adam levine fc

The perfect Fan
Backsteet Boys
The perfect Fan

It takes a lot to know what is love
It’s not the big things but the little things
That can mean enough
A lot of prayers to get me through
And there is never a day that passes by
I don’t think of you
You were always there for me
Pushing me and guiding me
Always to succeed

You showed me
When I was young just how to grow
You showed me
Everything that I should know
You showed me
Just how to walk without your hands
Cause mom you always were
The perfect fan…

Yeah yeah… I give up… I like boybands too…. and this song is perfect for my momma so… Happy mother’s day.

Evan Marcosi||26||Tattoo artist||Adam Levine||TAKEN||

  • Closed off to others
  • Tattoo artist
  • Has his own tattoo shop
  • Had relations with Nick Flanagan

Bio: Evan was always the type who never opened up much. He wasn’t quiet or shy, but he never really could tell anyone about himself. He could talk about anything and everything, as long as it wasn’t personal. In attempts to let himself open up, he became a tattoo artist and set up in a shop in one of the most expressive cities in the world, New York. He met Nick Flanagan when the 16 year old came into his shop with fire in his eyes and a drawing in his hand. Whilst tattooing the teen, Evan found himself drawn to him and talking. In that two hour session, he opened up more than he’d ever done before, and it was with someone he didn’t even know! Despite the age difference, he and Nick began seeing each other. Call it force of old habit, but one of the things he didn’t share was the fact that he had Chlamydia. When he walked into his apartment and saw Nick there, face tainted with tears and fear, he knew the worst had happened. Now, a year later, he’s packed his things and finally opened his own shop in Lima Ohio, hoping to fix the wrong he did to Nick Flanagan.

Secret: Although Evan opened up to Nick, one of the things he left out is that he had a 8 year old son. Since he and Nick stopped seeing eachother, Evan gained full custody of his 9 year old son. After making the decision to get full custody of his son, Evan’s family has cut him off entirely and refuses to speak to him.


This is my first letter, my name is Derek Man I am Twenty I am bi sexual and I look like Adam Levine and I am TAKEN.

I should give you my backstory:

Derek had never been what others call a ‘people person’ and had an aura of indifference toward anyone and anything - except music and of course. 

You could blame it on his childhood, god knows Derek did. His parents were never around and the only person he felt truly cared for him, except his sister, lived too far away. The fact that his parents weren’t around wasn’t the issue though, in fact, he loved them not being there. It was when they were there that he hated it; they constantly pressured him into doing things he hated, like going to the country club and learning extra subjects that he had no interest in. 

During a summer holiday over at his uncle’s where he worked in his garage he discovered his love of old cars, good music and art. It was the best summer of his life and he would never forget it. When he told his parents about the holiday they just scoffed and went about their busy lives as usual. 

When Derek was around fifteen he started to get in trouble at school; picking fights, falling in with the ‘wrong’ crowd, getting detentions in every lesson etc. His parents didn’t know what to do with him so they shipped him off to boarding school. 

Upon arrival he hated it. However he soon found his calling. The graffiti artist. He was the Banksy of Westbrooks boarding school. After being at the school for a year he stopped going home for holidays and just became a full time resident, enjoying the freedom the holidays bought when in a school. He was notorious for his rebellion, his sexual exploits, short temper and even more so his use of drugs and alcohol. 

He was seventeen when he first got caught doing a hard drug and ended up suspended and back at his parent’s house for a month. He had endless lectures and threats of rehab, but nothing ever came of it. He was soon back at Westbrooks.

Derek stopped the hard drugs, not liking the effect it had on him because he felt as if he couldn’t control himself. And if he liked one thing in situations it was control. However he continued to smoke weed and drink. 

By eighteen, and the time graduation came about, Derek barely scraped by. It wasn’t that he was stupid, quite the contrary. He was actually very smart, he just never applied himself in school. Being out one night with his newly graduated friends they decided to crash a frat party at the state college a few blocks over. 

Derek can’t remember much from that night other than the feeling of the pavement rubbing against his face as cops cuffing him before throwing him in jail. 

Reports showed that he got in a fight, which was nothing new for him, but this time the other guy nearly died. He nearly got put away for life. Instead he had to do a year, and with good behaviour he could come out on bail. 

