adam witherspoon


I’m never out of my mind, I don’t get to be crazy Madeline. I’m stable, I’m grounded, good old ‘Steady Eddy’, that’s me
Where’s this coming from?
It’s coming from the fact that you don’t seem to adore me, you’re rarely interested in having sex but specifically today it’s coming from your constant carrying on about Nathan  And his seemingly perfect life, which tells me that you are far from satisfied with your own and I am fucking sick of it

There’s something wounded about her, if you ask me.
—  Big Little Lies

Why bother to lie? That’s what’s bugging me. Why lie?


“Because if there is a custody battle, you know what Perry’s lawyer will be asking, “Did you ever tell anybody, Mrs. Wright? Hm? Really, you told nobody at all? Is that because it never really happened and you’re just making all this up to win custody? In fact, you’ve repeatedly maintained what a wonderful husband and father Perry is, haven’t you, Mrs. Wright? Nobody’s ever witnessed this alleged abuse ever. Isn’t that true, Mrs. Wright? We only have your word. You said he was wonderful. Were you lying then, or are you lying now?” You’re a lawyer. You know how important it is to have a witness. “  -Big Little Lies