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omg yaaaassss I LOVE THIS!!! JYP artists need to collab with each other more and make amazing music. pls.

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for the minific ask thing, could you do ransom and holster and v? <3

V: An abandoned or empty place

thank u for the prompt sweet anon! <3 ima try not to cry writing this :”)

Justin is standing in the middle of the room, looking around and amazed at how large it feels. Without any furniture in it, the attic feels cavernous.

Their stuff has all been packed away in a U-Haul, and seeing it stuffed to the brim in the back of that truck felt surreal too. You’d almost never know the bunk that’s in pieces in that trailer used to take up almost the entire far wall, or that the desk which almost crushed Holster’s dad going down the stairs was once the smallest thing in this room.

Rearranging things is such a strange process - it challenges your perceptions and makes you adapt to a new perspective. At this point, Justin isn’t sure how he feels about that part.

Footsteps on the stairs warn him that someone’s coming, and his chest feels tight and warm all at once when Holster crosses the threshold.

“Hey bro, everyone’s ready,” he says, pointing his thumb over his shoulder. “You good to go?”

“Mm, yah,” Justin says, smiling as he glances back around the room. “Just needed another moment.”

He hears Holster move further into the room and feels him come to a stop beside him.

“Yeah,” he says. “I feel you, bro.”

They stand together in silence for a bit, just taking it all in.

This room has seen so much of them, has housed them and warmed them and supported them through some questionable times, some hard times, some fun times. This room, with its too low ceiling and stuffy heat and creaky floorboards - this room was the safest place Justin’s ever been.

“Remember when we first moved in?” Holster asks.

Justin laughs softly. “I remember fighting over the top bunk.”

“Yeah well, the bottom bunk ended up a better spot anyway didn’t it?”

“Easy access for hook ups, man.”


“I’m gonna miss this place,” Justin says, sighing heavily.

Holster sighs too. “Yeah bro. Me too.”

“Holtzy,” Justin says, turning toward him and grabbing his arm. He slides his hand down and takes Holster’s hand in his, squeezing slightly.

Holster’s looking at him with wide eyes. “What is it, Rans?”

“Holtzy, I just wanna say that I - that we - I’m not… Fuck. Look, it’s just… it’s like…” Justin casts his eyes away from Holster’s face, the other man growing more uncomfortable the more Justin trips over his words.

He glances around the room, trying to find the words for what’s balled up in his throat and welling in his eyes.

The single window has been cracked open and there’s a breeze coming through that doesn’t quite cool anything, in that familiar way only a Samwell Summer Breeze can’t. Justin’s surprised to find he’s gonna miss the feeling of that humid air on his face.

“It’s like this room, right?” he says finally, looking back to see Holster still staring at him with wide eyes and mouth slightly open.

“It’s like this room was just some empty place before we got here, right? And then we moved all our shit in and hung stuff on the walls and scraped the floor boards with the furniture and put a hole in the fuckin’ wall, right?”

“Hey, we patched that hole,” Holster says, lips quirking as he starts swinging their clasped hands. “We put putty in that hole, bro.”

“I know, bro, we totally did that. But like, it’s still so obvious bro, it’s not even the same color as the rest of the wall!”

Holster laughs and Justin feels something settle in his chest, the emotion no longer threatening to choke him.

“But my point is that it was our home, yeah? And now we’ve extracted every last piece of what made it ours and we’re leaving it this bare thing again for someone else to come in, right, but we’re still leaving these marks on the floor and these holes in the walls, and our souls in this air -”

“And the ghosts in the dark.”

“Don’t fuckin’ joke, Holtzy.”

Holster laughs and Justin has to try hard not to. He’s trying to make a point, dammit.

“My point, Adam, is that I don’t ever wanna - I’m never gonna - we’re always gonna be home for each other.”

Holster’s smile is gone now, and Justin can see his eyes starting to water and it’s far too late for Justin to pretend his haven’t been doing the same this entire time. He’s glad Holster is taking him seriously again though.

“I just want you to know, man, I don’t ever wanna leave you empty and bare except for the scars I leave in my wake, bro. I’m always gonna be here. It’s always gonna be you and me. Forever.”

“Ransom…” Holster’s voice is as soft as Justin’s ever heard it, and just as he sees a tear start to spill from his eyes he’s pulled into the other man’s body.

Justin wraps his arms around Holster’s waist, and Holster wraps his around Justin’s shoulders and they stand in the middle of the room embracing each other.

“I know, Justin,” Holster says, pressing his cheek into the side of Justin’s head and squeezing him tight. “I know, bro. You and me forever, ok, for always.”

And Justin knows that rearranging their lives is gonna be a lot more difficult than rearranging their belongings has been, but at the moment he’s got a heart full of love and arms full of Holster, so he’s gonna be ok. He’s sure of it.

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