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hank for all of the headcanons

oh fuck me

SLEEP HEADCANON: i feel like hank doesn’t sleep often because he gets really into SCIENCE!!! and stuff so a lot of the time he’s on like this coffee-fueled experiment craze but when he does sleep he probably just conks out for like ten hours

DRINKING HEADCANON: i liked eric’s headcanon that when hank is upset or emotional he doesn’t drink because he wants to feel those emotions, he doesn’t want to numb them because ultron is what happened when his personality was merged with an emotionless entity. but i also think that when he DOES drink if he gets super drunk he’s probably a crier

CHILDHOOD: okay lbrh i hated mark waid’s thing with hank’s childhood because it really took away his scientist aspect, which is what he IS, hank is a scientist at his CORE, he’s not some artsy ~free spirit~ pretending to be a scientist ok that was fucking stupid. so i think hank’s been experimenting and building shit and doing science since he was little, and he’s got this crippling insecurity complex because i think both of his parents were pretty hard on him, they pushed him hard because they wanted him to be the best (he was an only child) and so whenever he fucks up he just internalizes it to an extreme degree

GENDERBENT HEADCANON: i think everything would be pretty much the same if hank was a lady except i’d love for maria and jan to also be ladies at the same time (and bill) so it’s just ladies everywhere, hank surrounded by ladies he’s in love with

SEX HEADCANON: well we know hank is kinky as fuck i mean, vagina spelunking???? the fuck is that so.

i can imagine he and janet do some interesting things together 

BEDROOM/HOUSE/LIVING QUARTERS HEADCANON: okay this may be stereotypical genius/guy thing but unless janet (and sometimes bill) is around i feel like hank’s apartment probably looks like a tornado went through because tbh he’s too busy with science to worry about cleaning that much

ANY AU HEADCANON: whispers magical girl headcanon (sort of cielor canon) is that hank becomes a magical girl to impress janet and that’s how the YJ part of him comes to the fore

COOKING HEADCANON: hank can cook, when he feels like it. he just usually doesn’t have time and therefore orders out a lot.

MOOD HEADCANON: hank i think has some anger issues that crop up from time to time, probably directly relating to his fear of failure and insecurity. so mostly he’s level-headed but then sometimes he just gets so upset and angry at himself and he takes it out on others. or that anger manifests as pure depression

ANY OTHER QUESTION: hank doesn’t have schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder you IDIOTS; YJ was purposefully maintained after his brain was further fucked by chemicals in his lab because he thought YJ was what everyone around him wanted. which was, as he found out, untrue, and he eventually got rid of that “alternate personality”

shadowgentleman  asked:

All the comments you and other people have made about A.I. have kinda discouraged me from buying. It seems my main fear about it has come true: Hank being OOC. And just out of curiosity, how would you personally have had Hank act in Slott's Avengers and A.I.

yeah like i get why people would like it, i mean i really really love the concept and monica chang is amazing but then haNK and victor mancha is also extremely ooc too

for slott’s i think hank may have been a little more abrasive than he usually was, if only because he’d been in space held captive by skrulls for like four years or some shit, so i would not have written him as cocky or super into himself or whatever that bullshit was in mighty avengers, but maybe more prone to snapping without meaning to or you know just generally showing some strain from having been held captive for that long and coming back to find out a fake him killed the love of his life? also if we had to have the jocasta/hank thing come up at all i’d probably have explored it more instead of just making it some kind of fucking creepy homage to jim shooter. 

instead i would’ve looked at like, why is jocasta in love with hank right now? because she has jan’s brain? they hinted at that in the early issues. and why is hank in love with jocasta right now? because she has jan’s brain and now jan’s gone and he needs her, but he doesn’t have her, so he goes for what’s closest even though it’s wrong? stuff like that

and in avengers a.i. i definitely wouldn’t have him writing fucking “HANK_PYM_IS_THE_GREATEST” in the code he built while the world was fucking ending like no what the everloving fuck

he wouldn’t be a knock-off tony stark, basically. i’d take waid’s thing that he’d realized he mattered to the marvel universe, that without him things would be horrible, and he would use that, you know? he would use that to try and bring the AI together to do some good

and i like that humphries wants hank to be dealing with his mental illness on a daily basis, but seeing as humphries has yet to state what that illness actually is, and seems like he’s going to make it something like “crazy mad scientist lol" 

if i was writing i’d try to take that and deal with hank’s depression and anxiety and insecurity complex and constant crushing fucking guilt