1. Fake half-Kubacki and half-David Guetta in Manner cup.
2. Polish commentator: Simon Ammann - Harry Potter of ski jumping.
3. Polish commentator: Looking Peter Prevc jumping is like honey.
4. Maciej Kot slaying in first 2 contests of SGP.
5. Fan selfies with Fannemel who always had disgusted face expression and probably didn’t know how to smile.
6. Andreas Wellinger as a succesor of slippers king.
7. No Tande, no slippers - said my friends as she had noticed she forgot her shower slippers.
8. Polish commentator: Adam Małysz is our special guest today. He come here especially for SGP.
Me: No, he just lives in Wisła.
9. Polish commentator: I know many fangirls, many women who come to Wisła only to see Andreas Wellinger.
10. Wellinger’s back and arm muscles, so flawless.
11. Crashes of Kubacki and Forfang.
12. Meeting the same people everyday - just essence of tiny Wisła.
13. Fannemel breaking the hill record in quali.
14. Car race game for supporters during break in the contests.
15. Warm drinks sold from freezer. Really?
16. Listening (Polish music channel) all the time in the hotel.
17. Spending too much money. Please, don’t ask on what.
18. Installing Tinder to have a match with any ski jumper.
19. Local people talking with such beautiful highlander accent.
20. Hauer getting super loud applause after his jump just because supporters played the car race game during his jump.
21. Fresh Market as the best choice for shopping.
22. No place to eat kebab after party.
23. Hot hot hot weather on the hill.
24. Polish supporters so loud and cheering for every single ski jumper.
26. Tomasz Zimoch commenting jumps without a mike when sound system on the hill got broken.
27. Unexpectedly good performance of Ziobro, yay.
28. Constantly being told how beautiful and smart we are. I love Wisła for this!

April is officially Autism Awareness month and in support of Autism Speaks Adam’s will be offering this limited edition ‘light it up blue’ kit. 100% of the proceeds from these kits will go to benefit Autism Speaks, the nations largest Autism science and advocacy organization.

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- Dylan von Kleist, Detail Advisor & Customer Service / Adam’s Polishes


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