adam used to be a model

  • HDB/MB Vampires: Well well well, look what the church sent us. A pet goldfish to replace the last one. Haha, this year's model has no boobs and her voice is annoying. Let's make her life hell because we have issues and we don't have an xbox. / Oh look, our target. Let's suck her blood until we become Adam because we have to fulfill an obligation.
  • Yui: Um, I guess I'll try to survive the best I can, given the circumstances...
  • DF/LE Vampires: Oh crap. What did I do to deserve this, I never wanted this much responsibility. Fk now I gotta mood Tree? Hold the fk up, now the Vibora want to start a war? TF I ever do to them?? Wait, who tf is Kino?? I can't control my powers, help, what I do? How do I hit pause??
  • Yui: Ok, let's take a deep breath and -
  • DF/LE Vampires: *freaking out*
  • Yui: ...not panic.
Full list of Adam Lanza’s firearms and ammunition


Taken to Sandy Hook Elementary:

  • Izhmash Saiga 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun (left in car)
  • Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle
  • Glock 20 10mm semiautomatic handgun
  • Sig Sauer P226 9mm semiautomatic handgun

Found in Lanza Home:

  • Savage Mark II bolt-action .22-caliber rifle (used to kill Nancy Lanza)
  • Enfield Albian bolt-action .323-caliber rifle
  • Volcanic .22-caliber starter pistol


Taken to Sandy Hook Elementary:

  • Two 12-gauge shotgun magazines
  • 10 30-round .223 magazines
  • 6 30-round 9mm magazines
  • 6 30-round 10mm magazines

Found in Lanza Home:

  • Clear plastic Ramline magazine for an AR-15
  • Three AGP Arms lnc. 12-gauge shotgun magazines (empty)
  • One Promag 20 round 12-gauge drum magazine
  • One MDArms 20 round 12-gauge drum magazine
  • Two AGP Arms lnc. 12-gauge shotgun magazines, taped together, each with 10 rounds
  • Surefire GunMag magazine with 8 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge 9 pellet buck
  • AGP Arms Inc. Gen 2 12-gauge shotgun magazine
  • Magazine with 10 rounds of .223-caliber bullets


Taken to Sandy Hook Elementary:

  • 20 12-gauge shotgun rounds
  • 301 rounds of .233-caliber ammunition
  • 116 rounds of .9mm ammunition
  • 90 rounds of 10mm ammunition

Found in Lanza Home:

  • Five Winchester 12-gauge shotgun shells, cut open, with buckshot
  • White plastic bag containing 30 Winchester 12-gauge shotgun shells
  • Box with 20 Estate 12-gauge shotgun shells
  • Four boxes of SB buckshot 12-gauge, 40 rounds
  • Box of Lightfield 12-gauge slugs
  • Six “Winchester” 9 pellet buckshot shells (12-gauge)
  • Two Remington 12-gauge slugs
  • Winchester 12-gauge 9 pellet buck
  • 10 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge 9 pellet buck
  • Planters can with numerous .22 and .45 caliber bullets
  • Wooden box with numerous rounds of Winchester .45-caliber bullets
  • Two boxes of PPU .45 caliber auto., 100 rounds
  • Box of “Fiocchi” .45-caliber auto with 48 rounds
  • Box of Magtech .45-caliber ACP with 30 rounds
  • Tan bag containing numerous Blazer .45-caliber bullets
  • Box containing 400 rounds of Winchester Wildcat .22-caliber bullets
  • Two boxes of .22-caliber long rifle Blazer, 100 rounds
  • 80 rounds of CCI .22-caliber long rifle31 .22-caliber rounds
  • Small plastic bag containing numerous .22 caliber bullets
  • Full box of Blazer .22 caliber long rifle, 50 rounds
  • Box of 20 Prvi Partizan .30-30 British rifle cartridges
  • Box of 20 Federal .303 British rifle cartridges
  • Box of PPU .303-caliber British cartridges with 9 rounds
  • Box of 20 rounds of Remington .223-caliber
  • Three Winchester .223-caliber rifle rounds
  • Six boxes of PMC .223-caliber, 20 rounds each
  • Three boxes of Blazer 40-caliber S&W, 150 rounds
  • Two boxes of Winchester 5.56mm, 40 rounds
  • Two boxes of Underwood 10mm auto, 100 rounds
  • Box of Underwood 10mm auto with 34 rounds
  • 130 rounds of Lawman 9mm luger in 3 boxes
  • Box of miscellaneous 9mm rounds, 29 total
  • Two Win 9mm rounds
  • Small box of miscellaneous rounds

The ammunition Lanza used in the shooting was the type designed to inflict the maximum amount of damage, breaking up inside a victim’s body, tearing apart bone and tissue.

