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Iain is such a shit.
  • Interviewer: So are you guys interested in Fitzsimmons getting together?
  • Iain: [Looks mischeviously over at Liz] ...Nah. Not really.
  • Liz: [gapes at Iain in horror] YES YES I AM VERY INTERESTED
  • Iain: [with a shit eating grin] Not really though, I mean...Then there'd be kissing.
  • Iain: [shrugs and tries to stop from grinning] Nah, I don't think so...
  • Iain: [tries to look nonchalant, minus the mischevious glint in his eyes] I don't want to kiss you though, Liz. You don't want to kiss me either, lets be real.
  • Iain: [Looks at the camera like Jim in the office, and grins]
  • *in their hotel room*
  • Molly: *giggling* I had a lovely day. They really thought we were married.
  • Sherlock: *pouring drinks; smiles* We didn't give them any reason to doubt us.
  • Molly: *giggling* When they asked how long we'd been married and we both said nine years. How did you think of that?
  • Sherlock: *offering her drink; shrugs* First number that came to me.
  • Molly: *takes the drink* Haven't we known each other for nine years? *sips her drink*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes; scoffs* Now, Molly, that would be quite sentimental of me *downs his drink*
  • Molly: *shaking her head* I suppose so *pauses* So what's the plan for tomorrow?
  • Sherlock: *replaces his glass; steps closer* A breakfast meeting with the suspect, a stroll on the beach, shopping - I told him you needed new jewellery - then, a meal followed by dancing in the evening *smirks* Sound good?
  • Molly: *smiles* Lovely.
  • Sherlock: *gently brushes her hair out of the way* There is something else that just cannot wait until tomorrow *kisses her* Thank you for agreeing to be my wife, Molly.
  • Molly: *biting back her smile* Now, Sherlock, that's quite sentimental of you.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Yes. The thing is, I don't care *kisses her again*
Dean Winchester-The Cure Part 2

Title: The cure Part 2

Pairings: Dean Winchester x hybrid reader, Adam Milligan x Hybrid reader

Word count:1145

Request:will there be a part two of The Cure

Request:And if you get the chance i would love a part two of The Cure!

Links:The cure

Adam screamed as Lucifer ripped another slash into his broken skin. His blue eyes widened before his head dropped, his dirty blonde locks falling in front of his scarred face. 

Lucifer raised his hand, about to make another strike when a white, blinding flash exploded behind him. Spinning around, Lucifer stared wide eyed, waiting to see what was going on. 

Michael got out from his chair, a brow raised as he stopped watching his brother torture an innocent boy and glanced over towards the mysterious portal. 

‘’Who are you?’’Lucifer smirked, whistling as you stepped out. 

‘’How did you get in here?’’Michael raged as Adam began to lift his head. ‘’That’s not possible’’. Adam now watched with confused eyes. You looked at Lucifer and Michael before glancing towards Adam. 

You walked forward, your courage almost sending them faint. ‘’They call me the Hybrid’’You drawled out with a whisper. As soon as that came out your mouth, Lucifer stepped back, ducking into a corner as if you had burned him. 

Michael clambered backwards, shielding himself as they rushed off. Adam followed their petrified forms before turning back to you. He began to yell, tugging on his chains as he tried to push himself away from you. 

‘’Easy, easy, darling’’You soothed as you cupped his face. It calmed his instantly but he still grew scared. ‘’I promise I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to get you out, Adam’’You smiled. 

‘’You’re lying!’’He yelled as tears soaked his cheeks. You wiped them away with the pad of your thumb before unhooking his chains. He watched you with wide eyes before you grabbed his hand and slowly walked him towards the portal. 


Days had passed since you got Adam out and you went straight into hiding. Adam was weak right now, seconds from breaking. Yes you fixed his physical wounds, but emotionally, you did the best you could but he was still broken. 

The brothers called you and you reassured them you got him out but you wouldn’t bring him to them until he was ready. You stayed with him, helping him eat, helping him when he woke up with nightmares.

At first he refused to believe it was real, until a few days when he finally broke down when realising he was out. You comforted and cradled his form and he grew attached to you. 

Today was a day just like any other. You walked into the room to find Adam curled up on his bed, eyes staring into the empty void. You knelt down, running your slender fingers through his soft locks as you sighed. 

Placing a kiss on his forehead you caressed his cheek. ‘’If I could fix you I would.’’You whispered sadly. You were startled, surprised when he looked back at you. He did look back at you sometimes, but it was never so full of emotion. Always empty or filled to the brim with tears. 

‘’S-stay.. with m-me’’he whispered, voice breaking as he shook. ‘’P-please’’. You crawled next to him, pulling him gently into your arms as if you could break him. You began to run your fingers through his soft, blonde locks, stroking soothing circles on your forearm. 

