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obtained // liam dunbar

summary ;  in which a particular person that liam can’t stand says something disrespectful about y/n and liam hears every word.

pairing ; liam dunbar & reader

warnings ; mild violence, swearing, making out

word count ; 2.3k

published ; 7th august, ‘16


stay safe + ily🐚

“What’s happening?” You asked, curiosity lacing your tone as you reached Scott and Stiles by the bus drop-in area; it was a home scrimmage tonight and due to the over-crowded entrance, you assumed that the opposing team had just arrived. What you didn’t understand was why the two juniors looked profoundly shocked like they had just seen Captain America strolling down the hallway. Apparently, it was a complete polar opposite of Cap having a casual tour of BHHS. 

“Liam’s old school is here,” Stiles explained, nodding to something behind you.

“Devenford Prep is the opposing team?” Why didn’t anybody, specifically Liam, think not to tell you? You shook your head of unimportant thoughts and swiftly turned around to see your boyfriend, talking to someone whom you didn’t recognise.

By the looks of their facial expressions and the fact that Liam was quaking in rage; his fists clenched tightly in attempts to try and control himself, you knew that this boy was probably one of the many that Liam used to angrily complain to you about, therefore, you knew that this couldn’t be good at all.

“I’ve got it,” You muttered to Scott and Stiles, not waiting for their reply as you rushed over to Liam.

“-And it’s gonna be all your fault.” You only caught the end of the conversation but you had a feeling you already knew what this was about. You already knew about what happened at Devenford Prep with Liam destroying his coach’s car because you were the first person that Liam told after he’d done it. 

The two of you had been dating for about a year and a half, you’d met at a party and instantly felt some kind of connection and had been together ever since. You both thought that going to different high schools would’ve been difficult for your relationship but after everything that happened at Liam’s old school, his mother and step-father gave him two other school alternatives and he immediately chose Beacon Hills because he wanted to be with you.

 “Liam?” You called out once you had reached the middle of the crowd which had gradually formed; you gently took his clenched first in your hands, ignoring all the stares from everyone surrounding as you subtlety intertwined yours and his fingers together.  “You need to calm down.” You whispered; standing in front of him to block his view but he just looked over your shoulder, not fully snapped out of his seeing-red, enraged state.

“Liam, look at me, babe.” His eyes drifted to your soft [y/e/c] eyes and he took a deep breath, his jaw unclenching and his glare instantaneously softening when he listened intently to your calming voice. You raised your eyebrows at him as if to ask him if he was okay now, Liam nodded slightly at you in confirmation.

But then the guy with the cocky smirk spoke up again, “Is this the famous [Y/N] that Liam used to talk about 24/7?” You turned your head towards the still unnamed guy, your eyebrows drew together in confusion as someone muttered something about you to him. His eyes widened in amusement as he laughed loudly, looking you dead in the eye, “Shit man, you’re right. She does, doesn’t she?” A couple other students from Devenford snickered as their eyes racked up and down your body.

You shifted uncomfortably under their stares as you turned back to face Liam, unsure about what to say but when you noticed how enraged he looked, you immediately wondered what his old classmates had said about you that made him this angry- certainly even angrier than before.

“What the fuck did you just say?!” Liam was practically shaking in rage, he stepped forward, an outraged glare in his eyes and his hand snatched out of yours as he clenched his fist so tight you were sure he would’ve drawn blood. 

You rapidly moved in front of him, blocking his way towards the tall blonde as you put both hands on his chest. “Liam, stop.” You tried to get him to calm down once more but he was too far gone this time and you knew it, the look in his eyes was enough to tell you.

“I said, she does look like a huge slut, doesn’t she? She looks like the type who is down to fuck whenever and wherever. I like that in a girl.” Everyone around him laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world, others kept eyeing you up and down and you even heard a few whistling at you as if you were a dog. 

Your cheeks heated up in embarrassment and your eyes widened at the false accusations, to say you were speechless would’ve been an understatement but your reaction was nothing compared to Liam’s. He moved past you in a flash and before you could try and stop him, he had snatched the tall, arrogant guy by the collar and shoved him with his werewolf force into the side of the bus which was still parked there, most likely leaving a vast dent in it.

