adam levine with kids


aww :c lol

It had been a hyper and energetic morning in the Levine house. With the kids running around, Adam had ended up joining them. He definitely had the energy of a child when he wanted too. Since he guessed Christina was busy with the twins he decided to try and entertain the others. The four older kids were running around the large living room squealing and laughing as Adam stomped around, pretending to be a monster trying to catch them. All of them just in a silly mood.

So how do the Kidz Bop people handle the problem? Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

OK, right off the bat, great job taking care of the “tongue” business. “Hand” is indeed less inflammatory than “tongue.” Unfortunately, the rest of the Kidz Bop version sounds dirtier to me. “Kiss until we’re drunk” is pure gibberish. By comparison, “dance until we’re done” sounds more like sexual innuendo than anything else. There is literally no other time you can dance until. You can’t dance until afteryou’re done. You can dance until you’re dead, but aren’t you also done at that point? This line makes no sense if it’s not a metaphor of some sort. It’s pretty clear that these kids are singing about having an orgasm. Adam Levine wasn’t nearly that presumptuous so early in his version of the song.

They don’t even get through with the chorus before they make another change for the worse.

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