A year passed and he was a free man, within limits. The state agreed to let Derek stay near his uncle in Wayside, providing he stay clean and out of trouble. 

Derek couldn’t promise he’d be completely straight edge, but he knew he would have to try his best, especially now he would be living near his sister; she didn’t need another fuck up in her life, and he was determined to turn his life around. 

I have to write letters?

 Derek resents the letters, hating that he might have to break his tough-guy persona. But his sister, Hanna, made him take part suggesting it would be good for him.


It’s my city and I owe no explanation

Jett | Adam Levine | Werewolf | Free | Open

Cold and calculated without remorse, Jett is a ruthless wolf. He is a superb pack member, but other things are on his mind; bigger things. He has had his eyes on the leader of the werewolves for some time now. 

Knowing that he may be a little too far fetched to go after, Clip, the werewolf leader. He set his goals for a position lower. Taking the opportunity to take advantage of the war he has plans on taking out the second in command, Khan. He is sure that he would be in line for the position and when he is finally in that position he could go for being the leader. 

War makes a good back drop for things to happen. Things that may or may not be Jett’s fault. Jett has the upper hand of being free. He plans to help the werewolves escape, but one or two may not come back alive.

Ezekiel Fitz - 23 - FC: Adam Levine - OPEN

Although they’re only one year apart, Ezekiel is the half brother of the beloved Ezra Fitz. He’s the new teacher at Rosewood that every girl is in love with, which is tempting on his part because the students aren’t that much younger than him nor are they unattractive. He’s quite the charmer, with a smile that could give your stomach butterflies and a voice that could pierce right through your chest. He’s the new music teacher and that’s where most students fall for him, when they hear him singing a melody or playing a tune. He knows the girls drool over him, so he intentionally flirts with them, but nothing too serious just pure fun. Ezekiel is a pimp on the down low, no one knows about that part of his life, except for Dallas Simons of course. A simple mention of her name will send chills down his spine. She’s the only girl he would throw all of the girls and money away for, he was crushed when she called it quits. Little does he know, he’s the father of Dallas’ baby. Will a former employee come back to haunt him or tell about his under the table job? Will he ever find out that the love of his life, the girl that made him want to change his ways, has been keeping his daughter a secret from him?

Jake Burlew | 31 | Straight| Baseball Coach | FC: Adam Levine | CLOSED

Coach Burlew is one of the most known university baseball coaches in the United States. He himself was once a big time baseball player for Norville but didn’t get as far for the Major league. 

When Jake was a younger guy, and just getting out of college he actually got a girl pregnant. He was planning on marrying the girl once the baby was born. Unfortunately, the mother died during the birth, but he got a beautiful baby girl. Now his daughter (Amelia) is six years old, and loving the life as a first grader. Coach Burlew loves his daughter to death, and hopes to one day find a great woman to be the step mother of his child.

Secret: Even though he wants to find someone, he is scared of losing a love again.

My name is Alex Briggs I’m 27 years old and I am a solo artist for FALLOUT RECORDS and pianist for FALLOUT.


Alex Briggs is the oldest member of Fallout, but not the one who’s been around longest. He was a friend of Nate and Ryder  when they started the band, and as they started to get bigger, he joined on to play piano and sing backup with them. He’s started a little solo career on the side performing shows and working on a first album because his music tends to be a little different than the rest of the bands, but that doesn’t mean he plans on leaving. In fact, Alex is very much tied to Fallout. His band mates are also his friends, and the crew behind the scenes for them are some of his favourite people because they change often. It means they don’t necessarily know how he works when they start. Anyone who knows Alex knows what that means for them.

Growing up with music instead of in the time when sales stopped changed things. Alex had a record company on the hook before the industry crashed and the company went under, killing the deal they were making for him and sales of his demo CD that had been on itunes. He had to stop making music and get a job behind the scenes of a television show doing sound.  There was no turning point when he met Nate and Ryder. It certainly wasn’t anything big. They met after he picked up their original drummer’s sisters. The fling with the sisters didn’t last more than a couple weeks, but he made friends with the boys and started to play with them informally and then formally.

