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I did Heroes and Halfwits. Now it’s time for Twits and Crits!

This one was interesting because there was already official designs for these characters, so this was less about design and more about interpretation. Shattercock and Grimo were interesting because of the swapped gender of the players. I feel like Grimo was more successful as Shattercock really has at best a passing resemblance to Bruce.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this. Maybe I’ll do more DnD art soon. I’m sure some other internet group I watch will start a game. ;-)

reason why i despise kylo ren 101

It’s not just that he killed his father in cold blood.

I am dead sure he grew up with the stories.  He knows this.  He is the son of the Princess of Alderaan, the woman who watched in horror as her world was destroyed by the Death Star.  Who kept on fighting despite the loss of her family and her entire world.  

(Even Darth Vader derided the Death Star, recognizing that it’s still not enough against the Force.  He never gave the order to fire upon Alderaan either.  And he was proved right because it was the will of the Force that the Death Star would be destroyed - for Jeddah and Scarif and Alderaan. Because brave ordinary Rebels who chanted I am one with the Force and the Force is with me died to bring the plans to the Rebellion, because one single Force-strong pilot made that impossible shot to destroy the Empire’s superweapon.

And even Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side of the Force for love’s sake, making his way to hell on a path paved with mostly good intentions.)

Kylo Ren chose to willingly throw his lot in with people who think that planet annihilation and genocide are justifiable acts to bring “order” to a galaxy. 

Kylo Ren, Ben Solo chose to follow an organization who can build weapons to destroy entire star systems now and he can watch and call it “good” and he agrees and condones it.   So yeah, I despise Kylo Ren for all of that.