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IT Chapter Two Fan-Casting

So I took a whack at casting IT: Chapter Two. I didn’t just pick a visually-similar A-lister, I tried to think about who would embody the role, build off of what the child actors had developed, and would be obtainable (both schedule-wise and budget-wise)! And of course I added Bill Skarsgård for good measure, even though we all know he’s coming back.

Who would you pick to play the adult Loser’s Club in IT: Chapter Two?

a concept:

a lemonade mouth 10 year reunion

Its 2021. There’s a live stream of Hayley Kiyoko, Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, and Blake Micheal all sitting on a couch rewatching scenes from the movie and audition tapes and talking about their memories from making the film. They discuss how progressive and cool the messages were in the movie, like tackling dress codes and standing up to adults. The group even sings Determinate, for old times’ sake. 


Aubrey Plaza and Adam Scott giving a tour of the Parks and Rec set.


IT Chapter 2 Movie Fan Cast! (fan cast for the adult Losers’ Club)

Bill Denbrough // Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Stan Uris // Jesse Eisenberg
Richie Tozier // Andy Samberg
Eddie Kaspbrak // Adam Scott
Ben Hanscom // Jason Ritter
Beverly Marsh // Maggie Gyllenhaal
Mike Hanlon // Chadwick Boseman

Some explanations for my choices if you’re curious:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I picked him for his physical similarities to Jaeden Lieberher and because Wyatt Oleff suggested him as a possible choice to play the older Stan - to me, he fits Bill better. ^^

Jesse Eisenberg: After doing a bit of research, I found out that not only does Jesse Eisenberg resemble Wyatt Oleff, he’s also Jewish in real life and suffers with OCD, which are important aspects of Stan’s character. (It’s always good to have actors portray characters who are similar to themselves in real life.)

Andy Samberg: This guy looks so much like Finn Wolfhard, it’s uncanny! (I don’t think I’ve seen anyone pick him as a fan cast for Richie yet, which is weird to me, considering the striking resemblance.) So, I chose him because of that and also because I think he could handle a character like Richie very well - he tends to do comedy-based roles a lot, and Richie is a goofball. lol

Adam Scott: I haven’t seen a whole lot of Parks and Rec yet, but what I have seen of it leads me to believe that Adam Scott would be a great fit for Eddie. He seems like he could do well with a nerdy, hypochondriac, anxious character. (That, and he also looks similar to Jack Dylan Grazer.)

Jason Ritter: This is one that I’m really hoping actually goes through to the final movie (it most likely won’t happen, but I’m hoping anyway). John Ritter, Jason’s father (may he rest in peace), was the one who played adult Ben in the 1990 miniseries, so I thought it would be really cool for Jason to play this role in the sequel. :) (Jeremy Ray Taylor himself suggested Chris Pratt for the role, and I’m not against that, but I would prefer Jason Ritter.) If not Jason, I would ultimately prefer a chubby actor play the older Ben because people don’t need to lose weight to be loved and accepted, but we probably won’t get that.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: I know everyone seems to be leaning toward Amy Adams or Jessica Chastain for the role of Beverly (which, again, I wouldn’t be against - they’re great actresses), but I really think Maggie Gyllenhaal would fit well. Something about Sophia Lillis reminds me of her anyway, and I think they look enough alike to work (high cheekbones, similar mouth, light eyes). Granted, Maggie doesn’t have naturally red hair, but hair can be dyed or wigs can be worn. Idk, I just really like her and think she’d make a great adult Beverly. ^^

Chadwick Boseman: This is an actor who I’m sorry to say I’m not very familiar with besides the fact that he is starring in the upcoming Black Panther movie. I chose him though because he was suggested by Chosen Jacobs himself as a possibility to take the role of Mike, and I think he’d be a good fit. He looks quite similar to Chosen and I can easily imagine him as an older Mike.

Obviously, these are just my picks for the adult cast. I thought it’d be cool to imagine who might play them in the sequel. No one is obliged to agree with my choices and opinions stated here; it’s just for fun! :D


Trailer: ‘Little Evil’ - Sept 1 (Netflix)

Written and directed by Eli Craig, starring Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, Owen Atlas, Donald Faison, Chris D’Elia, Brad Williams, Bridget Everett, Clancy Brown, Marcus Terrell Smith, and Tyler Labine.

Eli Craig (’Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil) has proven himself to be adept at making horror-comedies and this looks to be no exception. The cast is super solid (great to see Donald Faison, Bridget Everett and Tyler Labine specifically). This is why you have to love Netflix, a movie of this size, in this genre would never have been greenlit by a studio. Thankfully, it can find a home on Netflix.