At the time he committed suicide, Lanza still had hundreds of rounds of this ammunition left — enough to murder every student and staff member in the school.

Ok so assuming Ransom is premed that means since he started at Samwell he has been taking increasingly difficult anatomy and physiology courses. He’s been using Holster as a living model since they were freshmen. He started by marking the origins and insertions for the muscles and then drawing lines of pull. He’s also drawn the location of all the internal organs of the abdominal and thoracic cavities on him. It’s not uncommon for Holster to be sitting at the haus table shirtless with bones outlined and body parts labeled in different colored magic markers.
Central America braces for return of US military-led foreign policy
Trump’s homeland security chief to lead meeting on region’s economic and security issues, as experts say aid cuts and deportations could fuel instability
By Nina Lakhani

there’s a trend in mainstream articles where the moneyed, well read journalistic classes will lament the death of the centrist liberalism they prefer:

Analysts say such a move would in effect kill Barack Obama’s ambitious – though imperfect – policies to tackle some root causes of forced migration by investing in justice and security reforms, and prevention and development programmes.

“In the worst-case scenario, they will slam brakes on Obama’s more holistic, less military focus, and go back to the 1980s ‘drug war’ model and good old fashioned increases in military aid,” said Adam Isacson, a security expert at the Washington Office for Latin America.

and then, without irony, note the horrific consequences of the supposed enlightened foreign policy pursued by the democrats/labour/liberals/whatever party:

Almost 15,000 people were murdered in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala – known as the northern triangle – in 2016, making it the most dangerous region outside of Syria. Impunity is rife across the region.

yeah, sounds pretty “holistic” and “imperfect”

Guys, My Dudes


My dudes.

You have no idea how satisfying it is

To be the only girl at a table with five dudes

Who are all hitting on the waitress

And you’re the one who gets her number.”

Also on AO3 here

Lena swears that, by the end of the day, there will be one less fuckboy at the world. Most likely because she’s going to murder one of them. Or all of them, she’s not entirely sure yet.

The anger building up her stomach had to begin somewhere, but, even in her rational state, she wouldn’t know when it began. And she’s not feeling very rational at the moment.

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Open the Memory Cage

Well shit looks like I done wrote my first fic. Here it is in all its glory. I wanted to explore 2B and 9S’s relationship after the end and how they might help each other heal from all the trauma they went through both during the game and from before it started.

Tags(ish): Ending [E] spoilers. 10 pages/7309 words. 2B9S. Quite a bit of angst and feels. There’s a suggestive bit in there but nothing overly smutty (sorry to some of you). References the recent stage play/concert [Link to translation]

Summary: After ending [E] 9S wakes up to see 2B has brought him back to the Resistance camp. He’s unable to believe it’s really her until she begins sharing her memories with him to help bring back his own as well as helping him heal from everything he went through.

Partially inspired by some of @nines-s fics. So I guess it’s sort of a fic of a fic?

Story under the readmore. [Link] for mobile users in case you can’t click it.

