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Happy Ending (Prince Adam)

word count: 397

request: So beast after he’s human again x reader (Who replaced bell. So like (Y/N) instead of belle?) And like steamy kissing and fluff?

requested by: @makingpeoplesmile97

a/n: Fluff? Something I will never get right. I also don’t think it helped that I wrote this while listening to music like NWA, Kanye West…etc. It’s short and hopefully sweet. Again, Fluff isn’t exactly my specialty. Angst on the other hand? Yeeep.

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Ship shippy shoop: beauty and adam

  • Who said “I love you” first: Belle does, Adam insists he did but Belle points out that singing about his love for her but not actually saying it directly doesn’t count.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: They both do. Adam thinks Belle is prettier than he is, Belle disagrees.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: It depends who gets to the bathroom first but mostly it’s Belle.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Adam does. It’s his way of getting Belle out of the library - he distracts her with presents.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Belle does. (Wouldn’t you if you were faced with Dan Stevens?)
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Adam does, he tends not to sleep as well as Belle does owing to what he went through.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Adam does. He’s also the one who escalates snowball fights.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Belle does and Adam spends the rest of the day with a bruised knee having just walked into the side of the bath as a result of that ask.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Adam does, Belle tends to be busy working on her experiements and Adam knows she tends not to think about food when her mind’s at work.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Both were, the feelings for each other took them by surprise after all.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Belle begs Plumette to get rid of them as she doesn’t like them at all and Adam is always worried that the sight of them means the enchantment might be coming back despite the fact it’s a beautiful sunny day and everyone is still human.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Adam does. It’s hilarious.

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How old are all your siblings and are you the youngest?

I am indeedy the youngest. The picture I posted, we’re in age. Starting with my oldest brother in the black shirt, our ages are: Jason(not pictured) 36, Anthony 32, Alex 30, (Adam, who is not pictured) 28, Kyla 26, Jordan 24, and then there’s me who is 20 lol.


rtx sydney is coming up soon so i figured i’d get myself more hype by throwing some art together !! but of course my first piece of RT fanart in literal months turns out to be the sex von shaukel boyz, because i cannot control myself,

Okay I LITERALLY DO NOT C A R E what anyone else thinks BUT THE ENGLISH VOICE ACTING IN FFXV IS FUCKING PHENOMENAL. I Am always biased towards japanese voice acting ALWAYS. BUT this game literally changed everything. like RAY CHASE FUCKIN SLEIGHED NOCTIS like everytime noctis yells I FEEL LIKE IM ON THE DISC OF CAUTHESS. And GLADIO LIKE C A S A N O V A BOI CHRIS DID SUCH A CRAZY EGWUWWJWJ JOB. AND PROMPTO MY BABY ROBBIE LIKE ALL PROMPTOS GIRLY sceams are on point. And ignis LOW KEY SASS FREAKING ADAM THANK YOU GOD. Ardyn, is a blessing in the voice acting squad. Darin… *cryin* YOU DID G O O D.

a morning pynch headcanon before i forget: adam’s bi awakening was ronan doing that jock thing and wiping his face sweat with his shirt at tennis practice or smth and adam was walking by on his way home but he looks over and ronan’s all sweaty and ABS and he almost walks into a telephone pole rb if u agree

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

​Sometimes I wonder if our favorite historical figures look at us from the afterlife and say “that’s my person. That’s my person and I will guide them thru the next seventy-five years” and then there’s others that are more “you read my wife and I’s letters one more time and I will end you.”

A thing that needs to stop in the RWBY FNDM

So recently the word “abuse” has been thrown around the rwby fndm. Most recently this post has used it. Now, as someone who has been mentally and emotionally abused by someone, it’s pissing me off that this word is being used so wrongly and people are nodding their heads in agreement to it. The only ship that is abusive is Adam/Blake and subsequently any ship with Adam in it. Bumbleby and Black Sun are not in any way shape or form abusive. Why? Let me tell you what abuse actually is and why we need to stop throwing this word around just to put down another ship.

1.      So let’s start with the elephant in the room. What that person posted, stating Bumbleby is abusive. Because it’s not. Nothing points to abuse or either of them being an abuser. Some people shout and spout “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LASER POINTER?!?!? THAT IS RACIST AND ABUSIVE! YANG SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT!” etc, etc. While I can see where the racist one is coming from, how in god’s name is that abuse? Look, admit it. With friends or family, we all have done shit that accidently brought harm to the ones we love. We all have said things that might have pulled on someone’s heart strings the wrong way. We made have been too rough and brought bodily harm, or did something that we unknowingly had a bad reaction to the other. We all have done that at one point or another because we are all human beings and make mistakes.