Before any serious violence happened, Scott and Stiles instantly ran over, Scott used his true alpha strength to pull Liam off and dragged him past the crowd of people, some of who had their phones out: recording the situation at hand. Stiles finished up his ranting speech about god knows what and then the two of you ran after Scott and an extremely furious and out of control Liam.

When you and Stiles reached the locker room, Scott was already holding his beta under the cold showers but by the looks of it, even he was struggling to keep him under control.

Liam roared, baring his teeth and his eyes glowed a vibrant yellow as the two juniors tried to push him against the wall and under the freezing water. You stood in between both of them, but a fair distance away because if Liam fully succumbed to losing control, you couldn’t heal like Scott could - and Stiles was just stupid. 

He went somewhat quiet for a couple of seconds; his eyes connected with yours and he stopped struggling against the other boy’s arms but as soon as Stiles asked the inevitable question, “Okay, are you calm yet?” Liam remembered what had happened all over again, the anger filling him up and ultimately spilling over the top as he replayed what they had said about you.

A roar escaped his lips, even louder than the one before and you knew that if you didn’t step up and calm him down, someone was going to get curious and walk in here looking for answers as to what was all the noise. 

“Liam,” You started, stepping closer to him and he snarled at you but you didn’t back up or run away, you would never run away. 

“Listen to me, those things he said- they’re not true and you know it.” Taking another step towards him, you gestured for Scott and Stiles to let go of him, they both looked at you incredulously but you were adamant that you knew what to say and how to calm him down.

“He’s not going to hurt me,” You told them and they hesitantly let go, stepping back a couple steps but not too far just in case they had to hold him down again. Growling at you, Liam’s eyes flashed with yellow again but you didn’t care, you put your hands on either side of his face and made him look at you, both of you getting absolutely soaked under the shower, you couldn’t care less, though, you thought with a smile.

“Liam, babe, breathe. Find your anchor, something or someone that makes you feel human and tethers you to your humanity, makes you feel safe, or just makes you feel happy in general, focus on it. If it’s a person, focus on how they speak, what they say, the way their lips move, what makes them happy, what makes them smile. Focus on the small details that you love about them. If it’s not a person-”

“It’s you.” 

You stopped talking abruptly, the realisation of what Liam had confessed making you speechless. You thought it would’ve been an old friend or his mom, or step-dad and you felt ecstatic now that you knew the truth. You quickly noticed that Liam was back to normal now, his hands were now on your waist and his forehead resting against yours; the water still pouring down on the two of you but neither of you cared. You also noticed that Scott and Stiles weren’t in the locker room anymore, they wanted to give you and your boyfriend space to talk about what happened.

“Really?” You asked, surprise lacing your tone and a smile playing on your lips.

“It’s always been you, even when I wasn’t a werewolf. They told me in anger management that when I got too angry and wanted to punch something or hurt someone, to think of something in particular that would calm me down. It was always you.” 

You grinned at him, the same sense of euphoria -that you always felt when with Liam- coursed through you, “I love you.” 

“And I love you,” He smiled before pressing his lips to yours. You’d never get over the feeling you felt when he kissed you or vice versa, it always felt like the first time and even after a year and a half, you still got the same butterflies in your stomach, and the same warm feeling spread over you.

Eventually, you pulled away despite Liam’s childish protests. Laughing, you turned the shower off and glanced at your drenched reflection in the mirror

“I think I’m gonna need to borrow a top,” You giggled and Liam grabbed a spare, clean one from his gym locker and threw it at you; turning around so your back was to your boyfriend, you took off your soaked shirt and replaced it with Liam’s, not caring in the slightest that it reached down to your mid-thigh.

“Just ignore him.” You sang as you continued pulling Liam onto the lacrosse field to get ready for the scrimmage. He kept glaring at Brett -Liam told you his name just a few minutes prior- because the Devenford Prep player kept sneaking a glance over in your direction which angered Liam to no extent.

“How can I ignore him after what he said about you?” His jaw clenched and the glare from earlier was back and in full swing.

