adam x kristina

ADAM: I should’ve seen it. I should’ve caught it. You were always concerned. I was always telling you it was okay.
KRISTINA: You know what, I think this is good because if we can blame everything on you, it’s gonna make everything better.
ADAM: You think so?
ADAM: Kristina, I just… I don’t… I can deal with anything. I-I can deal with disease, with illness, with a broken bone. Give me something I can fix. But I just…I don’t know how to deal with this. This is for life.
KRISTINA: No, Adam. Just stop it. I mean, come on. You only heard the bad part. You didn’t hear everything else that the doctor said. Max is…he’s smart, and he’s beautiful, and there’s so much potential. And hope.
ADAM: So what now?
KRISTINA: We start to work.

Parenthood, Man vs Possum, Season 1 Episode 2