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trc minor characters challenge

iv. an underrated moment w/ minor characters ↪ tad carruthers with adam parrish (chapter 9 - blue lily, lily blue)

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Depending on where you began the story, it was a story about Noah Czerny

why haven’t i seen a single post about how it was noah that told gansey to find glendower??? like if it weren’t for him, gansey might have lived but never met the others. which means that yes, ok, they wouldn’t have found glendower, but they wouldn’t have found each other. or the happiness they found together. imagine how ronan would be if gansey hadn’t been there when niall died. adam would still be in the trailer. blue would have no idea about the life she could’ve had.

it all began with noah.

Depending on where you began the story, it was a story about Noah Czerny

baby Marco appreciation post


the ultimate shipper challenge: kisses [1/10]
jonnor’s first on screen kiss, (+ the youngest same sex kiss on US tv)

you kissed me, remember? in the tent? and then at the movie theatre you held my hand. and now all day you’ve been…

Ronan and His Dreamt Ducklings

okay here me out

Ronan wakes up one morning to the sound of Adam’s soft laughter. Sleepily, Ronan’s eyes crack open to find his boyfriend sitting up in bed, sunlight glancing off of his dusty hair and illuminating his smile, with 6 little ducklings waddling all over his lap. Little fluffy yellow ducklings, all peeping and fall around the sheets.

Out of the 6, 5 ducklings follow Ronan exclusively around the Barns (they are named Machete, Tazer, Pistol, Tank, and Dagger). 

The sixth little duckling, who Opal dubbed Adam Jr., is obsessed with Adam. He follows Adam EVERYWHERE, nipping at his homework and biting at his pencil, hitching rides in shirt pockets and sitting in Adam’s shoes, all the cute things. Whenever Ronan is home alone and waiting for Adam to come home, he can always tell when Adam arrives because Adam Jr. will instinctively start sprinting/waddling/stumbling over to the front door to greet Adam with loud, incessant peeps.