“Because you and I both know that was he said wasn’t true,” You replied simply, you knew Liam was more angry about what Brett called you more than you were, and you understand that Liam has trouble keeping his anger down and calm but you just didn’t want to talk about this right now. Not five minutes before the game, you didn’t want him to then take that anger out onto the field with him and hurt someone. 

“Okay, so how can I ignore him when he and everybody else from Devenford Prep keep checking you out?” Liam then asked with a low growl and you wrapped your arms around his neck; having to stand on your tiptoes as you subconsciously played with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“How about we show them that I’m yours and only yours?” You bit your lip and rested your forehead against his, Liam’s eyes darted down to your soft lips and then back up to your eyes.

“I like the sound of that,” He murmured with a small smile as he rested his hands on your hips, not caring about the fact it was basically PDA central over here.

“Is he watching?” You asked, a devilish glint in your eyes as you couldn’t help but smile at the proximity of the two of you.

Liam glanced over your shoulder before turning back to you and breathing out a quiet ‘yes’, you felt his minty breath hit your lips, making them tingle.

“Good,” You whispered, promptly smashing your lips onto his. Liam’s hands ran down your back, over your hips and landed on your ass to which you smiled into the kiss at as you ran your fingers through his hair: lightly tugging and earning a quiet moan from him whilst your lips continued to move in sync.

“Liam! Ass on the field!” Coach shouted and you both pulled away for air, but you kept your arms around Liam’s neck and his on your lower back.

The two of you looked over to Brett and saw him roll his eyes, grab his lacrosse stick and childishly stomp onto the field. It totally worked, you thought as you laughed and looked back to your boyfriend who was already smiling lovingly at you, making your cheeks flush but in a good way definitely.

“Good luck out there.” You grinned and pressed your lips to his again quickly: pulling away just as quick. Liam, however, pulled you back in for another one, almost like he just couldn’t get enough but you pushed him away playfully when Coach shouted his name once more.

You raised an eyebrow over at him and he chuckled, “Okay, I’m going. Don’t miss me too much,” He began to walk away and you shook your head at him, a small grin playing on your now-somewhat swollen lips.

Well, today was eventful, to say the least.


Little Swift part 2


I felt like the world stopped around me. I shouldn’t have been shocked. I was in Nashville at her record label’s office, but Scott told me she wouldn’t be in today as she had important things to do….

But here she was, in front of me, white as a sheet.

“Mommy! This man saved me on the stairs… I almost felled but he catched me and saved me. Like Prince Charming!” The little girl I had just helped up started saying, snapping me out of my daze by wiggling under my hand to get off the desk.

The little girl who apparently belonged to Taylor. Now, you’d think that I’d know if Taylor had a child, after all she is still one of the biggest pop stars around, but this was definitely a surprise. Obviously she had gotten a lot more sneaky about hiding things and staying out of the spotlight over the years.

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Malia Hale Pt 7

Writer’s Note; Omg you guys have no idea how hard it was to finish this, gosh I really hope you like it and once again remember to thank nopestalia for writing over 20 prompts to win the bet.

The startling information of his coherent affairs sent her into a hypersensitive state as a surge of emotions fought for dominance within her mind. She’d wanted to say something to him, unable to form the words as they spent the morning in silence, awaiting his confession before kissing him goodbye at the door.