Does that make us all abusers? No. It’s doesn’t. Yang using a laser pointer is not abusive because if Blake did find that offensive (because we did not see if she felt that way or not) I’m sure she would have straight up told Yang not to do that and Yang would stop. She is not the person to harm others intentionally. Yang is the ‘mom’ of team RWBY and has shown time and time again caring deeply for her sister and friends and putting them first before herself. That, and since v2, we have not seen Yang do the same thing. Saying that is abuse is a weak claim.

“BUT YANG PUSHED BLAKE!” Others add on.

Yes, but only after Blake wasn’t listening. Yang tried talking to Blake to rest, she tried telling her that she did the same thing as a child, letting something consume her thoughts to the point she not only nearly killed herself but her sister killed as well, and Blake still did not give. She had no choice. It was her last option. We also know Yang’s strength. She has shattered a paladin with one fist, she has carried a large speaker over her shoulder no problem, and she has broken a stone wall while her hand was covered in a sheet of thick ice. Yang could easily have done damage to Blake with a single push yet it was more of a ‘tap’. Also, Yang pushed Blake to drive home the point that she, Blake, was in no condition to fight Roman, let alone the White Fang.

Sometimes you need to get a little rough to get someone to listen. Don’t out right yell and give them bodily harm, no. But sometimes when there is nothing else to do, a slap to the head is needed.

2.      Now I am not only going to talk Bumbleby here because from what I heard, people were calling out Sun as an abuser because of the events of 4.3. Sun is not an abuser. At most, he’s an airhead. He might not realize what he has done is creepy but his heart is in the right place. Yes, looking into a window of a bedroom, a private place, is wrong and creepy and following someone around for at least six months in a cloak and not telling them is the same deal. But he is not being abusive. He is making dumb decisions and Blake did call him out on his shit in 4.3. And by looking at Sun’s face, it looked like he realized he messed up and should not have done that. Sun only wants to help Blake and make sure she is okay, just like Yang. Both care deeply for her and only want to make sure she has the best. You want to know abuse? We have two abusers in the show right now. First up is:

3.      Adam Taurus. He is Blake’s abuser. We have seen him act creepy around Blake, pretty much saying, “If I can’t have you, no one can.” He back handed, bitch slapped Blake so hard she fell to the ground, stunned. He also stabbed her in the abdomen and tried to decapitate her. Adam tried to MURDER Blake. We also saw the fear and horror on Blake’s face when she saw Adam again. She was petrified of him. While we do not know all about their past together, we can gather from what Adam did and Blake’s reaction when seeing him again, it was bad. Adam physically assaulted Blake and who knows what else he has done to her. Adam is an abuser. The actions of what Yang and Sun did don’t come nowhere near what Blake suffered through with Adam.

4.      Now you may ask, “Kae! Who is the other abuser?” Weiss’ father, Jacques. We have not seen him be physically abusive to Weiss (or to his other children) but he has been mentally and emotionally abusive. In the first episode of v3, he cuts Weiss’ money off for not answering his call. He pulled the same thing to Winter (she told Weiss that in 3.4). From what we can gather also, he was far from pleased that Weiss went to Beacon, not Atlas. After Ironwood left, Jacques was putting Weiss down, trying to control her and pretty much gave her no choice when he brought up singing for an event. Jacques does what he can do put Weiss down and manipulate her, ignoring how she feels about things. That is mental and emotional abuse.

Weiss has hate for her father. We can see it in her face in 4.2 and her reaction when Winter is talking about him in 3.4. Again, as someone who is in a similar situation, it points to all signs of abuse and reminds me of what I have to go through.

5.      Now one more point I want to bring up as a side note. What Tai did wasn’t abusive either. It was shocking to hear him said that but Yang took it fine. Unfortunately, it was never established before that Yang and Tai have a relationship like that where they can do things like that. While I may not have reacted great to what Tai said for reasons, he wasn’t really being abusive. And as I stated before, we all do and say things that may harm someone we love when we didn’t mean for that. That does not make us an abuser and neither does it make Tai one.

The fact people are throwing this word around like it can be applied to any ship is asinine. Yang, Sun, and even Tai are not abusers. Adam and Jacques are. Just because you hate a ship doesn’t mean you can use that word to slander it.

Yang nearly lost her life trying to protect Blake form her actual abuser and Sun is risking his to make sure she is okay. Neither have shown any signs of wanting to harm Blake or control her. How people see either one as an abuser baffles me. This needs to stop now.