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giving george a lap dance would include

- him low key begging you to for a long time

- so you oblige him one day while he’s in his little drum studio in his flat

- you walking in wearing your favorite lingerie and little silk kimono that he loves

- you walking over and turning the lights off, leaving only the small lamp in the corner to light the room sensually

- you going to george, twirling your fingers through his hair, then taking the drum sticks from his hands as he picks up on what you’re doing

- you making him scoot the drum seat back so you can straddle him

- as soon as you sit down properly, george closing his eyes and his lips parting- this had been a fantasy of his for so long

- you running your hands up and down his clothed chest, channeling your inner stripper as you grind your hips against his

- george gripping tightly to your hips as you move down a little bit to be grinding on his thighs (◕‿◕✿)

- “baby don’t make me cum in my pants”

- to which you’d respond “sounds like a personal problem” with a devilish smirk

- you wanting so desperately to kiss him and attack his neck, but you knew that refraining would only make him more wound up

- but george trying to kiss you anyway, but you’d grab his face firmly in your hand and put your lips to his ears, saying “no baby, you can only watch”

- so he’d just look into your eyes, and at your beautiful body as it moved and twisted and rubbed against his

- george making all types of sounds as he tried to keep his cool, but your wet center grinding onto him was making it pretty difficult

- you feeling his dick grow harder by the minute, and you’d smile and toss your hair over your shoulder

-running your hands all over his body- his chest, shoulders, raking your nails up his back

- you really working him up by biting your lip, closing your eyes and moaning just to turn him on more

- until you really start to apply more pressure and move faster, and george’s eyelashes would flutter and he’d barely choke out “okay please let me fuck you now this is unbearable”

- and you planning on just getting off his lap to leave him wanting more, but you not being able to resist the absolutely desperate man you were in love with, so you let him have his way


— ‘i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ wallpapers
— made for iPhone 6/6s
— In celebration of The 1975’s new album
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