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Thanksgiving 2019

The door opens and a smiling Adam looks at the blonde women. She smiles softly and pulls him into a warm hug.
“Hello how are you?” he smiles as the fifty year old woman ends the hug and smiles at him.
“I’m good, honey. How are you? Long flight?” she asks as Adam drops his luggage next to the door and gets off his shoes without hands.
“Yeah, long day.” he answers tired, but happy to be here. It might sounds corny, but the Swifts somehow became his second family in America.
Just as Andrea was about to answer him, Austin as well as Scott appear in the hallway and greet him cheerfully.
“There he is. Adam, the great. How are you, son?” he asks him joking and pulls him into a hug. Adam laughs. The relationship to Scott is better than he ever imagined.
“I’m good, thank you. How are you guys?” he asks and greets Austin just as loose as Taylor’s parents.
“Good, you missed dinner. It was amazing. Andrea stuffed us so that we won’t be able to eat that much tomorrow.”
Adam laughs and Andrea just shrugs her shoulders.
“Well, I am here now too. So that won’t be that big of a problem.” he answers. Everybody laughs and Adam yawns.
“Sorry that you guys had to wait for me. I didn’t expect my flight to get here that late.” he says while looking at his phone. It’s almost 1 am in Nashville.
“No problem. We just finished watching some documentary on TV, so you had the perfect timing.” Andrea smiles at him.
“Where’s Tay?” he asks and grabs his bags. He missed her so much in the last days. All he wants to do now is crawl into bed with her.
“She’s upstairs. Went to bed early. Just to warn ya, there’s someone a little moody today.” she shrugs and Adam laughs. He can imagine what Andrea means.
“A little moody is actually underestimated mom but yeah..” Austin adds and Adam laughs out loud.
“Oh god, you guys have no idea what I’m used to by now.” he murmurs and Scott pats his back.
“Welcome to fatherhood, son. Starts already.” he says laughing.
Adam and the rest of the family say their good nights after a few minutes since tomorrow they’ll all fly together to St. Louis to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole Swift family and everybody needs to tank a little energy for that.
Adam goes upstairs. He opens the door to the guest room quietly and smiles immediately as he sees her laying on the left side of the bed sleeping. She kept one of the lights on her nightstand on for him. He slowly places his bags next to the window and tries not to wake her. She looks so cute with her little ponytail and make up free face. He notices quickly that she seems to have had problems with finding the right sleep-position again, because the blanket seems to be everywhere except for covering her body. Just when he was about to get undressed, he feels her moving and opening her eyes slowly. As soon as she sees him, a weak and sleepy smile appears on her face. He sits down next to her and cups her cheek softly.
“Hi beautiful.” he smiles and she does too.
“Hi, you’re here.”
He smiles because it’s cute how sleepy his beautiful girl is.
“How are you two?” he asks and casually places both of his hands on her bump. During the first trimester of the pregnancy, Taylor wasn’t showing at all but now she has really gotten huge since she’s almost eight months pregnant.
“We’re ok.” she mumbles. He smiles while stroking her belly up and down a couple of times. She still seems a little absent and tired. But he knows that she loves it when he strokes her belly. It somehow calms her and the baby a little bit, especially since their little girl started kicking like crazy last week.
Taylor smiles at him again. She’s so happy to see him after almost one week. Adams schedule has been crazy since he’s gonna take a break for a couple of weeks until the baby is born. Unfortunately that meant that he had a lot to do in the last couple of days.
“I missed you so much. Hate being away from you and our little one.” he mumbles.
“I missed you too. It’s horrible since I’m pregnant.” she whispers and Adam comes closer to kiss her. Since she’s hormonal as crazy, she truly suffers when he’s gone for more than a couple of hours. It’s almost as if she’s addicted to him. As if he’s a part of her and she can’t ever be without it.
“How was your meeting today?” she asks. Meanwhile, Adam lifted her black t- shirt up that she was sleeping with. He now massages her naked belly and caresses her tight skin. She closes her eyes in pleasure, enjoys every moment of his affection.
“Was pretty good. I’m supposed to greet you from everyone.” he says and Taylor opens her eyes to smile a little bit.
“Thanks baby.” she answer shortly. Adam notices how tired she is. He pulls her shirt back over her belly and kisses her lips one more time.
“You need sleep, babe. Love you.” He whispers and gets up. Taylor murmurs one last “love you too” and falls back asleep. Adam gets undressed and enters the bathroom. After that, he jumps into bed next to her and cuddles himself under her warm blanket. His hand rests on her waist as he turns off the light. His lips wander to her forehead and he falls asleep slowly.

