adam richins

Yay! Olivia’s parents surprised her for her birthday. Not only did she get a gorgeous 18k rose gold seam ring for her healed nostril, she also got a new tragus piercing courtesy of our talented Mr. Adam Richins. 

She picked out this gorgeous 14k rose gold Rose from BVLA.

Great choice, Olivia. You did awesome and we hope you had an amazing birthday! 

Special announcement: 

Vaughn Body Arts has been very, very busy for some time now. So it is with great pleasure we announce that we have hired another full time piercer. 

Please give a warm welcome to our dear friend Adam Richins. 

Adam is a fantastic piercer, offers impeccable customer service and has a wonderful bedside manner. 

He has worked at such fine studios as Warlock’s in Raleigh, NC and currently is working at WAY Body Arts in Santa Cruz (which sadly will be closing September 5th, so go visit them while you can). 

Adam will be starting September 23rd at Vaughn Body Arts. 

We’re very happy to have Adam joining the family, and we know all of you will be too!