cut for time (x)

It’s that time of the week again, babies

Good times

  • (K-Pop) Twice catapults twelve spots up the list to No. 3 after the release of What is Love?
  • (Music) Beyoncé (No. 2) kept us up until the early morning hours with her Coachella performance, and we’d do it all over again.
  • (Web Stuff) Thomas Sanders (No. 4) is back, friends. Have you checked out his latest Sanders Sides video?
  • (Anime & Manga) So many new kids on the block. Persona 5: The Animation debuts at No. 17, Golden Time at No. 9.
  • (Ships) McHanzo (Overwatch’s Jesse McCree and Hanzo Shimada) jumps seven spots to No. 6 thanks to the Overwatch event, Retribution.

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Bad times

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Psst. We’re shaking things up with our Music and K-Pop lists next week. Get ready.