Taylor wakes up and turns around to face her husband. She opens her eyes but nobody’s laying next to her. She sits up a little disappointed and let’s her swolen feet touch the cold parquet floor in her parents house. She yawns again. If she wouldn’t know that there will surely be a delicious breakfast waiting for her downstairs, there’s no way she would get up today. In just that moment she feels a kick and groans.
“Good morning you too, baby.” she mumbles to her little daughter inside of her and places one hand on her bump. The baby seems to calm immediately. She smiles. It’s crazy and amazing at the same time that she and this little human- being have such a close relationship already.
“Let’s go downstairs to grandma and grandpa and daddy..” she mumbles and gets up while keeping both hands on her bump. She never thought that being heavily pregnant would make everything so unbelievably exhausting. Even going downstairs makes her breath heavily. She slowly trots into the living room. She realizes that she’s only wearing a black shirt as well as her light blue shorts. But since she’s pregnant she doesn’t really care that much about the way she looks in the morning. She’s simply to tired for something like this.
As soon as she enters the living room, she can hear laughs and loud conversations. A second later she sees everyone sitting on the breakfast table. The atmosphere seems wonderful since everyone’s laughing and talking. A grumpy version of Taylor comes closer and everyone turns around, happy to see her.
“Good Morning, my love. How are you?” Adam smiles and pulls out the chair next to him. She yawns and Andrea laughs.
“Good morning honey, how did you sleep?” she asks smiling.
“Alright..” she mumbles, doesn’t really look at anyone and quietly grabs a chocolate croissant from the table.
Scott and Andrea look at Adam and give him the look. Everybody’s grinning over Taylor’s behavior. She’s just the grumpiest morning person since she’s pregnant. Adam places his arm around her. He laughs a little and kisses her cheek. She still has sleep in her eyes and looks a little wrinkled.
“Are you hungry?” he asks cheerful but she simply nods without saying anything.
“You’re such a sunshine Taylor, it’s almost annoying.” Scott says ironically and everybody laughs a little. Except for Taylor.
“Dad, I came here to eat. Not to talk.”
Everyone bursts out laughing. Even Taylor has to grin a little. She notices how grumpy she is these days.
“Oh boy.” Adam laughs and looks at her grinning.
“Oh kids, this is beautiful. It’s just like back then when she was a teenager.” she laughs and gets a death stare from Taylor.
Scott pats Adams shoulder.
“Prepare Adam. This is just a taste of what it’s like to have a little girl.” he says and Andrea disappears in the kitchen laughing.
“It starts so wonderful when they are little and they always wanna hold your hand. And they love you so much and you’re her king. And then, all of a sudden. They’re twelve. And that’s when the twisted reality starts.” Adam looks at Scott and laughs.
“Wow, thanks Scott. You really took all of my fears.” Adam answers ironically, still kept one arm around his wife.
Austin laughs. Taylor simply eats her chocolate croissant and seems busy fulling her plate with bagels and fruits.
“You know Adam, when Taylor was thirteen, she came downstairs one time in the morning and I said ‘good morning Taylor, how are you?’ and she went ‘I hate it when you talk to me like that’.”
Adam as well as Austin start laughing. The Dj looks at Taylor but she just keeps on eating her breakfast while trying to hide a grin.
“Well, you still haven’t learned since then dad.” she answers ready.
Austin looks at her and her almost empty plate. He loves to tease her a little since Taylor started to eat the double portion of everything. Taylor notices his stares and looks at him offended.
“Stop it!” Taylor complains angry. Austin starts laughing.
“I was literally just looking at you.” he defend himself and laughs.
Andrea came back into the living room with some coffee and pours some into everyone’s cup.
“Austin, stop insulting your sister.” she answers strictly. Austin looks at everyone in disbelief.
“I didn’t even say anything?!”
“Yeah because you didn’t have to since you looked at me as if I should stop eating because I already am fat.” she counters offended.
“Oh my god, you are so pathetic.” Austin answers speechless.
“This is just so mean.” she mumbles and stares at her plate. Adam and Austin exchange a smirk and Adam kisses his wife’s head tenderly.
“Babe. Calm down. Nobody thinks you’re fat.” he tries to calm her down a little. Everyone here knows that her hormones have been crazier than before in the last couple of days. She’s on the verge of crying, so even Austin knows that it’s best to just let it be right now.
“Well, I am.” she answers depressed.
“Oh Taylor.” Even Scott tries to soothe her.
“Honey, you are pregnant. Embrace it.” Andrea says and looks at her worried. She knows how much her daughter suffers since her boobs have gotten bigger and she gained weight here and there.
Taylor shrugs her shoulders and placed her cutlery in front of her. She definitely lost her appetite by now.
“Teffy, I never looked at you because you’re ‘fat’, I was just impressed how much.. well, how…”
“Austin!” Scott stops his son from making everything worse. Adam looks at Austin and tries not to start laughing now since his wife is almost crying.
Adam rests his arm over her shoulder and kisses her temple softly.
“Baby, you are more beautiful than ever and I want you to finish that bagel, ok?” he says softly and grabs the peanut butter bagel in front of her to hold it close to her mouth. She quietly takes a bite and grins a little. Adam laughs and kisses her forehead. “That’s my girl.”
Andrea looks at the two and smiles. She’s so glad that Taylor has someone that supports her as unconditional as Adam does.
“So when’s the flight?” he asks and looks at Andrea.
“We have to leave in like two hours.” she says and everyone becomes a little quiet. Adam looks at Taylor who’s the only one that’s still eating and smiles a little. It seems like she can’t stop eating and now even dips the fruit into the peanut butter.
“Make sure you still have space for the turkey later babe.”
“Oh believe me, there’s so much space.” she answers with her mouth full.

