adam young appreciation

You know, people wonder why I spend so much time on Internet and on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. They have no idea that’s it’s basically a whole other world here. 
Especially when it comes to being in the HootOwl fandom. When I’m on Tumblr, on the tag, it kind of feels like I’m isolated from the rest of the world and I can spend time with people that have the same interest as me and people with whom I have a lot of things in common. Sometimes I think this is our famous HootOwl island. HootOwls everywhere, getting along, having fun and listening to some really amazing music. That’s the reason why I love being on Tumblr so much. 
So, thank you, again, for being an owlsome and amazing fandom. We’re the best fandom in the world, possibly the universe
And, thank you, Adam, for bringing all of us together. ^_^


So I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I thought I’d do this now. This, my dears, is a thank you. A thank you to Adam. 

I’m going to say that my Owl City experience started where many of them started, Fireflies. I remember hearing it for the first time and immediately falling in love. The way all the words and melodies flowed and mixed made you fall into a mysterious but beautiful wonderland. I remember listening to it every chance I got, but it never came to mind to listen to what else this guy did. After a while, I started drifting away. I didn’t ever discover the magical man with the enchanting melodies at that time, and I wish I would have. 

I didn’t rediscover Adam until 2 years later when I saw an interview with him about his song in Wreck It Ralph. I remember hearing his voice and thinking… “That’s him. That’s the magical man that made that song… Fireflies.” And that’s when I discovered his name. Two words that would end up capturing my heart. Adam Young. I remember going to YouTube and looking up every song I could. I was so entranced by how he never let his magic die, and I was pulled deeper into a world of unreality, just walking straight into Adam’s world of mystical places, soft lulling lullabies, and happy upbeat songs. That time was so important for me, because it was hard. I had old wounds opening up from my past, and I had been somewhat lost. But hearing this voice, the music, flowing through my head, I was taken out of all of that. 

The first full album I listened to was The Midsummer Station. I had listened to bits and pieces of other ones, but this was the first. I know it got some hate, but I personally liked it. It wasn’t my favorite (that’ll come later) but it definitely was amazing. I enjoyed the upbeat songs and energy in them. And I knew after I heard this album, I was falling in love.

Next up came Maybe I’m Dreaming and Of June. These two albums were just beautiful. They were short, sweet, and absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t stop listening to these, and slowly, I felt some of my wounds binding up. But my favorite I’ve saved for last…

All Things Bright and Beautiful made my heart stop. It was the icing on the mouthwatering cake of music Adam had already made. ATBAB mesmerized me, spoke to me. It bound up so many wounds etched into my heart. I always go to ATBAB whenever I’m in pain, when I’m upset, because it makes me smile. The way Adam words his songs, the soft tunes. If you asked me to pick a favorite from that album, I never could. I could never thank Adam enough for this album.

On August 9th, 2013, I went to my very first Owl City concert. Although I didn’t get to meet the man that healed me so much, I’m hoping I someday will. 

Adam, this is for you. I want you to know how much you mean to me. Whether you see this, or you never do, I want you to know that you saved me from doing some things I could have terribly regretted. Your music never fails to enchant me, and no matter what happens, never stop doing it, because you love it. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I couldn’t have made it to where I am without you. You’re amazing, and I could never abandon you. I love you so much for all you’ve done. Thank you.


Do you guys know just how much I appreciate Adam Young? His music is so wonderful. It’s peaceful, and beautiful, and emotion filled, and he’s so talented. Oh god, I love him and he’s so underappreciated. I’ve been listening to his music for over half my life and I still have trouble comprehending how beautiful his work is, how emotion filled it is. He conveys these amazing visions, and it’s not Even all Owl City. Ever heard Sky Sailing? Amazing! How someone can be so talented, make me feel overwhelming emotions like this, these beautiful, lovely, unreal feelings, is beyomd me. His music just. Makes me so damn happy and sad and amazing. If I ever get to meet him, I hope to thank him for providing me with just this joy. Sorry for the rant, but he’s so underrated, and more people need to listen to his music and experience it.