adam snapback


Aries: Brandon Adams-Foster
Taurus: Monte
Gemini: Stef Adams-Foster
Cancer: Jude Adams-Foster
Leo: Connor Stevens
Virgo: Mariana Adams-Foster
Libra: Wyatt
Scorpio: Callie Jacob
Sagittarius: Lena Adams-Foster
Capricorn: Daphne
Aquarius: Jesus Adams-Foster
Pisces: Snapback

Seven Alternative Reasons for this:

Jude watches Connor try on a new shirt.

AJ asks, “So your um … boyfriend is, ah, cool?”

Connor says, “Guess what?  The boot comes off before prom.”

Jude watches Connor choose to listen to music rather than play another violent video game.

Callie says, “Seems like everyone in schools knows about you on Connor.  You okay with that?”

Connor drops something.

Snapback tells Jude he and Connor look good together.