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The O.C., 1x18, “The Truth”




Idle chit-chat was the last thing I wanted. Vodka Val was going on about something or other, and I know I really should have been listening, I should have been paying attention and interacting with her but I just couldn’t. Me and Harry were just watching each other across the room, both completely ignoring the groups of people around us and just staring.
If it was my house I would have kicked everyone out a mere five minutes into the New Year. If it was my house I would have faked some kind of emergency. I’d been listing off a few things that would work in my head. Family emergency. Some kind of fire. Possibly faking a very serious illness. Pretending I’d gone into labour. I know that one would have been a bit weird since I definitely wasn’t pregnant, but anything would have been better than the torture of us not being able to do the one thing we were both aching to do.
I wanted to know what his lips felt like somewhere other than my lips, or my hands, or my temple, or my forehead or my cheek. I wanted to know what they’d be like on my neck, and my chest. I wanted to know what they’d be like when they crawled up the inside of my thigh. I wanted to know the exact shape they would contort into when he reached his peak. I wanted to know every single fucking thing and it was killing me that I wasn’t in the process of learning.

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Another super weird one: 1989’s Power Pachyderms, a one-shot by Roger Stern, Adam Blaustein and Jon D'Agostino. It had originally been announced a few years earlier as Adult Thermonuclear Samurai Elephants–Marvel’s own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parody, which considering that TMNT had started out as a parody of Daredevil and X-Men is a bit of a head-scratcher. It’s also, as far as I can tell, the only issue ever drawn by the late Blaustein (later Maddie Blaustein), who worked at Milestone as well as Marvel and also voiced Meowth for the Pokémon cartoons.

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Last Friday, my long time friend and Hot Sauce teammate Adam Pally (Happy Endings, Mindy Project) hosted the Late Late Show and asked me to come along to be his sidekick. Adam had filmed some bits for the show beforehand but we never talked about what was going to happen until it was happening. The guests were Martellus Bennett of the Chicago Bears, Howard Stern’s wife Beth Stern, Eric Andre (Adult Swim) and musical guest Death Cab for Cutie. The entire thing was filmed in front of no one…zero audience members at Charlie Rose’s studio which of course makes no sense for a late night talk show. What came next was part talk show, part chaos, part improv but mostly two friends hanging out not quite realizing any of it was actually going to air on television. The episode has been making its way around the internet and I love how much everyone is connecting to how weird and absurd it was but what I’m most proud of is the send off of the episode. The last ten seconds is probably the only thing that made sense. Enjoy!

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I'm sorry if this has been requested but can I request Daichi, Asahi, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Ushijima, and Kuroo reacting to guys hitting on their s/o?

|| No worries! This is actually the first time I’ve received a request like this. Beware: Mad and grouchy volley bbys on the loose. Don’t flirt with their baes or else bad things will happen! ||

Upon the sight of seeing his partner being flirted with, Daichi found himself rather irritated; of all the times he gets free time with them like this, a bunch of guys just had to hit on them. Not that he blames them though, considering how great of a person they are. He then approached his companion and put an arm around their waist, which resulted to them blushing. “Oh sorry, did you need something from us?” He smiled sheepishly. The aura around him began to grow hostile, causing the group of males to back away a bit. “Anyway, we have to go now.” He spoke once more as he and his significant other took their leave.

While taking a walk down the hallway, Asahi spotted his partner being flirted with. The brunet then decided with a deep breath that he was going to confront this, especially since they seemed to be rather uncomfortable with the situation. Making it to their side, he was about to talk to the other man, only for the guy to run away and leaving him and his significant other in each other’s company. The spiker couldn’t help but blink a few times as his partner embraces him. “You okay?” He asked them. “Mmhm,” They nodded. “Especially with you here with me.” Their words cause him to blush, laughing nervously. “I feel pretty bad though, I didn’t mean to scare the guy at all.” He stated, rubbing the back of his neck.

Clicking his tongue in annoyance at the sight of a guy trying to get their number, Tsukishima approached his significant other. He rested his chin onto their head, wrapping his arms around them. “I prefer that you don’t try making a move on someone who’s taken, especially if they’re mine.” He spoke, eyes leering at the other. Despite the stranger taking leaving, the blond still remained holding his partner. “Kei, he’s gone.” They say with a pout. “Mind stop using me as a headrest?” Such a statement brought him to chuckle before humming in thought. “Mm… I’m good with staying like this longer, actually.” He retorted. What his lover didn’t expect was him holding them closer to him. “Most especially if it’s going to serve as a way to tell guys to back off.”

Of course Oikawa would lay low, pouting as he saw his significant other being approached by another man; he couldn’t blame them for being lovely after all. With a charismatic smile, he made it to their side. His finger lace through theirs as he gave the flirt a small wave. “I think you’re a little late since as you can see, I’m _____-chan’s boyfriend.” Despite his ever so charming grin, his presence felt more hostile than it was friendly in front of the other. Getting the message he left right away. The setter then clung to his partner, pouting a bit. “As if you’re not one to talk of admirers.” They countered, pointing at the girls staring at them in jealously. The feigned pout grows into a grin as he kissed on the forehead. “That may be true, but you’re the one I truly love.”

Now Iwaizumi isn’t one to take flirting with his partner lightly, even if people were quite unaware of his relationship. He let out a sigh of exasperation and irritation. He grabbed his partner, embracing them. Such caused them to squeak a bit, cheeks reddening in embarrassment. “I suggest finding someone else to flirt with.” He stated with a stern tone. As the other left with a scoff, his beloved smiled at him. “Hmm… never figured you were a bit possessive until now.” They teased him. The male was taken aback, rubbing the back of his neck. “I think a better term would be protective.” He told them. “I don’t know, your eyes said otherwise moments ago.” They giggled, taking him by the hand and leading the way back to the classroom, leaving him to ponder as to what they meant.

With keen eyes, Kuroo makes his way to his significant other as he spots them in the mall. The problem of the situation though was seeing them being hit on. Such brought the captain to quite a mood as he wraps his arms around them from behind, startling them a bit before hearing his voice. “You know what tends to get to me? When certain guys don’t know that they’re making a person feel uncomfortable.” He began as his partner looked at him in slight surprise. The other scoffing and leaving, his companion turned to face him and kiss his cheek. “What are you doing here?” They asked. He simply smiled, shrugging. “Just wanted to catch some air and then I saw a certain cutie in distress.” He winked, resulting to his partner rolling their eyes playfully.

“They’re taken.” Ushijima spoke in a straightforward manner. He grabbed his companion to his side. His expression stern and adamant as if telling the man to leave without the use of words. It was then that he left and his partner sighed in relief. “Phew.” They exhale. “Sorry, I’m late.” He apologized to them; he can blame training, but he needed to hone his skills. Luckily they seemed to understand that though. “Better late than never.” They smiled, holding his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. “Now come on, let’s go.” The brunet gave a small smile, nodding. “Let’s just hope no one tries flirting with you again.” They laughed. “Well that’s what you get for dating someone people see as cute.”