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Friendly reminder that
• Gansey once bought a Fair Trade coffee drink only so he could tell Blue he bought a Fair Trade coffee drink
• Ronan googled “How to take care of a baby raven” at some point
• Apparently, each boy has a knocking sign for Monmouth Manufacturing
• Malory is obsessed with pigeons
• Gansey compared Blue to a platypus or a mini sandwich once
• Adam keeps a picture of a male model in his glove compartment
 - For “inspiration
 - He then proceeds to compare their new Latin teacher to said model
• Ronan calls Adam by his first name once in each book
• Chainsaw apparently has special names for people
 - Ronan’s (and the only one we know so far) is “Kerah”
• Ronan used to participate in Irish music competitions
• Helen Gansey is a queen
• Gansey sleeps in the living room of his own house
 - Even after they find out Noah is a ghost, he does not move
• Ronan made Adam a mixtape
 - Granted, all that was one it was the Murder Squash song, but still
• Ronan chews on his leather wristbands when he’s thinking
• Adam’s character development is absolutely gorgeous
• Noah likes to pet Blue’s hair
• Blue made trees out of “repurposed canvas”
• Calla does aerial yoga
• Orla painted Blue’s nails in the colour of the Pig because Blue made a comeback that Orla approved of
• Adam’s eyelashes are described as “pretty enough to be a girl’s”
• Gansey’s mother gave Adam a rubber plant as a gift for no reason at all
• Gwenllian puts things she’d need later in her hair
• The Greenmantles have an appallingly ugly dog called Otho
• Gansey-on-fire exists
• Matthew is a ray of sunshine
Aurora Lynch is a sleeping beauty
• Maggie Stiefvater is the Queen of Cool
• Ronan dreamt up some hand lotion for Adam and it worked like miracles
• Ronan and Adam have a grading system for racing shopping carts across parking lots
• Noah always makes sure his friends are save
• Adam frequently runs out of money for food
• Noah had two sisters
• Gansey, Adam, Ronan, and the Grey Man all suffer from untreated PTSD
• Gansey is going to die

Central America braces for return of US military-led foreign policy

Trump’s homeland security chief to lead meeting on region’s economic and security issues, as experts say aid cuts and deportations could fuel instability

Nina Lakhani

Gen John Kelly, the US secretary of homeland security, will this week lead a high-level meeting on economic and security issues in Central America, where violence, corruption and poverty have forced tens of thousands to seek refuge in Mexico and the United States.

The talks will be held in Miami at the base of Southern Command, which oversees US military operations in Latin America and which Kelly led before entering the Trump administration.

The two-day meeting comes less than a month after Trump proposed slashing foreign aid to Mexico and Central America while increasing funds for the Pentagon.

Analysts say such a move would in effect kill Barack Obama’s ambitious – though imperfect – policies to tackle some root causes of forced migration by investing in justice and security reforms, and prevention and development programmes.

“In the worst-case scenario, they will slam brakes on Obama’s more holistic, less military focus, and go back to the 1980s ‘drug war’ model and good old fashioned increases in military aid,” said Adam Isacson, a security expert at the Washington Office for Latin America.

During the cold war, the US directed billions of dollars of military aid to the region in support of dictatorships which confronting leftwing rebel groups in a series of interlocking conflicts which killed tens of thousands and forcibly displaced millions.

“Kelly’s department has taken over the direction of security policy for every country north of Panama,” he added.

Almost 15,000 people were murdered in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala – known as the northern triangle – in 2016, making it the most dangerous region outside of Syria. Impunity is rife across the region.


This is an older video (2013), so it uses some dated language regarding being trans, but it’s a powerful testimony from a trans theologian.

Ordained minister Dr. H. Adam Ackley discusses his history of trying to live as a cis straight woman for over 30 years before finally recognizing that for the sake of his mental health, his relationships, and his faith life he needed to live as the man he had always felt himself to be.

Dr. Ackley describes both the ramifications that coming out had on his job in a university’s department of theology and the beautiful fruit he has been able to bear as a role model and source of hope for other trans people of faith. 

CW: talk of being suicidal and dealing with alcoholism; talk of transphobia from many Christians; brief mention of an abusive relationship; talk of the medical world, illness, and therapists 

A lot of the language is pretty binary, but around 35 minutes in there is some cool talk on moving away from that binary.


Good or bad, here’s some creative “Phantom of the Opera” promo posters and slogans focusing on the Phantom and/or Christine rather than the logo mask.

  1. “15 haunting years” (Broadway 2003)
  2. "Tonight belongs to…” (Broadway and US Tour 2008)
  3. “Romantic legends live forever” (Toronto 1994)
  4. “Danke Hamburg!” (Hamburg 2015)
  5. “Surrender to the music of the night” (West End 2003/04)
  6. “Phantom: Be seduced” (Las Vegas 2006-12)
  7. “Be seduced” (West End 2016)
  8. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 2007)
  9. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 200?)