Alex started to play piano when he started singing. He wanted to know how to play something so that he could write music for himself, but he didn’t want to play guitar like everyone else. Eventually he did learn to play that too, but piano just turned into his first choice to play if he couldn’t be singing. While his writing wasn’t completely standard for piano music, it was what made him different than the others.

While he was touring he picked up women like it was part of the job, which was okay because he’s an adult and he can do what he wants. He doesn’t even pretend that he isn’t doing it. That’s just part of his reputation and his image. And after Fallout won the Warriors Tour, it didn’t stop. He just kept going. He’s probably slept with more famous people in the last year than a lot of celebrities will in their lifetime. Alex  has no plan to stop sleeping around or working with Fallout. His solo album is set to release in March, and his first two singles have been charting since they released. His solo career is picking up just as well as Fallout’s has. 


@AlexBriggs: “Tour pianos make me miss my grand.”
@AlexBriggs: “Whoever left their number on the nightstand: I don’t know your name so I can’t call sorry. Thanks though.”
@AlexBriggs: “@Shawnaf The rest of the band is out. Wink wink nudge nudge?”

          s h a w n a f o r d

Shawna is the player’s weakness. In a world of one night stands who he’ll never see again, or never see again in person at least, Shawna is the person he goes back to over and over. She’s sexy, a little fun, and probably the only person Alex actually looks forward to seeing the next morning and not just because she’s the manager of the band that made him famous. He’s not proud of it, but Alex is a little protective of Shawna and hates to see her go home with anyone but him, even if he doesn’t want to be exclusive. It’s confusing, but after years of hooking up it seems like maybe he’s a little too close to his favourite booty call. Or maybe he’s just growing up, finally.

         t y l e r c l a r k

Tyler is the baby brother that Alex never had. Having been an only child, meeting a quiet kid with a passion for music and a love of cars was like finding a family member. While Alex is more outgoing, Tyler is steady and calm. They’re pretty different, but that doesn’t stop Alex from looking after Tyler more than he’s ever looked after anyone except maybe himself. That’s probably part of why Tyler is the one playing bass on his CD, and why he actually has the decency to warn Tyler when he’s bringing a girl to the bus, something he doesn’t feel the need to warn the others about.

Alex Briggs is portrayed by Adam Levine and is open.



         “old yellow bricks, love’s a risk, quite the little escapologist.
         love’s so miffed when you wish for a thousand places better than this.“

     Most of Lachlan’s adventurous stories begin with "I was so wasted, man!” or “We were goin’ to tha’ bar ‘round George Street…” You can easily tell that he is quite the wild soul, always drinking here and there - mostly there. He wasn’t always like that, though. Believe it or not, Lachlan was rather shy when younger. Not the type to hide in his mother’s skirts, but enough to stay alone during break at school while his classmates played dodgeball or soccer. Although he secretly wished to be like them : popular, loved, funny. Not many people noticed Lachlan. He always felt kind of awkward in the society, too weird, too bizarre. Most of the time, he felt like he didn’t belong on this planet, but he did. He did belong.

     An Australian at heart, Lachlan was raised within a family of five sisters and three brothers - some coming from his father’s two previous marriages. He could see that his ma was slightly uncomfortable, being crowded by the lot of them, but he couldn’t do anything about it, right? However, just when he thought that his household has reached the top of its problems, he was introduced to the poison that is drug. It was a simple afternoon, and he and his best mate decided to skip school. They went to his house, as it was empty, and they got into his father’s bar while his friend took out the marijuana in his bag. They got drunk and stoned, and before he knew it, Lachlan was addicted, and badly.

     Nonetheless, after numerous methods were tried out, he had managed to untangle himself from all the trouble, although he still did have a soft spot for alcohol. During one of his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, he encountered a beauty bearing the name of Celia, and now they are married, with a little one-year-old daughter, whom he named after his mother, Althea. He tried not to touch alcohol ever since, but it’s a hard task to do when you’ve still got decays of the addiction in your veins, and yet a family to support. To do so, Lachlan started working in the construction business, joining it shortly after the birth of Althea. He flew on his own to Los Angeles for the funeral of his grandfather, being close to him.

         sexuality :: bisexual.
         during the flight :: having left his phone at home, Lachlan flicked through the newspaper he bought at the airport.


note ;; although having received no mortal gashes, Lachlan begins to regret dropping alcohol after the plane crashes.