adam x jon

Important Announcement

I’m happy to announce that my requests are open again! Although, there’s a catch.

You can now send requests for any fandom. 

Any. Fandom.

I’ve written for only a couple of fandoms before I made this blog (Both of them being for the freaking Hunger Games and Divergent when I was 13. It was a dark time), and once I started Vibranium-ass, I felt a pressure to ONLY write Marvel. Sometimes I don’t even feel like writing on this blog because I want to try other things but I’m afraid of how you all may react. I built my audience off of Marvel, and I’m not sure if you Marvel lovers will even stick around if I try something new.

Anyways, so I’m taking any and all requests right now. Any fandom (Marvel, Star Wars, Riverdale, Harry Potter, etc), any characters, any genre, basically anything. I’m looking for inspiration and ideas to assist in widening my horizons in this little reader insert community. 

Happy requesting!