To my knowledge, poster number 2, 4 and 6 used random models instead of actual leads, while the other feature people who’s played the role.

raven girls gender headcanons:

-noah is dfab non-binary. in life, they didn’t really articulate it well. it was like 2007 and they were a stupid teen, so all they knew at the time was that they were a huge tomboy who was “not like the other girls.” they had short hair and dressed pretty androfynously as was common for emo/skater/pop punk kids. as trans issues and non-binary gender identity got more mainstream and they befriended a bunch of alive trans teens, they started introducing themselves as noah and using  gender neutral language/pronouns.

-ronan is exactly the same but a lady. probably the butchest 17-year-old girl most ppl in virginia ever meet. unfortunately, her presenting more masc coincided with her father’s death and her grief spiral, so a lot of ppl (including declan) think it’s just a phase and not legitimately who she is.

-gansey, and adam are trans girls. gansey’s understanding of gender is still very binary, it’s just like she modeled herself after a different section of the land’s end catalog. she began transitioning pretty young and has been on hormone blockers and then estrogen since she started puberty. her name and legal gender markers have been changed. i think her family would definitely want “””the issue””” “””””dealt with””””” before mrs. gansey campaigned for public office as a republican. (barf) gansey is pretty stealth, and only her closest friends know she’s trans.

-adam only came out in her last years of middle school and began presenting as a girl in ninth grade. she still has to dress pretty masc or androgynous bc her dad gets even madder when she wears skirts and dresses. going to aglionby has been her dream for ages, but both money and gender were big obstacles. seeing that cool rich raven girl at the grocery store really flipped a switch in her mind in terms of going after that dream. she started looking into school regulations and stuff, to see if it was actually possible. gansey’s admission broke that boundary and really paved the way for her to attend too!

-blue is a non-binary trans boy. my hc’s for them stay pretty much the same except they’re on like,,, the other side of the spectrum from my normal gender hc’s. they’re the only dude in a house full of women, so they’re not really surprised when their first real group of friends is almost all girls. it IS surprising that they were raven girls bc their experience with them from work is that they’re stuck-up and frequently ask blue out as a joke.

anonymous asked:

I want Harry date a proper VS model a natural beautiful hardworking model that is no knowing in the entertainment industry but its praise in the fashion industry so yeah I want a hot couple goals that everybody loves😭😭 something like Adam Levine and his wife 😍 but unfortunately all VS are married or taken 😩

I want him to date someone normal. Hot, beautiful and completely normal, you know? With a normal job like a barista or an accountant or someone who works in a library or in a cafe. Maybe even a student in University. Which could honestly be any one of us. Just someone who isn’t in the public eye. Someone who isn’t used to the life that Harry lives. Someone who likes to keep themselves to themselves and doesn’t feel the need to post everything about themselves online. Someone who doesn’t use him for the fame or to get known or to get followers or a fanbase on her. Because, he already loves his privacy and he likes being home and loves being with his loved ones and he likes being hidden and I think she’ll be good for him, very fitting as well, because they’re the same in that department. xx

anonymous asked:

No hate, just curious, why don't you like blue? I have mixed feelings about her myself. dw if you don't want to share.

You were right, I was expecting this and I’m excited because I’ve wanted to write about this for a while. I don’t like Blue for a couple reasons. Now this isn’t to say I don’t see the merit of her as a character, it’s just that I see a lot (a lot) of flaws in the creation of her, as well as how the fandom perceives her that really just rub me the wrong way. 

I’m putting my main problem here at the top (I copy and pasted so there’s a couple lines that might seem out of order, but cmon work with me here) and the rest under a read more, but there is still a lot of writing, which is primarily why it took me so long to write. Anyways.

Now, onto my real problem with her (and honestly, with the fandom). The fandom hails her as some kind of “fiery feminist”. Except she’s not. She is what I would consider, a fake feminist. Other than that one time she gets angry at that guy for catcalling her (which, I admit, is totally justified), she doesn’t really do anything remotely feminist other than accuse people of being sexist. Lots of times, for her own gain.

