adam woodruff


Adam Driver at the Bob Woodruff Foundation Spring Reception 13 April 2016 (yeah I photoshopped Joanne next to him in the first pic…)

I just wanted to put all the pictures together…for me.

anonymous asked:

I'm confused. I am seeing recent pics of Adam at this Bob Woodruff foundation thing in Washington DC but I thought he was shooting episode 8 which is why he skipped the MTV movie awards? & he has some facial hair too so what's the deal here?

Adam was in America a few weeks ago to do some press for his new film Midnight Special, and he had some very minor stubble. I expect those are the photos you’re seeing, and they’re nothing to overthink. He was only there for a few days and then went straight back to London - he’s busy filming:

UPDATE: Ah, it turns out he was in DC for a charity event, along with his wife. In that case he most likely had a few more days off, using them to go back to the States to support a cause he feels strongly about (which he probably considered worth his time more than the MTV Awards, tbh). It looks like he only has stubble, so he probably just hasn’t shaved for a couple of days. He’s definitely still filming, though. There’s no reason to panic over Adam popping up in America now and again - all of the actors get days off, and it makes perfect sense for Adam to use his free time like this (not that it’s any of our business what he’s doing with his off days, anyway).