IT: Chapter 2 Fancast

I could ramble about all my feelings and thoughts on this adaption of my favourite horror book, but instead I’m just gonna share my fancast of IT: Chapter 2 :)

Patrick Wilson as Bill Denbrough
Okay, so Patrick Wilson always makes horror films that little bit better, doesn’t he? I <i>had</i> to have him in here and I think he would actually make a good Bill! I’m trying to ignore the mini-series casting and focus more on how I imagined Bill as a grown up when I first read the book (17 years ago!!!) and I always imagine him as a total ‘dad’ (even though he’s not a dad), and I think Patrick Wilson not only looked like a total DILF, but he has the acting chops for this role; the boy who grew up, moved away from Derry, beat his stutter, got married, became a successful horror writer…only for his world to come crashing down when IT returns (along with his stutter).

Amy Adams as Beverly Marsh
Okay, I admit I mainly picked Amy Adams because I think she looks very similar to Sophia Lillis (right?!), but I think she could play a grown up Beverly. At this point Bev is married to a man who is exactly like her father (an abusive dick) and a rather successful fashion designer; her husband actually tries to stop her from returning to Derry (doesn’t trust her with male friends, just like her father) and is violent towards her, causing her to lash out. In the book he goes after her, and I remember there is one passage where he threatens her friend and he says something about cutting her tits off and for some reason that stuck with me because it freaked me out so much. (Spoiler: <span style=“font-size: 0.7em”><s>at the end of the book Beverly finally gets together with Ben!</s></span>)

Drew Powell as Ben Hanscom
It was my brother that suggested Drew Powell as a grown up Ben. In the book, Ben grows up and loses all the weight and is rather slim and fit; in the mini-series John Ritter was cast as Ben, and it was because of this that my brother sent me Drew Powell. As much as I tried to rack my brains for someone else, I couldn’t picture anyone but Powell as grown up Ben! I think it works, though. When Ben is all grown up he’s an architect, unmarried, and as with the rest of the Losers (minus Mike) he can’t remember much about IT, only that something awful happened when he was young and it’s happening again.

Adam Scott as Eddie Kasprak
It took me ages to think of someone to cast as Eddie that could play the part as well as Jack Dylan Grazer did, with a level of seriousness but comedy to his hypochondria, and I think Adam Scott is <i>perfect</i>. Eddie grows up and marries a woman who’s almost exactly like his mother (making him paranoid of germs and constantly thinking he’s sick). In the mini-series I think they missed the fun they could have with Eddie’s character, but the 2017 rendition was brilliant and I think Adam Scott is a good choice to carry that on.

Chadwick Boseman as Mike Hanlon
The first person I thought of to play an older Mike was Chadwick Boseman, but I initially thought he was too young! When I found out he’s actually 40 years old I put him straight on my list! I think he could pass as an older Chosen Jacobs, and he definitely has the acting skills! In the novel, Mike is the only member of the Losers to stay in Derry and actually becomes the local Librarian and amateur historian (in the book it’s Mike that is more of a history buff than Ben). He’s the one that calls them all back to Derry when IT happens again.

Paul Rudd as Richie Tozier
Who else could play the lovable joker who makes rather unacceptable and crude jokes?! Paul Rudd is <i>perfect</i>. If I’m honest I had to stop myself from casting Seth Green as grown up Richie since he’s now old enough, but I don’t think it would fit. Richie is a DJ at this point, and I can just <i>see</i> Paul Rudd in this role and I’m so sad now that this is just me dreamcasting the film :(

Ryan Phillipe as Stanley Uris
Stan is a dick. We can all agree on that, right? He’s the least likeable of the Losers, in my opinion, and isn’t even actually <i>in</i> Chapter 2 because he can bring himself to return to Derry and kills himself instead of going back. I felt like casting this role was a bit pointless, but I had to for ~reasons. Stan is married and a rather wealthy accountant (little bit of stereotyping there from Mr. King), and like I said before, he can’t remember exactly what happened when he was young, only that it was awful, and he chooses to end his life instead of going back to his childhood home.


Jeremy Renner as Henry Bowers
Okay, so wish how we left Henry in the recent movie, I’m not completely sure he’ll even be in the 2nd film, so I’m basing this off the book. In the novel, after Henry kills his father, he and his friends go after the Losers, but get lost in the sewers and Frankenstein’s Monster kills his friends but Henry escapes and is driven insane; he’s found guilty of killing his father and is blamed for the missing children, and he ends up in a psychiatric facility until IT happens again when he’s an adult. IT helps him escape so he can try and kill the Losers one final time.
I’m not sure if they’ll do anything more with Henry, or if they’ll just leave him at the bottom of the well after his fight with Mike. If they do bring him back, though, I think Jeremy Renner would play the part rather well.