adam stern

Adam on Howard Stern

Blake and Gwen

If you would have told me Blake Shelton would be with Gwen Stefani I would have told you you are out of your xxx mind.

It is so wrong, that it’s right.

The person he is with is also someone I happen to be with constantly too.

It’s super crazy. Your sitting in these chairs and thinking they are having sex.  It’s weird. It’s a dynamic shift.

I don’t think you can really think you can control those types of matters of the heart.

I think they found each other at a very interesting time in their lives and I see it as a beautiful thing.

Good for them. 

I think that love is a good wonderful thing.

Alicia, Adam, Blake and Gwen Friendship

We have all become really good friends.

Every once and awhile we will do something off the beaten path. 

Have a meal, hang out at someone’s house.