The time that angers me the most. THE most. Is when she breaks up with Adam. At one point she becomes angry at Adam for not telling her anything about his life. She says that she has to hear everything from Gansey. She says that because of this she could consider herself his friend, let alone girlfriend. This would be fair. Would be. If I believed at all that Blue wanted to be Adam’s girlfriend. This is a point in the book where Blue has already stated that she does not like Adam (her supposed boyfriend) and that she likes Gansey, another man. So…Blue, already admitting to herself that she doesn’t like Adam…is angry at him for not treating her like a girlfriend? Now, maybe this isn’t bad enough for you already, but another factor we should keep in mind, that most readers seem to forget, is that also at this point in the book, Blue has cheated on Adam. Remember that everyone, or did you just forget about it because it was “so sweet!” I don’t care if she said it was platonically, I don’t care if she just wanted to see what it was like. Guess what Blue? Kissing another boy (yes, even Noah) while you’re dating someone else, is called cheating on them! So, you’ve admitted that you don’t like the boy you’re dating and you’ve cheated on him with his friend, but you’re mad at him for not treating you like his girlfriend.

But here’s where it gets worse:

[About how Gansey and Adam went to a political gala]

Adam: ’Gansey knows because he was there.’

Blue: ‘Yeah, and why wasn’t I?’

‘Why would you be?’

‘Because you’d invited me,’

‘But there wasn’t any reason for you to be there.’

‘Right, sure. Because there’s no girls inpolitics! I have no interest. Voting? What? I forgot my apron. I think I ought to be in the kitchen right now, actually. My rolling pin-’

What int he hell? When did anyone say this was because you were a girl? What the fuck Blue? You want to know the reason you weren’t invited? Becuase you have literally never shown ANY interest in politics at all. This entire time. As a matter of fact you’ve rather condemned the whole thing with you’re whole “Gansey is an ass because he has money” bit. You’ve only ever talked about wanting to travel the world and study pygmy toads. Guess what? Ronan wasn;t invited either! You know why? Because he, like you, has never shown and interest in politics. How dare you turn this into a feminist issue because you are feeling left out and alone. Feminism is not a concept you can just pull out whenever you want to justify all your complaints. Stop dragging it through the mud.

Other than being “angry” the only indication we’re given that she’s a feminist is when one of the boys calls her one or when she uses it as a shield to defend her own shitty insecurities. For God’s sake she essentially slut shames her own cousin multiple times! She thinks she is vain and crass, not to mention treating her like she’s less because she likes to flaunt her body and has lots of boyfriends. When on the boat with the boys and Orla, she continually makes comments about Orla’s lack of dress (she’s wearing a bikini on a boat. oh the horror).

“She was still angry about the couch and the pool table and Orla’s bare midriff.”

“’Stop, Blue. I’ll do it,’ Orla ordered. Her pierced belly button was precisely at Gansey’s eye level. The silver ball winked at him. It said, Watch this, boys! ‘You’re wearing clothing. I have a bikini.’

Blue replied ferociously, ‘None of us can forget.’ If not for the sun, her voice would have iced the lake.”

And then she jumps into the water, purely because she’s jealous of the attention Orla is getting and purely because she wants to make Orla look ridiculous. Even Ronan comments on this when it happens. And this is all in one scene! There are countless other times in the book that this happens, and it is utterly unacceptable to see Blue hailed as a feminist icon when, in fact, she is anything but. There is no doubt in my mind that if I were to meet her in real life, I would punch her.

Adam sums up my point in The Raven King quite nicely:

Blue: “It’s amazing, really, how this seems to be about you instead of him.”

Adam: “Funny, because I was about to say the same thing.”

And to the people that I can just see telling me that it’s sexist to hate Blue for being an asshole and not Ronan. The reason I don’t hate Ronan is because he doesn’t lie. He’s not trying to pretend he’s not an bitch. Blue hides her bitchery behind feminism and “fieriness” and honestly, I am so done with it. Feminism is getting dragged through the mud in literature and ultimately it will hurt the feminist movement. Don’t model yourselves after Blue. She’s not an icon and she’s certainly not a role model.

tl;dr Blue is an unrealistic character and a fake feminist who uses feminism as an excuse to act like a bitch to people. Plus, she treats Adam like shit.

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