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Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch NYC Memorial Park Defaced With Swastikas, Pro-Donald Trump Graffiti | Billboard

Since Donald Trump’s election last week, there has been an uptick in the amount of “biased-based attacks” across the nation. One of the latest victims is the the New York City memorial park in honor of the late Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch.

The Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn Heights was defaced with graffiti of swastikas and the words “Go Trump” on Friday (Nov. 18). Yauch, like the rest of his Beastie Boys bandmates, was Jewish.

Lost Stars

I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds. 

-Mike Tyson

Yu-Ming Huang Illustration©

So I went to bed thinking I’d post this goofy comic. This morning I learned the Adam Yauch NYC Memorial Park had been defaced with swastikas and “Go Trump”. I guess I should have wrote “Human Beings” instead of “Everybody”. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comic.

Sleep No More 14th performance!!!

So Saturday night I went to see Sleep No More for the 14th time. I went with a tumblr friend and meet up with other tumblr and non tumblr people at the door and chatted about the show. Everyone was very nice and pumped to get inside. I mean, it was freezing too, but that’s besides the point. Anyway, I chatted with Jackie Schram’s Gwendolyn who was very funny and alluring (as most of the Manderley staff) and set a nice mood of friendliness for the night.

I was let off on the 3rd floor and followed the Macduff’s to the ballroom for the party. It was here I noticed that the incredible Adam Griffith was playing Malcolm! Adam is my favorite Malcolm so I had my sights set on following him out of the ball. Damn, I always forget how much of a workout it is running after him up those stairs! After watching his scene with Agnes, I was chosen for Malcolm’s on 1-1! I’ve had this 1-1 before with Adam so I knew what was going to happen but I always forget just how intense this one is. It’s very telling about who Malcolm is. He seems like the hero of the story but his obsession over the supernatural and finding the source of all of the magical evil in Gallow Green makes him kind of unsettling. Adam is so great in this moment though and I was happy to be his scene partner again!

After the one on one I headed to the Rep Bar where Mallory Gracenin’s Hecate was summoning the witches for the rave. I’ll talk more about Mallory’s Hecate later. After the rave I went to the hotel lobby to find Nick Dillenburg was playing The Porter!!! Nick is my favorite Porter and here’s why: he’s funny and plays it very childlike. Most Porter’s I’ve seen have just been very sad. Which yes, his story is very sad and tragic but I like the humor because it shows that he has a personality outside of his tragic story. Nick makes truly hilarious choices in the role such as hiding under one of the white sheets when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth storm through the lobby, trying to see what the deer in the dining area is looking at, and most of all HIS INTERACTIONS WITH AGNES! After handing her the phone after their first meeting, Nick added this little moment where he pokes Agnes’ nose twice and they get into almost a slap fight. I was dying laughing under my mask as was a fellow white mask next to me. I followed Nick’s Porter through his whole loop and was crying during ‘Is That All There Is’ watching him speak some of the lines under his breath as if he had heard the songs so many times before. Nick hits all the beats and does it wonderfully creating a very well rounded character.

After the telephone booth fight with Boy Witch, I was chosen for the Porter’s 1-1! I was nervous as not only do I love Nick’s Porter and am admittedly very attracted to him, but I’ve never had the Porter’s 1-1 before! Without saying what happens here, it’s heartbreaking, creepy, and again like Malcolm’s very telling about the character. I comforted him and it was very emotional and I wanted to help him so badly and take him away from all of the pain and suffering he has endured. Before returning to the lobby, Nick kissed my hand and said “thank you” before running off to help Lady Macduff. It was at this point I left him for awhile but would return to him at the end of the night.

Finally, I’ll talk about Mallory’s Hecate. First let me say that Hecate is my favorite female character in the show and that so far no one has topped Elizabeth Romanski in the role for me. Having said that, I really love Mallory in the role. I watched her 'Is That All There Is’ where my tumblr friend Austin was actually her scene partner. I loved the way she hugged him at the end but over her shoulder was laughing and smiling at the rest of us tricking him into feeling sorry for her. Mallory also has a great laugh as Hecate which is important to me. HECATE MUST HAVE A GREAT DISNEY VILLAIN STYLE CACKLE! As the third loop drew to a close, I went back to the Lobby to check in with the Porter again as he had the most effect on me that night and was the story I was the most invested in. I adore his final scene with Catherine Campbell where they eat toast together. It’s sad, funny, and I like that there is an understanding between the two of them that in the end neither of them get what they want and that things are pretty terrible. I followed them both to the finale and was then lead back to Manderley by Jenna Saccurato’s Catherine Campbell. I thanked her and she kissed me and whispered “you’re welcome” before running away.

In the bar my friend and I were lucky enough to chat with Mallory! She was such a sweetheart and was so willing to answer questions and just talk about the show. Two things I took away from the conversation was that she said the story is linear for the performers and that each of her characters she plays of course has an arch. This was important to me because I do view the show as a story and not just an experience like others do. I really like thinking about character motivations and why things are happening. My next question was if she thinks there is any good in Hecate. She responded by saying yes and that there is always more to her than just being an evil witch. I love this too because I adore complex characters. Overall a wonderful performance with a truly amazing performance by Nick! Wish I could have chatted with him in the bar at the end and discuss the Porter with him :(