Reasons you should watch this:

  • Adam hits the high note
  • He seems no longer sick :)
  • High note
  • The video is HD
  • Adam looks very cuddly with that sweater
  • Also, the high note is hit.
  • His voice sounds amazing-er than ever
  • The crew is awesome
  • He hits it (the high note)
  • He is a very cute human being, look at his hair
  • Did I mention Adam hits the high note?

“Hello, I’m Adam.”


“Hi friends,

This week is a mile marker for me and I am both thrilled and honored to share it with you. July 10 is a big day because at long last, years of hard work and dedication have finally come to fruition. I am so pleased to present my new album Mobile Orchestra. 

This body of work represents so many chapters of life for me – from where I began as a kid making music in a basement, the roller coaster career I’ve been blessed to call my own,all the way until this very moment, where I am more happy and excited about life than ever before. As always, I am beyond thankful to you for your loyalty and support over the years. This album would not have been possible without you and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue to do what I love the most.

Today is also a milestone because I am thrilled to announce my tour of the US this coming October. It’s been a minute since I’ve done a proper US tour but I’m ecstatic to get back on the road and see you guys again. There’s something about singing the same songs together with you all in a room that is nothing short of magical and I’m really looking forward to being apart of that this year. Check out the dates and on sale times below. 

See you soon!

Also be sure to check out my Today Show performance on July 14. I’m honored to have been asked to play my new song Unbelievable alongside the one-and-only Hanson. 

That’s all for now. My utmost gratitude to you all. Thank you again for making what I do possible!

Fondly, Adam”