adam tudhope


“I’ve travelled the world with Keane - I’ve experienced with them: standing on the side of the stage as a huge festival audience sings along to every word and getting a massive grin from Richard; awards shows where we’ve felt completely out of place ‘ti we got plastered and ended up watching Tom entertaining Springsteen, Bono, and Billy Joe Armstrong with his ridiculous stories at an LA aftershow; hard meetings with decisions to be made; tough criticism from journalists and music fans; number one albums (four of them and a mini-album in the UK!); an amazing man, Jesse Quin, joining us from Perfect Symmetry onwards and making our lives more fun at all times; late night hotel bars; early morning flights; crises of all sorts…

At times, I have felt like, as a gang, we’ve been unstoppable. No better feeling. What a trip!”

 Adam Tudhope, Manager 1998-present, The Best of Keane Book

I was going through the Keane discography wikipedia page (as usual) and I found a list of media their songs have been used in. The first one on the list was a short film called Call Register. Interested, I looked it up, and found an awesome short film with Martin Freeman and NEVE MCINTOSH!!! Also KEANE! and NEVE MCINTOSH!!! I think it’s because it was produced by Adam Tudhope, the band manager. But anyway, watch here