‘’I’ve got you. You’re okay’’You whispered as you placed a chaste kiss to his head, lingering before you pulled back. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep, eyes drifting shut as you peeled yourself from his frame and stood outside. 

You stood underneath the roof of the small cabin in the abandoned forest, watching the rain pelt heavy against the thick tree’s. A scream pulled you out of your thoughts as you raced inside. 

Adam was twisting and turning, his pale body getting caught in the vines of the sheets as his knuckles turned a sickly white from how hard he grasped the covers. 

‘’No! Stop!’’he screamed, his voice deep and hoarse, nothing like his broken, scared one. 

‘’Adam’’You cried as you grasped his shoulders and gently awoke him. He shot up but you managed to keep him down. His eyes were full of fear as you watched him slowly peace everything together, reality falling back into place before those blue orbs met yours. 

His whole face scrunched up as his lip trembled. You hugged him, not giving him time to break down before you had him in your arms. He cried into your shoulder, his grip bruising but you didn’t care. 

‘’Shh. I’ve got you’’You comforted as you rubbed soothing circles into his back. Once he finally calmed down you went to get up only for him to grasp your wrist. 

‘’Please, stay’’He begged. You crawled next to him, much like earlier except this time he pulled you into his arms, a platonic way of course, a way for him to feel safe. He knew you were unstoppable and the fact that Lucifer and Michael were petrified of you, meant he was going to cling to you. 


After a few months he was still unstable and broken but could slowly begin to get up and talk. You told him about the brothers and he agreed. Without warning you poofed the two of you into the bunker. 

Sam and Dean’s heads shooting up to see who had arrived only to drop when they saw Adam. They shot up, your hand shooting out as you protectively stepped in front of him. 

‘’Adam, why don’t you go lie down’’You soothed as you led him into a random bedroom. Coming back out you were meet with the Winchesters shocked looks.

‘’I can’t believe you got him’’Sam whispered in awe. 


‘’Stop thanking me’’You muttered as you rolled your eyes. ‘’He’s still fragile. Speak quietly and do not make any quick movements. No mentions about the cage, no asking him any memories or showing sympathy. Talk to him like normal’’You instructed as they nodded. 

A few hours had passed and they had spoke to him but they only got short, murmured replies. But they were happy that they got to see their brother. It had came to night and you agreed to take Adam back now. 

‘’I know you saved him, I get why he might be clinging to you because of that. But it’s like there’s something else’’Dean spoke up randomly. 

‘’Lucifer and Michael were scared of me. That comforts Adam, that’s why he never wants me to leave his side because he’s scared they’ll come back and he’s knows if they do I can just get rid of them.’’You explained. 

Finally taking back the youngest Winchester you helped him down in bed before staying with him and running your fingers through his blonde locks. 

‘’Thank you for saving me’’He whispered as he rested his head on your lap. You sat up against the headboard, giving him a smile as he lulled off into a deep, peaceful slumber. 

‘’Thank you for saving me, Adam’’

last words | to overcome something, you have to understand what a
perfect engine it is. [listen]

the weight of us sanders bohlke // give me love ed sheeran // three wishes the pierces // nicotine (panic! at the disco cover) gabby z // my body is a cage (arcade fire cover) peter gabriel // mistake moby // until we bleed kleerup // flaws (acoustic) bastille // nothing like you and i the perishers // better regina spektor // night time the xx // kiss me ed sheeran // such great heights (the postal service cover) iron & wine // last words the real tuesday weld // wicked games (the weekend cover) coeur de pirate

my favorite holsom trope is the one where they’re both bisexual and the pining is 110% mutual because i love myself and want them to be happy together


You have got to be kidding me.  What a miserable thing to say to try and justify this shit.  Off screen moments?!  So what there is a whole other story line going on that we don’t see?!  Come on Adam…

No inconsistencies? Really?!

What about Belle and Robin?  Robin stole the necklace and made himself look different to steal the wand out of Rumple’s castle.  Belle saved him, but he looked different.  They wrote in that Robin took the glamour necklace from the Wicked Witch to cover up the fact that he looked different.  So how did Belle recognize him?  She’s all like, “oh it’s nice to see you again.”  Like HUH?  Robin did tell Neal that Belle helped him ONE time in the past.

Then we KNOW that he stole from the Wicked Witch and to do that he did encounter a flying monkey.  Well in Season 3B he told Snow and Regina he had no idea what a flying monkey was.  Said he has never seen one before, but we know that is a lie!  

Adam, you should know that fans are now going to re-watch Season 3B and Season 4 very very very closely now and going to find things to prove you wrong.


God I love this dirty song!!! 

Maroon 5 Locked up (Pleasure Fucker)