adam the pokemon trainer


Adam and Ronan at the Barns sleeping and Adam wakes up early (it’s an habit) so he starts walking around and going through Ronan’s things and he finds an old Game Boy Color and he’s like “!!!” because he always wanted one and kids at school played with that and he never had the chance… so he turns it on and starts playing Pokemon.

Ronan wakes up and he’s like “wtf it’s 7 am wtf are you doing???” Adam gives him the BRIGHTEST smile in the world “My Bulbasaur just evolved!!!” and Ronan dies because hoW ARE YOU SO CUTE??? but what he says is “…seriously, a Bulbasaur? who the fuck pics a Bulbasaur?”

Then he goes to Declan’s old room and looks for his brother’s own Game Boy to play with Adam and have Pokemon fights and they take this very seriously becuase they are nerds.

(Also, when Ronan was little he wanted to be a Pokemon trainer)