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I  love these dorks.

Ze: “Pull back a little bit.”

Chilled: “Pull back?”

Ze: “perfect, perfect, stay like that.”

Chilled: “Pull back? Pull out. Pull out before it’s too late.”

Nanners: “No I gotta get Ze pregnant.” 

Chilled: “But, that’s my job”

(xNEW YEAR, NEW MISTAKES - Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt Funny Gameplay

On-going list of my favorite 60′s/70′s movies (and movies set in the 60′s/70′s)

- Barefoot in the Park (1967) 

- Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

- The Out-Of-Towners (1970)

- Cactus Flower (1969)

- Charade (1963)

- Wait Until Dark (1967)

- How To Steal A Million (1966)

- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

- American Hustle (2013)

- Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015)

- Almost Famous (2000)

- The Love Witch (2016)

- The Doors (1991)

- Love & Mercy (2015)

- Taking Woodstock (2009)

- Woodstock (1970)

- The Runaways (2010)

Why Don’t You Like Me? I Could Be Anything You Like: A Sanuso Playlist


Loved By You / POWERS // Grace Kelly / MIKA // I’ll Wait for You / Iris // Make Me Like You / Gwen Stefani // Heart Is a Weapon / Walk Off the Earth // Touches You / MIKA // I Wanna Be Your Man / Willy Moon // Rock Bottom (feat. DNCE) / Hailee Steinfeld // Withdrawal / Max Frost // The Original High / Adam Lambert // Tant que j’ai le soleil / MIKA // Past Lives / BORNS // Heat of the Night / Coleman Hell

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Cover art colored by @corazson !

How dare Adam Lambert copy Natalia Kills’s husband.

How dare Bruno Mars copy Natalia Kills’s Husband.

How dare Elvis Presley copy Natalia Kills’s husband.

How dare Justin Timberlake copy Natalia Kills’s husband.

How dare James Dean copy Natalia Kills’s husband.

How dare Ryan Gosling copy Natalia Kills’s husband

How dare James Brown copy Natalia Kills’s husband.

How dare Chadwick Boseman as James Brown copy Natalia Kills’s Husband.

How dare Willy Moon steal Natalia Kills’s husband’s look.

Good lord, no originality. It’s disgusting.


My Favourite “On the Roof of the Opera House” Photos:

  1. Charlotte Page & Matthew Cammelle
  2. Patti Cohenour & Steve Barton
  3. Katie Knight Adams & Ramin Karimloo
  4. Lisa Vroman & Michael Shawn Lewis
  5. Gay Willis
  6. Sierra Boggess & Jeremy Hays
  7. Claire Lyon & Anthony Downing
  8. Sierra Boggess & Hadley Fraser
  9. Gina Beck & Simon Bailey
  10. Harriet Jones & Sean Palmer

SON OF A PREACHER MAN // a 4-part mix for amc’s preacher

“Pray for me, preacher.” (Jesse)
well the devil she comes to me, says boy do you wanna go out tonight?
she’s got a 40oz hurricane in her left hand and a .45 in her right

time of the preacher - willie nelson // adam raised a cain - bruce springsteen // the rain - sons of bill // drive - the gaslight anthem //  devil in me - jamie n. commons // holy water - astronautalis // gun street girl - tom waits // with a good criminal heart - the world/inferno friendship society // beat the devil’s tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club // the chain - fleetwood mac

“We are who we are, Jesse Custer.” (Tulip)
tough girl is what i had to be

son of a preacher man - dusty springfield // wait - the kills // how a resurrection really feels - the hold steady // hit me like a man - the pretty reckless // gasoline - the dead weather // freedom at 21 - jack white // only anarchists are pretty - the world/inferno friendship society // daddy lessons - beyonce // me and bobby mcgee - janis joplin // chasing twisters - delta rae

“Jesus, what kind of a preacher are you?” (Cassidy)
a legendary hooligan with a thirst for blood and a taste for booze

i fought the law - dead kennedys // if i should fall from grace with god - the pogues // i’m so bored with the u.s.a. - the clash // blood and whiskey - dropkick murphys // new fang - them crooked vultures // holy roller novocaine - kings of leon // sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones // wolf like me - tv on the radio // die by the drop - the dead weather // whistlin’ past the graveyard - tom waits

“This is why I’ve come home.  To save you.”
the darkness and the light are both alike unto you

they die by dawn - the bullitts // down the road - c2c // sacrilege - yeah yeah yeahs // red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds // seven devils - florence + the machine // death to my hometown - bruce springsteen // keep the car running - arcade fire // rise to the sun - alabama shakes // if you believe your god is dead (try mine) - the swan silvertones // shine a light - the rolling stones

By head-count, there are only three people in this picture.

However, there is a fourth one hidden on the footpath right below Abraham Lincoln and his two sons Tad and Willie.

Adam Whipple took the picture in the summer of 1860, right in front of the Lincoln home.

By this time, Lincoln was already the Republican candidate for the 1860 presidential election and a young boy from the neighborhood observed the photographer setting up his camera.

Thinking that this was his moment to be immortalized with a potential future President, young Isaac Diller ran across the street and begged to be part of the photo shoot.
Lincoln agreed but by the time the two had finished their conversation, Isaac Diller whipped his head around to face the camera – and that is the exact moment that picture was taken…and only his feet made it on film.

Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt, the granddaughter of Frederick Hill Meserve, whom we have to thank for all the Lincoln pictures still in existence today, unearthed those facts.
I will write more about this amazing family in the days to come – but for now, I’ll just leave this little fact here.

Dorothy managed to interview and aged Isaac Diller about how the picture came about – and, afterward, named the photograph
“Isaac’s Great Mistake”
Dianna Agron Lands Lead In Indie 'Hollow In The Land'
By Erik Pedersen

Glee alumna Dianna Argon has landed a lead role in Hollow In The Land, an indie drama from writer-director Scooter Corkle. She will play Alison, a tomboyish lesbian who works a pulp mill. A year after her father was put away for murder, she’s in a troubled state, but her troubles get worse when her brother goes missing. She sets out to find him. Along with her regular-then-recurring role on Fox’s Glee, Agron recently has appeared in the features Tumbledown, Bare and Zipper. She next stars in the indies Headlock and A Conspiracy On Jekyll Island. She is repped by CAA, LBI Entertainment and Hansen Jacobson.

remember when wiwibloggs was like “if eurovision was sex then melfest is the orgasm” when the orgasm for eurovision would be the ACTUAL SHOW because lets be real if eurovision was sex melfest is that foreplay that was fun at first but got repetitive and boring the more times you did it but you keep doing it because everyone raves about it when really you wanna experiment with more interesting things like eesti laul or supernova