“Guys, we have to leave! C'mon!” Andrea yells upstairs.
Adam groans and looks at his girlfriend whose sitting on the floor next to her suitcase. She’s still in her sleeping clothes and calmly folds her stuff.
“Babe, we have to leave now. C'mon.”
She doesn’t reply, seems to be in her own world. Sometimes he can’t recognize her anymore since she’s pregnant. There are moments like these when she seems absent, busy in her own thoughts.
“Did you hear me Taylor?” he asks again.
“Yeah, I just.. I don’t know.”
He looks at her, confused.
She doesn’t answer.
“Don’t stress me!” she yells. He sighs. Her pregnant brain is exhausting sometimes.
“I’m not stressing you. I’m telling you since one hour that we have to leave and you just..”
“I don’t know if I still wanna go to St.Louis..” she mumbles. He looks at her confused.
“Excuse me??” he asks, but Taylor just strokes her belly and keeps on packing her stuff.
“Babe, it’s thanksgiving and your whole family’s going to St. Louis so why..?!”
Taylor interrupts him.
“I don’t know Adam it just doesn’t feel natural for me to now jump on a plane.” she complains moody.
He looks at her in disbelief.
“It doesn’t ‘feel natural’?” he asks to assure himself of what’s she just said without trying to laugh.
She nods her head, doesn’t look at him since she is too distracted by sorting her nail polish in her suitcase.
“So what do you wanna do instead today? On thanksgiving? Order a turkey sandwich while watching tv all alone or..?”
Taylor looks at him angrily.
“This is not funny, Adam!”
Adam can’t hide a little laugh.
“Babe, I love you but this is so ridiculous. Everybody’s waiting downstairs for you to get into the car to catch a flight to celebrate a holiday with your family and you’re telling me one minute before heading off that you don’t wanna go because 'it doesn’t feel natural’ to you right now?” he asks in disbelief. He knows well enough that her hormones are the reason she is so indecisive right now, but her behavior is just so rude to everyone involved.
“Yeah, I am heavily pregnant and I just don’t feel like going and you as my husband and father of..”
“Taylor, this is absolutely ridiculous and you know it.” he says strictly. Just as she wanted to counter him, they hear Andrea yelling again.
“Guys! What are you doing? Come on! The car is here!!”
Taylor covers her eyes because this situation is too stressful for her right now. Adam groans. He walks downstairs and sees everybody waiting in the hallway with their luggage.
“Where’s Taylor? Guys, we have to..” Scott says as Adam walks towards them.
“She says that it 'doesn’t feel natural’ for her to fly right now so she’s sitting on the floor like a little child and..”
“It doesn’t feel natural to her?” Andrea asks again. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
Scott and Austin start laughing and Adam can’t hide a smile.
“I’m gonna call them and delay the flight for an hour and get Taylor ready somehow. Sorry you guys have to wait.” Adam takes out his phone and makes a call.
Andrea just laughs as well as Scott.
“She’s absolutely crazy.” Austin whispers. He can’t believe his sister is so fucking complicated since she’s pregnant.
“Austin, she’s been so hormonal in the last few days. This is not unexpected, actually.”
Everybody laughs and Andrea calls Alison to explain while they’ll be a little late.
Meanwhile Adam walks back into the guest room and finds Taylor still sitting on the floor. She still folds her clothes and doesn’t look at him when he walks back to her.
“Ok babe. We delayed the flight for an hour. So that means that you have enough time to get dressed and get your stuff ready. Okay?” he asks carefully. Taylor looks at him offended.
“Adam, I don’t feel like getting on a plane right now. Please just understand!” she says with a shaky voice. He looks at her in disbelief.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” he asks and Taylor starts crying. She covers her face in her hands. Adam groans. Maybe he was a little to harsh.
“Baby, hey. I’m sorry. I just.. I really try to understand your behavior right now but..” He can’t find the right words to describe what he wants to say. He feels sorry for making her cry but he simply cannot understand her thoughts. Why didn’t she tell him that she didn’t wanna go? Does she honestly think that she and him should just stay here in Nashville alone and celebrate thanksgiving here? She was so looking forward to seeing Alison and her family and she knows how excited they were to see her once more before the baby comes.
Taylor looks at him with wet cheeks and red eyes.
“Adam please stop.” she sobs. Adam looks at her and his heart breaks. He hates seeing her that sad.
“Oh baby.” he whispers, crawls onto the floor next to her and pulls her into a tight hug. She cries into his neck. He smiles a little because these hormones literally drive her crazy.
“This whole situation just stresses me so much, I just..”
Adam tries to hide a laugh and kisses her head while holding his pregnant wife in his arms.
“Baby, look at me.” he says reassuringly and wipes away her tears. She still sobs like crazy but tries to calm down.
“There’s nothing you need to stress about. All we’ll do is put your stuff into a suitcase, get into a car and in one hour we’ll be together with your whole family and celebrate. This is the last thanksgiving without our little girl. Don’t you wanna..”
Taylor interrupts him with her cries.
“I just.. This is just.. I don’t know.” she falls back into him. She realizes that her hormones are the reason for how miserable she feels right now. But still, she can’t stop her crying.
Adam holds her and sees a smiling Andrea standing in the door. She observes the whole situation sympathetically and Adam looks a her with a slight smirk. He signals her that they just need a little time. Andrea nods. This poor pregnant thing.

