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With Sebastian Stan on board on potraying Luke Skywalker in a solo flim between Episode VI & VII, I would love to see Stranger Thing’s Finn Wolfhard play a young Ben Solo/Kylo Ren to explore his relationship with his uncle before turning to the dark side.

he’s the beauty; she’s the beast

so i’m sure the remake of a timeless classic that disney is about to roll out is going to be great and all

but here’s another way we could do things:

he’s the beauty

she’s the beast

for a movie who’s central theme is inner beauty, it doesn’t really do anything to support that, you know? so how about this: adam, our prince turned beast, isn’t an inhospitable monster. because this back story doesn’t make any sense – why is the young prince of this land alone, in a castle, only to be caught unaware by a witch?

so how about this – this is pseudo france, right, so these royals do what their real life counterparts did. they flee. the cruel, greedy king and queen flee and leave their young son behind with their staff. their son who is kind and soft hearted and totally unfit to rule any kingdom (never mind that they’re literally running away from their own people). not only that – they trade their son for their freedom, trade their kingdom for their freedom. to the witch.

so the witch comes, and she doesn’t disguise herself as a crone, goes to him looking as lovely and young as her magic keeps her. but our prince adam has a talent, one many cast-aside, neglected children have developed – the ability to see people for who they really are, and he knows this is no kind young woman in need of his help. he refuses to let her in – and there’s this little twist to the magic, that she can only enter the palace grounds and claim her prize if she’s welcomed in a as a guest, and he, the young master of this castle, won’t let her in.

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I learned that last night the amazing wonder funny Adam West passed away at the age of 88. West played Batman in what is to date the only live action Batman TV show for 3 seasons between 1966 and 1968 and one movie. Late last year West reunited with Burt Ward (Robin) to star in the animated Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. Batman 1966 was a touch stone of mid-60s swinging culture and of high camp. Adam West left an indelible mark on Batman and the wider culture, he will be missed.


If I’m asking from you, then you’re getting it from me.

Caring doesn’t make you weak, Harvey,


“You’re catnip to a girl like me… handsome, dazed and to die for”

The Evolution of Batman & Catwoman (1966-2017)