  • Amy Poehler: There's different versions of how you could end people's characters. But we should point out that everybody dies. Should we say that?
  • Adam Scott: Oh, no, no, no. That's a huge spoiler.
  • Poehler: Or we're all ghosts. What if we were dead all along? What if we're on the wrong island? And we can't find the hatch? What if we are the hatch?
  • Scott: OK, hold on. What if we're all just a dream...
  • Poehler: Don't overthink it.
  • Scott: …that Jerry is having?
  • Poehler: Ooh, like St. Elsewhere.
  • Scott: And Jerry isn't Jerry. He's...
  • Poehler: He's a man in a coma. In a snowglobe. Being held by a dragon on the set of Game of Thrones.
  • Scott: Yeah. A real dragon on the set of Game of Thrones.
Family Secrets: Chapter Six

Here it is. I think we’ve posted on every day but Thursday, so there goes that lol. We’re as excited for you guys to read these as you guys are. As always, written with @ttayvinaf. Shit gets real here. May the odds be ever in your favor. (I’m running out of things to say in these, can you tell?)

“Dad,” Austin said, bursting into his parents’ room with Ella hot on his heels. Scott and Andrea both sat up, concerned.

“What? What is it?” Andrea asked, holding the covers around her. Scott got out of bed, making his way over to the closet, having a feeling about what Austin was about to tell him.

“It’s Taylor. She left. She was with… she was with a guy,” Austin said, proudly. He’d been looking for a way to impress his father and now, thanks to his sister, he would finally be able to do it.

“Did you see who it was?” Scott grumbled, still digging around.

“Adam Wiles,” Ella jumped in, a little over enthusiastically. She was angry with Taylor for lying to her but, more than that, she was insanely jealous. Payback was a bitch. Taylor would be learning that soon.

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